If you would today we’re going to take a look at this lenovo thinkpad x1 extreme gen, 3 laptop. This is a really powerful, yet still portable laptop from lenovo let’s. Take a look. This laptop has an intel core: i7 10, 850 h6 core processor, 2.7 gigahertz base 5.1 gigahertz turbo dedicated nvidia geforce gtx 1650 ti 4 gigabyte, graphics, 16 gigabytes of ddr4 2933 megahertz ram 512 gigabyte m2 and vme ssd 15.6 inch 4k ultra hd ips anti glare screen. It’S got a 720p webcam with think shutter intel, ax, wi fi with bluetooth 5.1 usb 3.2 gen, 2 type c, with intel, thunderbolt 3 hdmi 2.0. A spill resistant, backlit keyboard, dolby, atmos, speaker system, tpm, 2.0 windows, 10, pro 64 bit and weighs 3.75 pounds. The 4k version of this laptop does have an optional carbon fiber weave on the top, which does look really nice inside you’ll, see the webcam location with think shutter and microphones it’s a full size keyboard with power button, but no 10 key number pad, even though it’s 15 inch there’s a lenovo track point with clicky buttons and touchpad on the left side. There’S a slim tip power connector. This does come with a 135 watt, slim tip power adapter. There are two usb type c thunderbolt 3 ports, which are 3.2 gen 2. These support power, delivery, display port and data transmission that’s, where you’d connect a thunderbolt dock. If you get one there’s, an hdmi 2.0 and a headset jack as well on the right side, there’s, a kensington, lock, location, two usb type, a and a card reader let’s.

Take a look inside i’ve already loosened all of the screws and, if you lift from the back the front edge, just kind of slides out inside you’ll see two fans that go to heat pipes over the cpu and gpu locations. There are two so dim slots. Only one is populated with our 16 gigs of ram, which means none of it is soldered in but it’s, also, probably not using dual channel mode. There are two m2 slots over here. Only one has an nvme drive in it. The other is unpopulated, but does include a screw to add another drive. The wi fi card is actually built onto the board, which i don’t know that i’ve ever seen before on a lenovo, but there is a pci express expansion slot right next to it as well. There’S the cmos battery main system battery and stereo speakers, the overall passmark score is 3156, which is the 43rd percentile. The cpu mark is good. The 69th percentile at 13 054., the 2d mark of 287 is low, but the 3d mark of 7083 is the 51st percentile. Pretty good for a laptop, the memory mark is 26.95, which is the 63rd percentile. This could likely be increased by using dual channel memory. The disk mark is 21 338, which is the 89th percentile excellent. This is a really impressive, laptop and i’m sure from the benchmarks. You see how powerful it really is. Lenovo is known for their build quality in the thinkpad series, so i think, given the longevity of the machine like this, it ought to be a great value if you intend to purchase i’ll, put a link in the description and if you could go ahead and use That link it helps support our channel.

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