So a lot of you guys probably already know this, but i dont make youtube videos for a living. This actually doesnt pay the bills. I have a full time: job writing for xda developers and next day developers is a job that has a remote office, meaning we dont go into physical office. Everybody just works wherever theyre based so technically its a job that lets me work at home, but i dont like to just stay at home im a little bit of a nomad. I like to take my laptop or tablet and just go work anywhere so because of that i have always been on the lookout for a small, portable work machine, something that can just fit in my backpack and just go with me anywhere just in case. I need to suddenly do work. I can just go into a coffee shop, pull something out and just start writing. So the latest device that has come across my attention is the chuwi mini book x. As you can already see, this is a small size laptop with a 10.8 inch display, and it weighs only two pounds so its pretty light and its not just a laptop its a convertible laptop meaning. The screen rotates all the way back to become a tablet too. But because this runs windows 11, so its not that good as a tablet, its not chewys fault, its windows, fault thats, not that good as a tablet, but as a normal laptop.

Its actually pretty good lets go over the hardware. So we have a 10.8 inch lcd display. This is a 2k panel and maximum brightness is pretty good. So right now this is already maximum brightness. I am facing a window right now. You can still see the screen pretty clearly colors on this thing. Look really good and it has pretty good viewing angles and yes, there is a hole punch in the upper left corner which ill talk about in a bit. So top half right here is aluminum, but the bottom half is plastic, so its a little bit odd. The bottom half, however, has a pretty full size keyboard, it stretches edge to edge and its a really good keyboard, with really good key travel, and i can type at my full speed on this thing and this trackpad, despite its relatively small size, its pretty good too. I will show you guys a little bit later. It supports all windows gestures too. In terms of ports. You have two usbc ports on the right, one of them its a fully functional, usb c port, meaning it can charge the machine and also output to an external display, and then you have a power button on the right side too. On the left side, you have a headphone jack. That is it. I would have liked to see in a full size, usb a port and a sd card reader, unfortunately its not here so this laptop does not support.

Expandable storage theres, a 512 gig ssd in here with 12 gigs of lp ddr 4x ram. Now this thing is powered by an intel: celeron n5100. So its a jasper lick cpu its a mid tier cpu, not flagship quality, so you wont be able to play graphically intensive games on this or do heavy creative work like if youre trying to editing 4k videos dont bother its gon na bog down like how youre Gon na have trouble scrubbing through the timeline but youre using this as a basic productivity machine. Like writing articles writing long emails. Reading articles watching youtube absolutely no issue. Now. This hinge is really well built. It stays in place at any angle and its pretty sturdy. It doesnt wobble too much and when you flip it all the way, it also stays in place like that literally any angle. So when you flip it all the way to the back the keyboard, deactivates or at least supposed to integrate, so then you can use a touchscreen keyboard on this thing i say supposed to, because i have experienced a bug every now and then, where the keyboard is Still active, even when its in tablet mode so ill be holding it like this and ill, be accidentally inputting keys. I would say this only happens about ten percent of the time so nine times out of ten, it will work as intended right now, its in tablet mode and you have an on screen keyboard.

Like i already said, windows 11 is just not good as a tablet. You have buttons that are too small for fingers and just look at how slow the orientation is. You have to wait like a second, and this is not chewys fault. This is the case with every single machine running windows, 11 or even windows, 10. As a tablet, the problem is windows, so you know it is serviceable if you want to just use it on a couch watching, netflix or like scrolling on twitter, its its fine but its just not going to be as intuitive or smooth or fluid as an ipad Or an android tablet now this thing is also a little bit thick at about one inch when folded like this to be used as a tablet with one hand like for extended periods of time, it is a little bit clunky. So as a tablet, i would say the chuwi mini book x, its a little bit below par, but half the default is with microsoft, but as a mini portable on the go work machine. I love this thing. This thing seems like the perfect size to me, because, if its any smaller like ive tested these laptops with an eight inch display, then the keyboard just becomes a little bit too cramped. I cant type properly on it, but this thing the keyboard is full size. I can type at my peak full speed on this, and the trackpad is really good too, as you can see, and it supports all the gestures like three fingers tap to open search, three fingers swipe up to open various windows and you can click into the keyboard.

You get an audible click or you can just tap onto it. Okay, so this whole punch here its a little bit unsightly. It actually gets in the way of the icons, but it doesnt affect touch. You can still. You know drag stuff into that area and the camera, unfortunately, is a little bit below par. Its just 720p resolution so lets record a video. So this is the webcam 720p resolution and um. As you can see, the quality is not that amazing, but i will say that just like with android phones, once you use this thing long enough, maybe after a couple of days you will get used to this little hole, punch and its not that distracting. Now there are some weaknesses of the chewie mini book x. The first is that the speakers are located at the bottom on the left and right edge, so its not a good position and the speakers themselves just arent that great youll hear right now. The sounds a little bit muffled, so this is already max volume Applause i mean it gets loud enough, but its a little bit flat with no base but yeah. The touch screen works well and also chewy sells a stylus. So this is the chuwi high pen and it costs 20 us dollars, so its pretty cheap and it works as advertised. So you cannot just drag you can maximize. You can hit those uh windows buttons i dont know, but too small for fingers.

I mean look at look at these menu buttons here. How is this supposed to be like tapped on by a finger now? The stylus has a little bit of latency, but its not too bad, so youre basic, if youre just sketching for fun or you need to sign a couple. Digital contact tracks its fine, but you know if youre, a professional artist. This is probably not going to be up to par for what you need, so the second biggest weakness of the chili mini book exercise only has a 3 800 milliamp hour battery inside so thats a really small battery for a 10.8 inch display. For my use. This thing can only last about two and a half hours to three hours on a single charge. So that means, if you plan to do a little bit longer work sessions, you will have to bring a charger with you. The good news is that, with the package you get a 45 watt charging brick or you can use a portable battery. This thing can be topped up by a portable battery right here in the usb c port, so truly selling the mini book x for 570. Us dollars – and i think, thats a really fair price, because you get a really nice screen. You get a decent cpu that allows you to get work done, and the keyboard and trackpad are both really good, and you know theres the added versatility of using this thing.

In tent mode to sketch, like i just did or in tablet mode, although in tablet mode its, not the greatest but its still serviceable so yeah, this is the chuwi mini book x and im liking. This thing a lot man for my personal usage, a digital nomad who has to pump out articles, send long emails, read press releases anytime anywhere. This is perfect for me. Im gon na put this in my backpack. Basically, almost every day when i go out – and this will be my on the go – quickie work machine – i have a lot more content coming up, including the vivo x4 thats, probably my next video.