If there is anything, OnePlus does right its in presentation, the feel in hand fit and finish. This tablet checks a lot of those boxes. The OnePlus pad has an aluminum body with rounded edges, making it very comfortable to hold, while also feeling Premium Plus in this green finish. Not only does it look pretty sharp, but it also matches a few of their products that theyve released this year. Take a look at the front and the screen deviates from other offerings on the market at 11.6, inches with a 2800 by 2000 resolution, its fairly big and has a seven to five aspect ratio on the Spectrum. This puts it roughly between three by two and four by three, which OnePlus believes is optimized, to give you more lines of text while reading or drafting up documents compared to other tablets on the market. Personally, though, I cant really tell much of a difference compared to especially something like an iPad, though I do think it offers a good balance for a variety of use. Cases Ive been using it to Read: Manga watch videos on Netflix and even to type up video scripts on Google Docs Ive had no issue with it whatsoever. In fact, I think the screen is probably one of my favorite things about this tablet, its an IPS panel. Sadly, not an OLED, however. The contrast is surprisingly good, especially when playing back HDR content and the color while attached over saturated, looks awesome.

If you dont particularly care about accuracy, I do wish it could get a tad bit brighter averaging around 500 nits, but with a 144 Hertz refresh rate, navigating menus feels like butter Plus for those that care the Dolby Atmos certified speakers on this thing, actually sound good In any orientation theyre a bit on the Airy side, but have good detail and get pretty loud with minimal Distortion, thats good for casual listening breath. Okay, so the one plus pad looks the part, but how does it perform? This thing is powered by the mediatek dimensity 9000, which we dont see too often here with devices in the US, but its a powerful little chip built on tsmcs four nanometer process, its efficient and even beats out Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip with sustained load. According to some synthetic benchmarks that, alongside the fact that its paired with eight gigs of RAM, means that this tablet flies simpler tasks and navigating around the UI feel incredibly smooth, though a lot of that can also be the perceived speed that comes with that 144 Hertz. Refresh rate, but where performance really matters is with more intensive workloads such as gaming. In this regard, the OnePlus pad doesnt hold a candle to the 10th generation iPad, which is able to push higher resolutions in gameplay and more consistent frame rates in titles. Like Call of Duty Duty, mobile and gentian impact, however, it still does a decent job playing these titles, nearly maxed out at 60 FPS on paper at 479 bucks.

This tablet is very competitive, putting it in spitting distance to that 10th generation iPad, which costs 450, as well as the 529 dollar Samsung Galaxy Tab: S7 Fe man. That name is super long. This does trail behind in performance compared to our OnePlus, but is a more direct competitor to it than the iPad, because it does run Android 13., but before you run out to get a OnePlus pad of your own. There are some pretty serious drawbacks. We need to discuss the first pain point I want to bring up is with the battery life. The OnePlus pad has a 9 500 milliamp hour rating, which OnePlus says is good for over 12 hours of video playback or over a month of standby. However, in the three weeks that Ive spent with the pad, I found it to generally perform under those estimates in moderate load, AKA browsing the web, occasionally gaming and watching YouTube way. Too often, I found myself needing my charger in the middle of the day. This issue might be isolated to my review unit, in particular, because Ive seen reports from other Tech YouTubers saying that the battery life is actually very good in its defense. There is 67 watt charging with the included power, brick filling up the battery from zero to a hundred percent in 80 minutes. But ideally you wouldnt have to rely on it, especially if power is out of reach, but probably my biggest gripe with the OnePlus pad is the software.

The OnePlus pad runs the Brands oxygen OS interface, atop Android 13. on a phone like the OnePlus 11. I, like the aesthetic and simplicity that it offers, but on a tablet, oxygen OS misses one key feature that holds it back from being useful and productive, and that is a proper, app switching taskbar to easily manage programs. You are using kind of like how you would on a desktop it. Doesnt have a taskbar, I mean it has like the bar on the bottom, like any Android phone. Would. However, I would like to switch apps theres, no intuitive way to do that. This makes the multitasking very clunky kind of akin to iPads from five years ago with how linear it is now. Luckily, some multitasking features made it over from onepluss phones like split screen and the sidebar to help it out, but it feels like OnePlus through oxygen OS on a big screen without any of the nuance and fit and finish required for a proper tablet in 2023. Never settle might be the companys Mantra, but someone clearly missed the memo settling since the OnePlus 3.. My own personal disappointment also carries over to the pads optional accessories, which look pretty damn Ed to what apple offers for their tablets. However, the execution isnt quite there, the 99 pan does attach magnetically to the pad for Easy Transport and wireless charging, but it regularly misses my inputs while navigating Android, which I think is literally the bar.

You have to clear to justify me buying your pen, so thats a pass for me at least doesnt plug into the bottom of the tablet. Okay, well, these nuts, then theres the 149 dollar magnetic keyboard case, which is actually kind of all right, while the typing layout suffers due to the tablets, awkward aspect ratio, the keys themselves feel nice to type on and have decent throw. The trackpad is also surprisingly responsive. However, when you take a step back and do the math outside of taxes, shipping and promotions that OnePlus might have on their website, the whole OnePlus pad with its additional accessories, adds up to 727. Here in the US and thats a tough pill to swallow, it is insane for something thats supposed to disrupt the market. The only thing its disrupting is its success got him these nuts. Also. The other day Google announced the pixel tablet, which I think is a really strong competitor to the OnePlus pad. The two products certainly differ in philosophy, but there are similarities in performance level, certainly in price, but I think where the pixel ultimately wins out is probably in multitasking, which is where I think a lot of the value is. I mean look theres a dock with apps Ill have to get one in the office to try out for myself, but its looking to be a really solid Choice compared to the OnePlus pad, especially if you are planning on using it for any bit of productivity.

If anyone from OnePlus is listening, I think I think you guys can do better. Google already made a ton of Headway with Android, 12l and Android 13 to optimize the tablet, experience and better compete with the iPad, and that includes the addition of a taskbar which, on its own sold me on the Android tablet, life not even kidding on my z Fold 4: it is a lifesaver. I bring this up because if I didnt make it abundantly clear, already oxygen OS is built on Android 13.. So why is OnePlus Paving over important features that Google themselves already developed because they never settle foreign guys take what you can get, especially when you consider that Apple and Samsung dominated the tablet segment last year, with over 80 percent of sales combined? It also says a lot that Samsung rolls with what Google has to offer and has a way better experience by it. Yeah buy that one. Not this one got him Deez Nuts, look man if you havent clicked off the video already you like it. Oneplus takes a lot of pride in their own engineering and design that Oppo definitely has nothing to do with stop putting them on blast, but this is a great example of how that ego can get in the way of making a competitive, well rounded product its. Certainly a harsh assessment, especially considering that its one Pluss first foray in this product category. However, I genuinely dont know why anyone would get the OnePlus pad over its competitors, sure its another fighter in the ring, but thats simply not enough to make a good product, especially when we know that Oppo and OnePlus have the resources to make it happen.