I am excited to show you guys the Lenova yoga X1 Gen 6 laptop. So this is a perfect for office laptop in either of the laptop power supply, and you get this USBC Georgia 45. So if you want to have a cable connection to the internet, you get that laptop. So lets have a look at what this laptop offers you. So you can go up to level gen with the core i7 V Pro up to Windows: 10, Pro 49 UHD, plus a 14 inch full HD touch with IPS privacy guard power and its anti glare. You get a 14 inch. Fhd touch IPS 400 nits tough Reiner certified for reduced blue light emissions. Your memory is up to 32 gig interior. Full. Your battery life is up to 15 hours with a rapid charge included. Sorry should get two terabyte pcie SSC, Gen4 performance. Graphics is Intel RSX on audio. If could the Dolby Atmos speaker system four times 360 degree four field? Mics, you got the Dolby voice, professional conferencing solution on the camera, youve put 720P HD with webcam privacy, shutter optionally, hybrid infrared 720 HD with webcam privacy shutter, the color storm Gray. Youve got optional, WN, 4×4, mimo, 5G or 4G go to Lan Wi Fi, six 802.11 ax, Bluetooth, 5.1 and youve got C on the ports. Youve got two times Thunderbolt form two times USB. A 3.2 gen 1. youve got a headphone mic. Combo 3.5 millimeter Jack youve got HDMI 2.

0 and youve got optional. Nano Sims on your keyboard. Spool resistance, color match keyboard. With wider 110 millimeter 4.33 inch track pad backlit with white, LED lighting, all control keys F9 to f11. Our supply youve got a USB C 65 watt. Youve got a integrated, ThinkPad pen Pro, but youve got optional. Thinkpad active pen supported docking on this is USBC or ThinkPad Thunderbolt for dock the Intel email platform, the ThinkPad X100 j6, two in one laptop, delivers a Powerhouse combination of performance responsive as battery life and stunning visuals up to 11th gen core i7b prep brushes means you Can count on exceptional experience in your name, thanks to its 360 degree, hinge the ThinkPad X1 yoga Gen 6 convertible laptop quickly switch between laptop tablet, tint and standards engineered with dual fans and rear venting the thermal capabilities of the ThinkPad X1 Jager Gen. 6. Convertible. Keep the device cool while youre hot, on the trail of success, with an update Suite of built in think Shield Security Solutions. The ThinkPad X1 yoga gen6 Safeguard your device and your data Biometrics provide an extra secure, fingerprint reader thats integrated with the power button. So you can log in and boot up instantaneously. It features a 16×10 display with narrow, bezels and Rich high resolution screen choose the UHD panel of the Dolby Vision to amp up your experience, Adobe Atmos speaker system on the ThinkPad X1 chain. 6. Convertible includes two upward firing speakers and two downward firing, woofers creating an immersive sound experience should enjoy for work and play think that Jody X1 gen6, two in one laptop offers a true smartphone like experience and always connected PC its got Wi Fi 6, so that you Jump right into crowded environments fast, while avoiding lag time.