This time around, i thought, i’d. Try something new i’ve always wanted to. Try out the thinkpad x1 carbon, since i first saw lisa over at mobile tech review. Reviewing the very first generation of this laptop back in 2012. fast forward. Almost a decade and the x1 carbon line has matured into one of the few laptops that can go toe to toe with dell’s xps lineup in almost every way. So today, let’s take a look at the sixth generation lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon lenovo Music thinkpad x1 model is not the latest or the greatest. At the time of filming. The 8th generation is currently on closeout to make way for the 9th generation and slated to be released sometime this march, but while the 6th gen isn’t the top dog anymore, it may just be the best bang for the buck. I got my fully specked out unit in like new condition on ebay for about 800 bucks, but lesser units go for around 650 every day, spec wise my unit came equipped with the quad core core i7 8650u 16 gigabytes of non upgradable, soldered ram a one terabyte Nvme ssd and a 2560×1440 500 nit dolby vision, hdr display the chassis is a combination of soft touch plastic dipped carbon fiber for the lid and metal for the base, it’s fantastically solid for how thin it is, but, like most soft touch surfaces, while it feels absolutely Fantastic, it is a fingerprint, magnet and it’s pretty difficult to clean.

I have a dbrand skin on the way which should solve the fingerprint issue and add a bit of protection. The keyboard deck is excellent and has almost no flex whatsoever, and while the screen does flex a little bit, it’s not much when you consider just how thin the whole thing is. The whole computer clocks in at .62 inches thick and weighs just 2.49 pounds. The keyboard is also stellar. I loved the keyboard on my m6700, but this thinkpad edges it out by just a hair. The feel is actually very similar, but the keys have just a bit more travel to them and they’re a lot more stable, i’ve typed on every generation of macbook keyboards. Since the powerbook g4, many dell inspirons precisions, latitudes xps, you name it, and this so far is the best laptop keyboard. I think i’ve ever used with the dell precision m series coming in just a hair behind and that’s an accomplishment that’s made even more impressive by the fact that it’s in something so thin. The track pad isn’t bad i’m, not too sold on the frosted finish. But at least it’s glass it’s been plenty accurate and it uses microsoft’s precision drivers which definitely go a long way to helping things out. I just wish it was a little bigger. I know this is probably heresy to say to the thinkpad diehards, but i would gladly trade the red trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard for a little bit larger of a trackpad.

This laptop also bucks the trend of thunderbolder bust and offers up two full speed. Thunderbolt 3 ports, a thinkpad dock connector, a usb 3.0 type, a port and an hdmi 1.4 port on the left and another usb 3.0 type, a port on the right, along with a headphone microphone combo jack. Curiously, they decided to put a combo sim tray and uh s2 micro sd card tray on the back. I get the sim card going in the back, but having the micro sd card first of all be put in a tray is just silly. I love that it has uhs too, but it needs to be full size and placed on the sides and if you’re wondering the newer models have just done away with microsd support altogether wrong move. Lenovo moving on the 2560x1440p glossy hdr display is downright and gorgeous. It looks great right out of the box, but according to notebook check once calibrated, the contrast ratio increases to 1800 to 1.. The grayscale delta e is dropped to an average of 0.9 and it covers 88 of the adobe rgb color space, all while having an average brightness of 532 nits. The contrast ratio is so high that in honestly anything but a pitch black room, you could be forgiven for mistaking this as an oled screen, whether you’re watching movies or creating them. The screen will not disappoint the fact that it’s glossy doesn’t bother me either. I honestly find the reflections on a good, bright glossy screen to be less distracting than the bloom on most matte screens.

The speakers on the sixth gen are so so at best they get plenty loud enough and they don’t distort too terribly much at higher volumes. But the sound quality definitely leaves much to be desired. Turning on the dolby enhancements does make a huge improvement so make sure you do that if you have this laptop but it’s still a very weak point. Fortunately, lenovo has taken note of this, and the 7th generation and newer models are supposed to come with some of the best speakers on any windows ultrabook. I personally rarely use my laptop’s built in speakers, though, so this doesn’t really matter much to me now on to performance for a thin and light it’s, not bad, but it does run a bit hot by default, raw performance isn’t, exactly what you usually buy thin and Light for that said, the i7 8650u is a speedy little chip. The 8th generation ultra low voltage, processors finally got 4 cores, and it makes a huge difference day to day. Tasks are quick and snappy and it regularly boosts to 3.3 gigahertz for short bursty workloads and when undervolted the chip draws less than a watt at idle and that overall snappiness is definitely helped along by the ssd. The one terabyte samsung pcie nvme ssd, managed read speeds of 3.4 gigabytes per second and write speeds of 2.3 gigabytes per second. Finally, we come to the more menial features. What lenovo calls the think shutter might be.

Welcome to the folks wearing tin, foil hats and the synaptics metallica mis fingerprint reader, while it’s, accurate and very secure isn’t, particularly speedy battery life, seems to be about 7 hours with mixed usage, which is absolutely plenty for me overall for around the 800 bucks i paid For it, i feel it was a pretty good value. It’S been perfectly stable and with its combo of thunderbolt, 3 and usb type, a ports it’s future proofed without sacrificing usability. Today, it lasts as long as it needs to on a charge while being powerful enough to chew through pretty much anything i do in photoshop or lightroom. So, if you’re in the market for a thin and light laptop around this price, point i’d highly recommend giving the sixth generation x1 carbon a look as always. Thank you guys so much for watching.