I’ve! Never in my life, got to check off that bucket list item of having a really sick, dedicated home theater.. But if I were to check that off, I would probably have in that theater awesome. Huge plushy leather seats that recline like this one.. This is maybe not the right way to open this box, but this is a Tuscany Theater chair from Valencia. And today, I’m gon na try to get it out of the box and show you guys what it’s all about. My hands are in the cup holders.. Well, I guess this means I don’t need to assemble very much.. Now you got ta, be careful that you don’t cut into your chair.. The reason we have this chair is because Jake ordered it to be used as a listening chair in a room listening station in the lounge for listening to really bad ass headphones.. I don’t know if anyone’s ever gon na sit there, but they should.. Now for the embryonic sac., Oh okay, we found an armrest that has an air hydraulic., So that is pretty nice and deep for putting your tablet and your remotes and everything you might wan na have with you.. Maybe your e reader. That goes this deep.. This is the backrest. And luckily, for me, assembly is tool less.. So it should only take me a second to get this on.. You can see there’s a power plug here, because the lumbar support and the headrest are adjustable and powered.

. This is the back.. So here we have the power: cable. Comes in some Velcro cable magic, which is nice. It’s. This long., Which is, I think, a decent amount., I wouldn’t say it’s generous, but it’s, probably enough for most rooms.. Now this is a single seater. On their website. You have the option of buying a single chair with two arms or to get a chair. That only has one arm that you would stack into a row or you can get love seats and four seats and six seats all together.. The question is: when you get those other ones like three or four or five seats, do they have three four or five plugs coming out of them? My guess is not.. They probably have one., But what I’ll say is if you buy two that are single seats like this you’re, probably gon na need two plugs.. I don’t see any way to daisy chain them., So bear that in mind.. So I think step one is to attach power. And then, after that I just need to slot these male ends into these female ends.. Maybe I’ll just do that. First. Excuse me now it’s on there.. Okay, this has got a nice flap with a big strip of Velcro to close it.. Before I do that, I need to connect the power., So is it possible to screw this up or not? One is red.. The other is just black.. This one’s red two edged prongs that are keyed.

, Then there’s a lock on that. And then what’s. Nice is, if you have any excess cable, you can just loop it up and tie it down in here., So you only have the amount you need coming off of the couch and into view, but I think we’re gon na need all of it., So let’s close That up., Now it slides pretty easily enough. The feet on the bottom are just plastic.. I hope I’m, not scratching the floor.. Now, if you get multiple, they are friction fit.. Now, of course, mine doesn’t have any locking mechanisms two to go together. Like you know a sectional couch mate, but that’s, because this one is meant to be a single seater.. If you get the ones that are meant to lock together, they will not have an arm rest on one of the sides. And you just abut them in a row., But it is a friction fit. Now these are pretty heavy and on carpet. I don’t think they’ll slide very easily.. You see I’m out of breath just trying to move it around.. So I think the friction fit is probably fine, but your mileage may vary., Okay, we’re plugged in and I’m ready to give you my comments on the feel right. After this message from our sponsor Honey. Honey is the free online shopping tool that searches for all the best promo codes whenever you shop online, at specific sites., It’s free to use and installs in just two clicks.

Honey works on lots of your favorite stores, including Amazon, Ebay, Newegg Gazer, Best Buy Walmart and a ton more.. All you have to do. Is click apply, coupons while you’re at the checkout page and wait for honey to search for the best working coupons., So get honey for free right, nowjoinhoney.comshort, circuit., All right, making use of the cup holder here.. Do these come out? Oh yeah okay. Easy to wash.. Does this come off? Yeah all right. Let’s get these out of here., Okay, So there’s a fair amount of cushiness. When you sit on it. In terms of how firm it is., It does feel like there’s, some resistance to the form, but it does cushion and squish. Quite a bit.: This is Nappa leather, 11000., Whatever that means. Nappa Leather is known for being soft, but there’s, no certification for it.. It is just genuine leather.. This has two armrests.. Oh I look at. It comes with little feet to put on the feet. So that they don’t scratch your floor. That’s, nice. And here’s the instruction manual that I never used. Wow. They tell you not to use a knife to open the box, even though in the instructions are in the box. Thanks for that., So the color we have here is actually color matched to the chairs. We already have in the lounge. The standard colors. They offer our midnight black dark chocolate which looks really nice and russet brown, which I don’t really love.

. But, as you can see here, you can customize your color.. They give you a swatch.. You can choose from a multitude of different colors and different color stitching.. So we have this white. All of the seat area and the arm rests on their website or advertisers being that Nappa leather.. Now the other areas of the couch I can’t really tell but sometimes chairs, do something called leather match where the other parts of the chair will be some non leather material that perhaps is less durable and it’s cheaper and it keeps the costs down. This. If they’re doing that, I can’t really tell. And that diamond stitch leather does really have a nice theater luxurious kind of look.. The depth of this seat is ‘ and three quarter inches, which is pretty deep.. If I put my back right against it, my feet are dangling quite a bit off the ground., Maybe four inches off the ground. I’m, only five, eight and a half though., So your mileage may vary.. If I slouch a bit, my feet can easily hit the ground.. The height of the chair itself is a 43 and a half inches.. I think the seat back is a good height. With some chairs that’s a problem. If this is too tall ’cause, you could actually be blocking the sound from your surround or surround back speakers which you don’t want, but this seems pretty reasonable. Some chairs you can get in different heights.

. I don’t believe you can with these. The reason you would do. That is so that your second row theater seats are raised above you get that stadium seating without having to build a riser which actually can be pretty tricky.. Now the width of the chair is 37 and a half inches, which is enough for a smaller person or a medium sized person like me., If you’re a thick boy. I guess I think someone who’s over 200 pounds would fit in here, but going larger and larger. Your mileage may vary., They do have love seat options where there’s no arm here and it just goes wider and something for two people.. Similarly, they do offer curved configurations but again you’re buying multiple seats, kind of connected together., The armrest. This is definitely a one person kind of armrest.. If you’ve stacked these along in a row, you might have to fight over this a little bit.. I mean two people could share this if they’re intimate with one another, but you know that’s the internal struggle of chairs, sharing the armrest.. Now, of course, the width of the chair matters, including the armrests width when you’re designing the layout of your home theater.. You need to have enough room, at least on one side, to access the seat., But also you have to think of what the front and back. Am. I so close to a wall that, when I recline I’m gon na hit the wall, This chair is designed to be able to be put pretty close.

So Brandon. Why don’t you step over here.? So if this is our starting point, totally not reclined.. Imagine there’s a wall behind me.. This is how much more room it takes up when reclined., You can see him sliding forward mostly to a maximum depth of 69 nice and a half inches.. I might just stay here., Then there’s, the powered headrests., For that the goal here is to lift the head enough that I can still watch the TV comfortably.. Actually, that is so supportive and nice.. You could just go back and forth with this and it’s like a massage. That is cool.. I don’t feel like. I need an extra pillow at all.. It might be nice to have salt like a bolster on the side. But yes, this is very comfortable.. Oh cool. And, of course I can independently adjust the recline while having the head rest stay the same.. Oh then there’s a third setting for the lumbar support. That is aggressive, lumbar support in its max. That’s awesome. Actually, because when I don’t have the lumbar support advanced at all, I feel collapsed in this chair at this particular angle., But with it pressed a little bit now, I feel way more … It’s, like the feeling of driving a Jeep. When you’re a pilot on the Road, I feel like I can just really attentively consume content with this.. Now. Another thing to consider is how much noise does the chair make when it’s reclining? This is not silent.

Depending on how loud the movie is., I don’t know you might get distracted.. I don’t think people are really gon na, be adjusting their chairs too much throughout the show, but it is a noise.. The head rest is more silent. And then the lumbar one is also pretty quiet.. Of course, there’s always gon na be some noises just from the friction of the leather against your body., Oh that’s, another thing., This leather – it does not appear to be too squeaky.. Taking a look at the controls. Here. You’ve got a button for the foot rest up and down. You’ve got lumbar in and out. And you’ve got the headrest up and down.. Okay there’s a USB port, not USBC, that is for charging your phone or whatever else you have over here., Then there’s. This button. This button, if you hold it down, will reset the chair.. So it brings let’s say you have the foot up a bit. You got some lumbar support, going. And then your head is up there. If you wan na reset the chair so it’s back to baseline for the next person you hold this down., It doesn’t look like this. Has one tab functionality for let’s say saved profiles where I hit number one and that it reclines the chair just to the degree that I like it and puts on the lumbar support that I need. It’s, pretty basic. You have to do it manually, every other time.

. Now, if I tap the reset button that’s how I control the LEDs. Now, unfortunately, there is only one LED color and it is a binary toggle on and off without a gradient of dimmable levels. And the cup holder. Light is connected to the floor light. Now these are all frills, but it would be nice if they were independent.. If I can make them super dim, because I’m really distracted by them, but it’d, be nice to have some.. There could be situations where we want the floor lights, but not this light. Hey if you’re in the middle of a movie and you’re looking for your drink hole and you hit that light on. You might not want the floor. Light on. It’d just nice to have more decoupling of all these things, but no chair is perfect. And, as you can see, there’s so many different things to think about with a recliner like this that you kind of just need to get as close to perfect. As you can, with the things that you care, about., So there’s one more test I wan na do, which is the spill test using this 40 ounce water bottle from I already spilled that unintentionally, lttstore.com. So let’s say you get a spill.. It looks like it really. Beads up and looks easily wipeable using your stealth hoodie from lttstore.com.. These things I’m still not positive what they are.. I thought from the pictures that they were gon na be buttons for LEDs and stuff.

, But I think I have an idea. Hold on. No chair would be complete without the accessories. You can get wineglass holders tablet holders and, of course, carbon fiber tray tables, as accessories For your chairs. And they were nice enough to send us this tray table and this box. I have no idea what this is. And my suspicion is that these accessories connect to the chair using these mysterious mounts. All right. Carbon fiber tray., I mean I don’t know if this needed to be carbon fiber., It can freely spin.. I mean that’s kind of nice.. I wish I could change the angle of this a bit.. It is kind of on an incline.. I could roll a ball off it for sure., Oh God, yeah. Kinda basic. Almost looks like it has like a hatch in there for batteries or something., And then I don’t know what these channels are for either, but that’s it., Yeah it’s good enough to put a Plate on it plate on or put an AutoZone or something., I kind of wish it slid out, so you can get it more centered on you, but it’s, not bad.. Now what’s in this box., Oh it’s, a tablet holder, actually., Oh sweet., So you can adjust the width, put your device in there. Cool picture and picture two games: going. Not the greatest fit, but it’s a pretty discreet accessory.. So I don’t mind that at all that’s okay., One thing that is nice about this mounting system is that it doesn’t occupy the cup holders.

. There are some designs where you lose that cup holder. If you have the accessory., So that’s cool to hae the complimentary.. This kind of already scratched.: Do you see that That kind of sucks, just because it’s metal on metal., The one thing I wonder is: can my table fit in my storage? I do have to take this off., But that’s cool. There’s, no compartment slide this in.. I guess it’s just gon na be in there., And what about this one? This is just success.. Oh, I feel like one of the people at the end of that movie WALL. E. Excuse me for a moment as I devolve. Okay. So this is a pretty bougie chair. I’m sure you can get more expensive, ones. I’m sure you can get cheaper ones. From where I’m sitting. This is a pretty nice thing to have.. So is it the chair for you That depends on your theater, your budget and your doorway.. You need a doorway that has at least 24 and a half inches wide to get this chair in the room., But that’s smaller than a standard door width. So you should probably be okay., So thanks for watching guys., If you like, this video hit like hit, subscribe and check out some of our other chair videos that we’ve made for some reason, including this gaming chair that Colton made.