So you probably want to watch this Music. Hey, guys, Im a happy owner of remarkable tool device. This is a digital notebook and I absolutely love it, and why am I talking about remarkable in this play? Well, thats going to be very clear very soon, but the star of todays video is this. This is IMU at least. I think this is how you pronounce this, because they have two os with those accents on it, and I have no idea thats going to be very difficult to Google thats for sure now. This device is a part of the kickstarter campaign and it comes with our LCD display, and I know what youre doing right now, if youre Googling rlcd because thats exactly what I did when they sent me a picture about this device because hey, I wanted to know What am I dealing with now, I know remarkable too its a great digital notebook, but its a terrible tablet, and you, if you want to know why I love it so much and why its a terrible topic that as a video for you but both devices remarkable And IMU are trying something new, so the main question Im going to answer in this video is is bringing our LCD to an Android tablet, a really good idea. You probably cannot buy it just yet, but if you want to see the progress of the campaign go to the video description, click on the link and itll tell you all about it where you could expect a device like this available to be shipped to your home.

As Im privileged to take it out, my unboxing experience was well unique, to say the least. Everything arrived in a plain white box with absolutely no markings and nothing inside. I was super surprised because I was expecting proper packaging. I guess they still working on that. I promptly opened the device to quickly discover that I have a tablet and and thats okay, because to be honest, I have so many charges that I actually am one of these people that I appreciate devices being shipped without charging bricks, because how many more do I Need anyway way, that is not important, whats important is that actually in the touch, the device feels well quite wonderful, its called enhanced, which means its made out of metal and its stylishly, designed. I, like the corners, I like the actual thickness and the bezel is just thick enough to prevent you from accidentally touching the touchscreen so so far so good in terms of i o youve got USB type c port, which is a trolley USB 2.0 port for the Data transfer, but you can also use OTG functions to plug in the microphone or headphones, Etc. You have a typical for Android devices, volume and power and and thats pretty much it. Obviously, you do have a stereo speakers and microphone and in front you have a selfie camera and at the max there is something that is called AI camera, which comes with a plush and 30 Mega 13 megapixel and Mark on it were going to be testing the Camera as well, but Im not holding my breath because its a tablet and tablets are famous for having not so good camera.

I know in advance that this device is going to be priced around 500 and how much Hardware does the 500 gets you? Actually, if I was to pitch the specification of I, then it kind of plays itself as a kind of mid range, Samsung, Galaxy Tab and the price is comparable, so youre only paying a couple of dollars extra for that R LCD display, which were going to be Talking in a moment now specification wise, what do you get? You get 5 megapixel camera in front and 13 megapixel camera around the back. The display is 1600 by 1200, so very respectable, and this is our LCD to drive. All of this youve got an 8 core CPU, with two gigs for two cores and 1.8 gigs for the reminding course and thats supported, but by the Mali GS2 mc2 Graphics, which is going to be good enough for gaming and to complement the entire setup. We have generous six gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of non expandable storage to connect to various Services. We have Bluetooth 5.0 alongside the Wi Fi that supports the bands, 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz thats plenty, although ax is not supported, so no Wi, fi, 6. thats. Okay, because we still have GPS inside and 6000 milliamps battery, so as I said, it strikes a good balance between a mid tier tablet and its price, so it is kind of like Galaxy tab with the S6 light yeah something very similar, slightly better and tiny.

Little bit more expensive, I know Im skirting around the topic of the r LCD display, but bear with me were gon na talk about the battery first, which is seriously impressive, because it is a 6 000 milliamps battery its not a massive battery, but its not small. Either and in a standby youre gon na have about three weeks of time on this and in the play time well, thats going to be equally impressive because theyre a reflective LCD technology, thats gon na save you a lot of juice, providing you dont use the backlight. What is the r in R LCD? Well as it turns out? It stands for reflective because, instead of having traditional LCD panel, uh spliced between a screen protector and touch screen and the backlight from the other side, we have our LCD display, which is sandwiched between the screen protector and the touch screen and obviously well the backlight display. So what has changed? Well, the new thing is a thin film behind it Ill see the layer which reflects light, which means the more light you provide to this tablet, the brighter it is yes, that means you can use it in a full Sunshine without any issues, and the experience of That is bizarre. A typical example of the reflective display is ink technology in which this particle device doesnt really have any backlight, and it uses external lights to show you whats on the display. Now our LCD, its the hybrid, it provides you with the backlight, so you could watch it at night and still enjoy the content, but also uses LC to display to display color and assure High refresh rate.

There are some trade offs to this technology. First, you have a limited palette of colors limited to one million six, six, hundreds, thousands. It is plenty, however whats so special about the colors because of the reflective film underneath the LCD display. All the colors are very high, in contrast, and also they have this very metallic kind of holographic tint to it. And while it works great for bright colors uh, the darker colors, well, they dont look that good to be honest, but even in a direct Sunshine. The tablet is perfectly breathable as long as you can manage the glare from the Sun, and if you want to watch it at night, it comes equipped with the backlight and then it acts like well relatively normal LCD display. I was quite impressed with my remarkable device which, to be honest, I use quite a bit and I still have to charge it, maybe once every two weeks and everything is alright, but Im getting very similar results from IM device granted. If you are using backlight that battery is going to drain quicker, but without that the device is going to last days, actually displaying things and thats pretty insane, because all you have to support really is just a radio for wireless communication and Android system. In the background. So hold on a second. If everything is so good, as I claimed, does it make sense to put our LCD display into a tablet, and here comes the big question, because I actually you dont know it makes perfect sense to add eating display to a digital notebook.

Like remarkable, because youre not really concerned about the functionality of a tablet – and you are getting really good value from the in display – really good usability and interesting device, a device that isnt a tablet and its not competing with tablets, youre competing with just regular notebooks. So its definitely better, however, IMU has an Android device and to be fair, a stock Android device, which means it is going to compete against all the Android tablets. So the question they have to answer and youll have to answer yourself. What do you want from a tablet? The average customer wants a bigger display, which means theyre gon na care, about the display size that display quality and how they interact with the entire web of applications, and the internet. Imu believes that using our LCD display will provide you with comfort and the reduced eye strain and all those really nice things that makes a simple comfortable in front of the big screens. However, there is a problem with that, because, instead of buying IMU device, you could just turn down the brightness a bit and have a similar Comfort levels right. There is no doubt about it. If youre going to take IMU tablets to the beach youll have brilliant browsing experience, because there is plenty of light and everything is going to be readable and with any other tablet, its not going to be as even close to being that great. But youll also have to ask yourself a question: would you really read a tablet on the beach? Well, there is a nice sound in the sea and lots of friends playing volleyball yeah.

There is a very fine line between designing a device that caters to a niche. Suppose something like remarkable, which doesnt care about the tablet users: they just want to capture that market. That really appreciate notes taking but with IMO. Well, they will compete against tablets and, yes, me and you will have to answer the question is: are LCD enough to keep you satisfied or would you rather have a more traditional, for example, OLED display and pay premium price for that now that you know where you Stand in regards to the display lets talk about the tablet and whether its actually good as a tablet. In my usage, I actually was enjoying myself its Snappy. Everything opens quick and the Android 12, which is loaded on the device, comes with surprisingly little of bloatware. Always nice to see the microphone is possible. The stereo speakers are actually very very loud, which is good. However, they are tablet speakers, so dont expect any heavy bus on it. They are possible for YouTube videos, but probably for films. You gon na connect some headphones and the touchscreen well its quite responsive, even with the factory fitted screen protector which, by default I hate, I didnt peel it off, because its glued well Im gon na do it later after this review, just in case I mess up. So so far the experience is so good. Now lets talk about the cameras now selfie camera is a 5 megapixels, a camera which is just possible for pretty much everything you would use the camera like this.

You can have your Zoom call, video call with your friends, Etc, but dont expect amazing results its just there to save you a specific purpose, all right. This is a video sample, so its a beautiful summer set actually behind me and some cars great for noise cancellation were gon na, see that well see about that in a second chopping, things out to the main camera shooter, the 13 megapixel AI camera, with a flash. I dont know what AI stands for. I havent noticed anything especially that the camera interface is slightly better. You are limited in video modes to 1080p at 30 frames per second and the camera takes okay pictures. I mean its a tablet and, like I said before, in this review already, tablets and cameras are just for some reason. Nobody cares Im pretty sure this is not going to be the device that youre going to take on holidays. To take pictures I mean thats just obscene to validate the processor and the graphics. I decided also to try a couple of games and were going to play my favorite game. So lets start with Dont Starve, which is a great representative for casual gaming. Obviously, casual games will have absolutely no problem running on it. So yeah I had a blast. Everything looks okay on this particular game, but one thing to notice. While you have no problems with the refresh rate that contrast, especially in the darker games, which Im going to show you in a second my course, a bit problem switching over to Minecraft, I was wondering how well its gon na handle it and to be fair.

Everything was very smooth, even when I increased the chunks loadings distance to 16 chunks. The device was holding it well together and yeah. If you want to play some Minecraft go for it. Lastly, the game was XCOM Enemy Unknown because its one of the better games on tablets due to the bigger screen size and the mobile interface. I had a blast. However, I have to say that, especially on dark Maps, the contrast and the color reproduction was making things slightly more difficult, so the overall theme for this device is, if your game happens during the daytime. Youll have a great time. I prime this okay thats gon na stay in the edit. So in conclusion, on one side we have IMU, which is a decent mid range tablet, thats reasonable price, because with our LCD display and heres, what Im thinking when people are selecting tablets, they do care about. The screen size and the screen in general, so why not to make an rlcd phone because lets face it. If youre going to watch the videos of something youre, probably going to sit in a bed at the home – and this is where you would appreciate a really nice display. However, when youre out and about and youre looking for your mobile phone and trying to use it in a direct sunlight – and you are constantly aware how much battery that screen time is gon na eat, you then maybe using our LCD technology on a mobile device would Be a much better choice.

I hope thats gon na be the next Im device, so its an interesting device, and it deserves your attention. If you are interested head to the description of this video gon na find all the information where to find the IMU and how to back their Kickstarter thats for now guys thanks so much for watching. Let me know what you think about rlcd technology. Where would you like to see puddles like that and what other applications you would buy them and for other advantagemen and what other features would you like to see on tablets in particular as for now guys? You know I do not have a posting schedule. You know how YouTube works not going to explain you that I have a couple of social media listed down below as well.