How good can this stuff really be because its their first attempt at getting into this stuff right, its the first laptop theyve ever made? So i was expecting good, but nothing great right, but it comes available. Im, like i got, ta see this thing, and this is remarkably good for the money so lets just okay. The first thing i did when i got in just the the initial reaction is like its got to be running ads right, thats, how theyre getting the price so low theyve got to be running bloatware or some crap in there that people dont want people dont need, Because so many other companies are doing it, so many other laptop companies are putting. I dont know norton mcafee crap that nobody wants im expecting this to be filled with it. Nothing theres its just a plain blank slate windows, 10 and im like how are they doing it? At this point, i still have no idea how theyre running this thing for 650 bucks so lets talk about the build. This is a thin machined aluminum device and its built really well theres, no rough edges, thats polished, properly and thats the thing when you have metal devices that are inexpensive, thats one of the quickest ways and most common ways you can cut costs right, just leave the Edges rough leave the bottom panels unpolished, you see so many other companies do it. This is a properly machined and properly finished product, its so weird to see at this price point, there is a fairly prominent realme logo on the back which not everyones gon na like, but the screen flex is also slight, its just a solid tanky machine.

Uh. One thing i want to mention about the hinge, so it is not one hand openable now i mentioned this in some of my videos where you know i talk about the ability or inability of devices people to flip open with one hand and its not so much. The its not super important right, like how many people are just lifting hinges with one hand its, not the point, its the fact that it takes a good amount of time and engineering to tune a hinge just right to have it openable with one hand right. So its not too tight, so you can do it, but also not too loose what flops back down – and this is probably the first point about the real me device that ive been like. Okay, they kind of cut a corner there. They didnt spend the time to do that because that it only happens with top tier devices a properly tuned one hand, openable hinge okay, so the screen is really nice. Its a three by two aspect ratio, its high res, its got good brightness good colors, its a really nice screen. It is a 60 hertz panel, so its not like a high refresh gaming display and its also got a glossy finish. So you might look at the reflectivity of this me like thats, a touch screen its not its just like a regular screen with a very reflective surface. They do have some kind of coating on it to reduce the reflection, but if youre used to matte screens, this is a very reflective screen kind of like macbooks.

The whole thing is very macbook like well get into that at the end of this, but yeah its meant to go after that. Macbook, aesthetic, um, oh webcam, up top 720p, its not a great webcam, but it kind of does the job. If you need it. Theres also a rubber trim that runs around the edge of the screen and its something that some companies skimp out on again its like one of those corners that you can cut. But they chose not to cut it. And when you close a rubber trim to laptop it gives you that nice thump sound okay, the keyboard open this thing right back up, uh all right! So, oh another thing, the hinge of this thing goes: all it doesnt go like perfectly 180, its like close, maybe 177 degrees, but uh yeah its pretty close to a full flat open if youre looking for that, okay keyword, so this is a keyboard that is modeled In terms of the layout to a macbook keyboard, even the texture on the keys is reminiscent of a macbook. It does not type as well as a macbook keyboard. I feel like these are just softer its still a responsive keyboard, but its not as fast to type on that i personally like, but i think most people will enjoy this keyboard and just get used to it quickly. The trackpad is not like a macbook whatsoever. I think this is a plastic surface. I looked onto like their press material.

I couldnt find it. I took a knife to it and i tried to scratch it and i was able to scratch it and to me that means its plastic thats, not the best test out there, but i think its a plastic trackpad. The surface texture is okay, but the click mechanics arent amazing. To me this is a very average trackpad and then on the top right is a power button with the fingerprint sensor thats built into it. Now lets talk about performance, so this comes in an i3 or an i5 mine is the i5 and it performs exactly like what i would expect on a device like this, its cooled properly. The fans dont get super loud or anything. It is interesting to note that when you pop it open, theres two fans in there normally on a device like this, with this kind of form factor and this kind of chip, its a single fan, like all the competitors, i can think of – are single fan solutions. This is a dual fan: im, not sure if its like a cost thing or whatever, but it was just something i noticed, but inside there youre also getting a single nvme that you can replace you get a wi fi card. You can also replace, but the ram is baked onto the motherboard. Unfortunately, so you cant upgrade that now the battery is 56 watt hours, which isnt super small like on a device like this thats kind of above average, i would say, but battery life was a little bit short.

I got six and a half seven hours on this device with my regular testing. I do have a feeling that its that the reason why its lower is not because of like the hardware, but because of software, i feel like when you have a a company, like a manufacturer that makes laptops that spends more time on the software and tuning that You know synergy between the battery and the energy consumption. I think you can get better battery life with that same kind of battery size on other companies and i feel like thats something they could improve on. But right now ran a couple times: seven, just a little bit shy of seven hours on a 56 watt hour battery okay ports so on the left, side, theres, two usbc and then on the right side. Theres a usb. A a note about these usb c ports. On the i5 variant, these are thunderbolt 4 compatible on the i3 version, theyre, not theyre, just regular, usb c ports so depending on what you need, or what kind of connectivity youre looking for. You might have to make adjustments based on that, but yeah. I think, for most people, usb c is probably good enough. So im gon na wrap this video up with, i guess two things: im gon na talk about things i really like about this device and things that i think they kind of should have done differently. So the first thing i like about is the price 650 bucks at the base is just remarkably good.

You cannot get this kind of value with this kind of build quality anywhere else. Ive looked ive tried its strange to me that they were able to pull this off on their first iteration its built. Well, its got a kick ass screen, its got good performance, a good keyboard. The only thing thats lacking to me is the trackpad. I feel like that could be improved on, but the thing that i dont like about what im seeing here is that this is clearly a macbook clone right. They had the opportunity and clearly the funding, to make something amazing they did. But why did they have to make it look and feel and smell like a macbook? They could have made something unique and something awesome like i get the idea of. Like you know, you see the success of the macbook air and youre like lets, replicate that thatll sell, but now its just a macbook clone and theres. So many other companies that do something just like that already i felt like they didnt need to do it and i feel like it was if this was a more unique design like something that was just i dont know, just not a macbook, i wouldnt be even Making this complaint here – and this would be a slightly different kind of review, but i like what theyre doing i just dont, like the fact that its a macbook clone uh, the other thing i dont love – is availability so right now, this is only available if im, Not mistaken in the other side of the world, like asia, in north america, we may not see this for a little while and if this was here.

If this came in north america at this kind of pricing, itd be so disruptive itd be amazing. Now its you can still get it, i got it, you can import it. You can do stuff to get it in, but if only it was easily available here, itd be something else. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs.