Two in one windows tablet: you can buy right now and, as you can see, it comes with a keyboard and a trackpad included. Ive used it for a week now and what i can confidently tell you is that its a great windows tablet on a budget. For me, it basically takes all the necessary boxes required for students and for enterprise level users, whose workload does not consist of anything particularly demanding. Here it gets the intel, celeron quad, core processor, um, 8gb of ram and 128gb of ssd. With this, it has all the firepower required to handle my daily workload. The majority of my office time is spent editing documents on libreoffice writer, with six to seven tabs open in a web browser and spotify running. In the background and to my surprise, there have been no irritating delays so far and its ram management is fantastic too. As a result, this has been my portable daily driver in most places where a gaming laptop would otherwise draw strange, looks from the crap it ships with windows 10 out of the box and is ready for the windows 11 experience as well plus, i was surprised to See that it does not come with any bloatware apps pre installed, either on cheaper windows, laptops companies usually install a lot of free trial, apps and such to lower the cost, but its great to see no such thing here. However, the limitation with this device, given its low powered cpu, is that heavy apps, like photoshop dont, run smoothly here, even when playing light games like cs go on its lowest possible graphics, the frame dip is observable and the game becomes unplayable after a few minutes.

Okay, moving on this tablet got no corners on the design front, though it gets a metallic makeover, complete with a matte finish and rounded edges to the rib to make things easier, theres a built in kickstand that allows you to prop up the tablet on your desk. The stand is solid enough to hold the device steady on a level surface, but i found that it is not as secure as a laptop base when trying to use it on your lap in terms of connectivity options. Two things are quite satisfactory here. The right edge has a usb 3.0 type, a and a dc charging port, whereas the left edge features another usb 3.0 type, a one 3.5 mm headphone jack, one micro, hdmi and a usb type c port. Thankfully, the usb type c port here can be used to charge this tablet as well. Besides, there is a micro sd card slot on the top frame all right up front. You get a 10.5 inches fully laminated ips panel with a full hd resolution and 100 srgb color gamut. Other cube has not stated the panels brightness level, but its bright enough for indoor use. The viewing angles are decent too, and watching movies or youtube. Videos is no problem either apart from this, its a touchscreen, which means you can use this device in tablet mode as well. One interesting detail to point out here is that the windows logo on the right bezel is actually a touch.

Capacitive sensor that launches the start menu. This screen also has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, but unfortunately you dont get a compatible stylus inside the box, but what you do get is a 5 pin poker connector that unites the tablet and the keyboard. Okay, talking about the keyboard, it has nearly all the keys youll find on a standard, 13 or 14 inches windows laptop. The keys here demand a firm push and have a rough kind of feedback, yet its easy to get accustomed to it. After a few days of usage, regardless because of the smaller surface area, there are accidental taps on the touchpad every now and then so i disabled it entirely and used an external mouse instead getting to the battery it isnt terrible, but its not very good either. On my regular usage, i got around um three hours of screen on time, so i had to charge it every now and then similarly, it takes over two hours to fill up this battery using the provided 24 watt charger now considering the budget aloe cube has compromised In two aspects, first, its dual speakers dont get loud enough, while the lows and highs dont sound, particularly appealing either so its a pretty average speaker setup. Likewise, i think the company could have offered a better camera on the front and the back sure its good enough for zoom meetings and video chats, but they could have included a higher res sensor for improved call quality, but regardless of some limitations, as i mentioned at The start of this video ive absolutely liked the idea behind this tablet and for the asking price of three hundred dollars.

The aldo cube i work. 20, pro is an easy recommendation for someone who wants an inexpensive, laptop alternative so guys that was all for our review of the aldo cube. I worked 20 pro uh.