In fact, many of us probably grew up with one from the iconic nintendo game boy to the playstation portable uh. These video game consoles were the go to pastime for most 90s kits fast forward to 2022. The nintendo switch lineup pretty much dominates the handheld gaming arena alongside a few small brands trying their best and one such company is inu founded in 2020. Inu has seen great success in such a short period. I have been using the ineo 2021 pro for over a month, and i can definitely see why people are loving this thing, although it is one of the most powerful handheld gaming devices, one thats capable of running a huge library of pc games. This device is targeted towards a very niche product and not to mention at twelve hundred and fifteen dollars, its quite expensive as well. To compare the 649 steam deck sounds like a much sweeter deal of the two. Besides the favorable price itself, it can play entire games from your steam library and also dual boot on windows, however, its yet to hit the shelves almost after six months of the announcement and valve, is only selling the steam deck in a handful of regions, but thats, Not to say that the iron neopro is readily available everywhere, but you get the point even the best nintendo switch costs just around one. Fourth of this price, then again, the iono pro is an absolute switch killer in terms of its performance.

The number of games available on a windows pc is much higher, whereas it can emulate nintendo switch and other console games too. Likewise, the ineo pro here also supports dock, which makes it a bonafide switch competitor. Okay, in terms of its design. This thing is reminiscent of the nintendo switch while being slightly bigger and bulkier. I have it in the dark star color option, whereas you can find it in light, moon or a vintage themed, retro power color scheme as well. The matte finish certainly looks and feels nice, even though the iron neopro has an all plastic construction. There are no weird creaks or anything here, except for a minor gap at the top vent that results in some clicky noise. When applying some pressure. Moving on the io pro is pretty heavy for a handheld gaming device at 650 grams, its fine for casual gaming, but i often found myself searching for something to lay my wrist on during longer gaming sessions, regardless the control and trigger buttons are placed at just the Right place and are therefore easy to get used to on the left. We have an analog thumbstick, which is also clickable below it is a classic d pad and four additional buttons, one for rumble on and off one xbox button that brings out the xbox game bar and one start and select button each over on the right side. Are the abxy gaming buttons right along the analog, stick and four more hotkeys to make navigating through the windows os on this touchscreen a little simpler, theres one that triggers the windows menu one for the task manager, one for the on screen keyboard and one escape key? Moreover, the top frame houses the left right shoulder and trigger buttons alongside the power and volume toggles.

Here i found the control buttons and triggers to be responsive and smooth, although the joysticks could have been better and one more thing. All the extra buttons on board that i discussed earlier have relatively short key travel, so their tactile feedback is not that great. As for io theres, a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top, which would have been more convenient if it were placed on the bottom theres, no usb a connection available. But you will find a total of three usb 3.2 10 2 type c ports here, two of which also support displayport 1.4 and power delivery. Therefore, even if you dont have the docking station, you can hook it up to an external, monitor or a tv provided that you have the right, cables and adapters, of course, to make up for the missing usb. A port inu does ship a couple of usb a to usb c adapters inside the box. Besides this, you will find a couple of stereo speakers on the bottom frame and theyre, not that good. Neither do they get very loud, nor do they have a respectively white, sound stage: Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, okay, lets now talk about the display here. The inu pro brings a 7 inches ips touchscreen with a 76 ntsc color gamut, which delivers decent colors and viewing angles with 1280 by 800 pixels resolution spread across a tiny display, theres no visible pixelation here either. More importantly, this hd resolution enables the inu pro to run most games with respectable fps, since the gpu is not stressed to push that many pixels here.

On the other hand, this handheld gaming console can hit 5 15 minutes of peak brightness, which is quite impressive, but the brightness level is where things get a little tricky. While it maintains visibility perfectly fine in a well lit room or when youre outdoors, it just cannot get dim enough, say you want to play games curled up inside a blanket in this freezing weather, even when keeping the brightness level to zero percent its just too bright. For my eyes, as a result, ive had to resort to third party applications like dimmer to get this display to somewhat comfortable levels. Then theres, the rampant, backlight bleed issue infecting the screen sure its no problem when playing games with a daytime setting, but it has the potential to pull you off the immersiveness in something like control that tends to literally get dark at times. Likewise, this displays glossy finish means its incredibly reflective as well. Okay, talking about the software side of things now, the in ear pro boots on windows 10 and is even windows, 11 compatible for all my benchmarks and gaming tests. I stock with windows 10, since there still are some hiccups, major and minor, with gaming on the windows 11.. Likewise, a keyboard, less windows experience here is far from ideal and getting used to navigating the inu pro certainly takes some getting used to. It also has this app called ispace, which is basically a performance hub for inu devices. That will let you access all the installed games, adjust performance profiles, view system status and much more.

It also lets you switch between the intensity of the vibration feedback, but the app straight up crashed a couple of times. I tried it. Then there were a few instances where it seemingly worked, but i was greeted with a controller disconnected prompt when getting back to the game. Okay, finally, lets talk about its performance powering the inu pro is amds zen 2 based ryzen, 7 4800 mobile cpu. This octa core processor features radeon vega, 8 gpu, with 8 cores clocked at up to 1.75 gigahertz complementing. This is 16 gb of lpddr4x ram in dual channel and a whole terabyte of m.2 nvme ssd with significant, read and write speeds as youd expect. This combo is powerful enough to handle all the latest and greatest games with adjusted settings. You obviously wont get to enjoy every title here with the most pristine of graphics, quality, but ill trade off better graphics for smoother gameplay any day of the week. On the gaming front, even when overclocking it to 30 watt, which is beyond the 20 watt default limit, the results dont. Look that impressive for 50 more power consumption. So i tested all the games at the 20 watt game mode where most aaa games averaged at about 25 to 40 fps at the lowest settings. On the other hand, light to medium games can hit stable 60 fps when meddling through the settings a little. For instance, assassins creed, valhalla, delivers 38 fps on average at low settings, which is about 60 percent higher when playing at high settings.

Ionu also highlights that this thing can handle cyberpunk 2077, but even at the lowest graphics settings it managed just around 27 fps on average, relatively less demanding titles like gta 5 and the sims 4 do hit 58 to 60 fps even at the highest settings. Similarly, tekken 7 is well playable at low settings with a stable 60fps, but i struggled to play fighting games like this one with these controls. The last time i remember, playing tekken and street fighter was with arcade gamepads. So this is a me problem and not an it problem. Furthermore, i thoroughly struggled with fps games like cs, go and valorent on the inu pro, because ive never tried these games on controllers. Before and unlike an xbox or playstation, you dont get an aim assistant on windows machines, either. Sandbox rpg games like gta, 5 assassins, creed, control, air, etc are easy to navigate and get around, though adding to the gaming experience is the x axis linear vibration, motor thats unpleasantly set to strong by default, so i switched to the slide profile for more subtle vibration. Feedback instead, for the most part, it does enhance the gameplay, especially in racing games like froza horizon 5, where the in game events like the engine reviving up or crash, are well replicated by the vibration motor handling. The thermals is the single air intake fan at the back and an exhaust vent at the top. If you have large hands chances, are you could block the intake a little depending on how you grip the device? But this wasnt that much of a trouble for me then again the inu pro warms up pretty fast, even when turning on the excellent fan profile that cranks the fan speed as high as 4700 rpm.

Although the fan noise is not that bothersome, even at its loudest, unless youre blocking the ventilation in some way, the surface temperature never hits the uncomfortable territory, which is fantastic now fueling. The iono pro is a 47 watt hour battery that supports 60 watt. Usb power delivery. Charging, i would say its endurance is just about decent playing games at 50 brightness under the 20 watt tdp profile. It lasted me about 1 hour and 45 minutes, but i was able to squeeze out an extra hour or so of screen on time under medium and light games. Using the 60 watt adapter provided inside the box, it takes around 2 hours to fuel it completely Music. All in all, the ir neo pro is a fun and capable handheld gaming pc to have like i mentioned in the beginning. This thing is for a niche group of consumers and if you fall under the target, demographics youre probably going to love it. It runs on windows and thereby lets you play your pc games anywhere, not only that the powerful amd processor underneath is well equipped to handle most current gen games as well. Having said that, even though it achieves what its set out to do, the inu pro is extremely expensive. So if money is no object to you and you cannot wait for the steam deck to arrive, the iron eo pro is as good as it gets so guys. That was all for our full review of the iron yo pro 2021.