16.. Now, if you recall a while back, I made a video on how its the best ryzen laptop you can actually buy due to limited availability of those chips at the time and to some extent, even now. But there were a few downsides with this device like a poor quality display mediocre battery life that primarily revolves around AMD drivers, but rest aside, it was a pretty good buy. Now. What I have over here is the updated version that features a ryzen, 7 6800 H. Cpu with 16 gigs of RAM a terabyte SSD and an RX 6650m GPU, so its a very minor spec refresh compared to its predecessor, nothing crazy, very subtle, its priced, a little shy of 1600 retail and, at the time Im making this video its on sale for 1300, bucks, which I think is a crazy good value now HP, also offers the omen 16 in different flavors that feature an Intel CPU with a 3050 TI and a ryzen CPU with an RTX 3060, but those dont go on sale, quite as often as the advantage Edition that I have over here so has HP made any improvements to the issues that I talked about last time and if they have, is it still worth it well lets find out now from the outside youre not going to notice any changes to the design of This laptop it comes in this clean and simple mac gray finish that I, like the diamond shape logo Now features a single black colored gradients compared to the Aurora finish on last gen, the build quality is pretty good.

I mean you are getting a chassis thats made entirely out of plastic and its put together really well except theyve. Once again, given us a hinge, thats just super wobbly. This is probably the worst that Ive come across on a gaming laptop and they havent done anything to address it. Its really disappointing. The overall form factor has still remained the same, including the Zen height, and it weighs around 5.2 pounds and the included power. Adapter is still very big guys, its a 230 watt adapter and it charges a laptop via the proprietary Barrel style. Connector. Just make sure that you have enough room to accommodate this and the laptop in your backpack come on man. You got ta focus on this court. Okay, what is this core? Well only the most Pro of the p3s around it is an open frame chassis to challenge all that dust in your space, TG to fight the fingerprints, a very important recessed motherboard side vent to accommodate all the difficult to get gpus. We have new case feed for stability new, i o and you get the joy of building it all yourself wow. You are right. This is one of the best cores, yet the core P3 TG Pro from thermaltake dont, forget the Main Check It Out Below now. The Interior Space hasnt changed all that much either you get the standard layout with more than enough room for dedicated arrow keys and quick access to the omen, command Hub and calculator.

The power button for some reason is still jammed within the function keys, and I kid you not. I probably spent almost five seconds trying to find it every time when I open the laptop HP, just put it somewhere, thats, easily accessible and distinguishable compared to the rest of the keys. That being said, the keys do provide good feedback and adequate amount of travel. I also love the font choice on the keycaps and its backed with RGB lighting, but just like last time, its only got four zones set up with a dedicated was section and you can only customize the colors in static mode. There are no lighting effects or any other fancy features. So if youre looking for more bling this aint it, the tripod is pretty good. They are using a mylar surface which results in a little bit of resistance compared to Precision Glass, but it gets the job done. I did notice a few stutters here and there, but other than that. This is just an average trackpad, its not the greatest out there. The primary left and right click buttons that are integrated are nice and tactile as well. The port setup has changed this time around. So HP has basically spread them across the chassis for better Cable Management. If you use this in a desktop environment. So, at the back, you get power in HDMI 2.1 and two USB type c: 3.2 Gen 2 ports with DisplayPort pass through and power delivery towards the left hand, side youll find a single USB type page in one port RJ45, an audio jack and a full size.

Sd card reader and, on the right hand, side youll get two extra USB type, A ports. This is what the webcam looks like on the omen. 16.. Now the quality, isnt necessarily the greatest, because theyre still using the same 720p sensor so its not as sharp compared to some 1080p sensors that Ive looked at in the past. The microphone still sounds the same. You know it does a really good job background noise, but again I have to bring up that super wobbly display, because, if youre typing stuff during a meeting or just like, manipulating a laptop or handling a laptop, so its something to be mindful about the speakers are Placed at the bottom and they sound alright, there is no bass and The Trebles do sound harsh honestly. This is an area where I think laptop manufacturers need to improve. Just because if HP can slap, you know a bang Olufsen sticker on it. Doesnt necessarily translate to an immersive experience, just dont fall for those marketing gimmicks guys. On the other hand, the display on this laptop has made some really good progress compared to last gen. So we get the same 16.1 inch 1080p 144hz IPS panel. And if you recall from my previous review, the colors looked washed out and it just wasnt bright enough to view Outdoors, but with this refresh it covers 100 srgb, 79 Adobe RGB and 77 P3. So the quality has certainly improved this time around and the brightness levels have also increased.

Our sample was able to sustain a peak level of around 350 Nets, which is about 80 Nets brighter compared to the older model, and the gaming experience is really smooth. Thanks to the high refresh rate, that being said, I did wish if it had a 16 by 10 display. So you know it could have illuminated that massive chin at the bottom, but maybe thats, something that we could expect with the 2023 model in terms of upgradability. The omen 16 is very generous. Once you get under the hood, you have instant access to the memory modules. Maximum supported memory is 32 gigabytes. The primary nvme SSD is right over here, and the dry speeds are really really fast Id say almost two times faster than last gen. We got around 6.6 gigabytes per second on read and 4.8 gigabytes per second on right. There is an extra m.2 slot for storage expansion, which is pretty neat for a laptop for this price point. So with all of that, out of the way lets quickly talk about out how the omen 16 Handles the power to its CPU and GPU through its two. Pretty basic modes, and at least on the 6800 Hs side, both balanced and performance, get you pretty much. The exact same result: balanced run to CPU at 5, Watts less, but clock speeds arent perfectly affected and temperatures are basically identical, but with the GPU. Well, that my friends is where things change a lot, because if you look at the performance mode, it turns the rx6650ms dial to 11 by running it at a massive 111 Watts which allows clock speeds to boost to 2.

5 gigahertz thats a good 300 megahertz higher than Amds gain clocks temperatures arent all that bad, but thats, because the omen 16 becomes one of the loudest laptops, weve ever tested – and I mean ever in this mode. Meanwhile, balanced is a lot more manageable. If you want to save your eardrums, but its power envelope is anything but constant because check this out so for about three minutes, the GPU gets fed 9 93 Watts allowing it to hit 2.3 gigahertz at 74 degrees and a reasonable 46 decibels. But after three minutes the power gets kneecap for the rest of the time, causing a 300 megahertz drop, but it gets a lot quieter too. Now. This is something a lot of people dont really take into account when running benchmarks. A lot of these laptops are designed to offer their best performance for short, bursts of time and that ends up inflating results and thats. Why we always run a 10 minute warm up before any of the tests, and now that we know how the omen 16 behaves. Lets see how that translates to battery life and it isnt all that great, but getting over seven hours, isnt all that bad these days either thats, because Windows 11 has just destroyed everyone here. The only exception to that was the legion slim 7, but that thing was using a lower wattage HS series CPU that was able to throttle itself into an ultra low power state in this test.

Heavy load doesnt make things any better but again thats because of the relatively High wattage being pumped into the omen. 16S. 6800H. So youre sort of sacrificing battery life for better performance, so thats the stage for the benchmarks and were going to be testing in both the Omens power modes, which includes performance and balanced. In order to give you guys a broader picture in terms of what this laptop can actually offer and starting off with cinebench its pretty obvious, the small 5 watt Delta between balanced and performance, wont, add up too much in multi core benchmarks. But since theres, more than 62 Watts being pumped into it, the 6800h is easily able to stay ahead of the Voyager ryzen. 9. 6900Hs. Meanwhile, in single core benchmarks, The Omen 16 will tend to struggle a bit because its processor just can deliver the increased lightly thread. Frequencies of higher end ryzen CPUs, also Intels, 12 gen CPUs are pretty much dominant in this area, but theres still a heck of a lot to like here because for the price, especially if you can find it on sale for under 1300 bucks. The Omen delivers really really competitive performance in multi, threaded apps, while also being pretty portable, as a matter of fact, its able to stay ahead of the Corsair Voyager here, while staying cooler and quieter and costing thousands thats right guys. Thousands of dollars less, which is pretty incredible now look personally, I think the Acer nectar 5 is one of the best bang for the bucks on the Intel side, but if you want to stick to an all AMD system, I think this is the perfect substitute and To add, on that its an absolute beast in resolve too provided youre using performance mode, remember: DaVinci Resolve loves, AMD gpus and in performance mode.

The 6600m is being Juiced up with 111 Watts, so it does have that advantage. But if you use Premiere Pro youre, actually better off grabbing an Intel System, since quick sync makes a massive difference for rendering theres absolutely no way that AMD laptops can even think of keeping up so thats. The real world results. But I know a lot of you guys will be buying this laptop for gaming. I actually went into this wondering how the 6650m would perform since its actually one of our first encounters with it and guess what I was pretty surprised in a good way. Actually, because these results are actually really impressive, when you put them into context, even the least expensive competitor here goes for hundreds of dollars more than the omen. 16S, normal price, the only one that sort of comes close to it is the legion 5i Pro, but the RTX 3060 in that starts to become vram Limited in some situations, plus that laptop needs a pretty big discount to get to 1500 bucks and when you take Into account, this Omen, 16 config frequently goes for ‘ or a bit less. The value here is pretty hard to ignore guys its also one of the first AMD Advantage. Laptops weve had that didnt experience a single gaming problem, and that says something now. Moving on to 1440p, this is the only one small hiccup some people might have here now, since this laptop only tops out at 1080p, you will need an external display for high resolution gaming, but because of the RX 6650ms, eight gigabytes of memory that really isnt a Problem at all, as a matter of fact, it can even trade blows with the RX 6800m since performance mode pushes its power envelope so high.

A lot of other laptops get pretty competitive with GPU power. So, even a technically lower end card, like the 6600 series, can catch up if given enough juice, and that to me is pretty impressive. So the omen 16 check marks everything that youre looking for in an average gaming laptop. I like the clean and minimal design language and the performance is probably one of its Fortes, considering the price but theres still room for improvements HP if youre watching this video, please please fix this wobbly hinge and also add a 16 by 10 screen. Now I know theres going to be new laptop CPUs and gpus that are coming out, but Im going to predict this right now there wont be anything that matches the om16 in terms of bang for buck for at least another six to nine months, at least not From something sporting Zen 4 based ryzen, 7000 Intels, 13 gen or RTX 4000, I think overall, my experience was pretty flawless. I didnt experience any crashes and any system hangs as weve seen on a lot of other AMD Advantage Edition systems it isnt perfect, but for the price, especially when its on sale, its currently one of the best all around AMD systems you can buy period. On that note thanks so much for watching. I hope you will take away everything that you needed to know about hps new Omen. 16.. Let us know what you guys think about the comments: Im Eber with Hardware, Canucks and Ill talk to you guys in the next one, oh and spend responsibly.