The new Thermaltake Level, 20 RGB Titanium Mech keyboard arrived at home back in Australia for review, while I was at CES checking out the same keyboard, but now Im back so lets find out whats On offer., The Level 20 keyboard has a silver titanium colour scheme, although its also available in black., The top plate is 2mm thick aluminium, so its quite sturdy.. This results in a total weight of around 1.5KG and the dimensions of the keyboard are 48.2cm in length 18.6cm. In width and 4.4cm in height., The cable has a nice braiding and is 1.8m long and is not removable.. Its got two USB Type, A connectors one for the keyboard itself, and the second is for USB passthrough to the keyboard. Theres, also, a 3.5mm audio jack for audio passthrough. Theres, a single USB 2.0 Type, A port on the back of the keyboard and a 3.5mm audio Output for that passthrough. Ive got Cherry, MX, Speed, Silver switches here, so theyve got a 1.2mm actuation point.. This was my first time using this switch type, as I usually use browns. The first thing I noticed was that they were much quieter heres. What were dealing with to give you an idea.? This will, of course, vary depending on what switches you get its also available with Cherry MX blue, which would be louder and also Razer, Green switches.. My first impression on the silver switches are that they are much easier to activate, which makes sense, given the lower actuation point.

. I definitely still prefer the browns myself, but did start getting used to it after a while and found it pretty nice to type with.. The keyboard also has anti ghosting and n key rollover.. The keys have a floating design, so they appear to be elevated a little from the keyboard.. It comes with a key remover tool, so its very simply to remove the caps, and it also came with some additional red key caps. Should you wish to highlight the keys 1 2. 3 4 Q. W E R, A S or D. Weve also got some dedicated buttons towards the right above. The numpad from left to right. Weve got a game mode button, a button to adjust brightness of the lighting between 5 levels or turned off. If you prefer followed by a button to quickly lock the Windows keys, if youre playing a game., Theres a wheel for adjusting system volume and a button to quickly mute, all sound. Below these are dedicated media buttons, including stop last track pause and next track. Buttons.. As you might have noticed, this keyboard has a lot of lighting along with key backlighting theres, also a strip of lighting running between the letters and numpad area.. The notch towards the bottom can also be used for routing a cable through for a headset to keep things. Tidy. Theres also lighting running across the back and side edges and while theres no lighting along the front, there is a clear space where we can see.

Some. Some of the lighting can be changed using the keyboard itself. Without the software, for example, the function key can be held while pressing the F6 light effect key to cycle through the effects.. Likewise, the function key can also be held and F7 and F8 can be used to slow down or speed up lighting effects. Respectively., The F9 F10 and F11 keys can also be used to manually, adjust the amount of red, green or blue light in various effects. Although, as youll see its much easier to choose through the software., We can also hold function and press scroll lock, which is the light mode button, and this changes between highlighting different keys for different types of games.. The TT iTake Engine software can also be used to customize lighting.. This allows us to easily pick from the 13 key effects and 14 sidebar effects visually in Windows. It gives us an idea in software what the effect will look like with an animation. Its much easier to pick colours here, as we can manually, enter in specific values and see what were doing much more granular compared to using the keyboard to cycle through colours.. The software can also be used to customize key lighting on a per key basis. Weve also got the option of setting up macros here, and we can save our settings in 6. Different profiles allowing you to quickly swap between them.. The lighting effects can also be synchronized across other Thermaltake products like their CPU, coolers or fans, and the keyboard also supports Razers Chroma, if youd prefer to use that instead with your other Razer products.

However, I dont have any of these myself to test with.. If you prefer theres, also an app you can install for either iOS or Android, and this lets you control the keyboard too.. Apparently, the keyboard can also be changed with Amazon Alexa, so you can control the lights by talking. However, as I dont have Alexa, I wasnt able to give this a go. Underneath theres just a couple of feet up towards the back, which can be adjusted in two different levels, so you can either use the keyboard flat or raise it up between two height levels. Based on your personal preference. For up to date, pricing check the links in the description. At the time of recording Thermaltakes suggested prices are 150 USD for the speed silver version that Ive got here: 140 USD for the cherry blues or 130 USD for the Razer Green Switches. Here in Australia, they all seem to be going for around 200 AUD.. I honestly dont really keep up to date with keyboards and pricing, but at least here in Australia, thats looking fairly average – and this includes a 2 year warranty.. Overall, I found the Thermaltake Level 20 keyboard pretty nice to type with once I got used to the silver switches, its a little larger than my normal keyboard, but it looks quite nice if youre into RGB. The effects. Look nice in my opinion and the keyboard is solid. I get that its a gaming keyboard, but I think some more switch types would have been nice.

. Let me know what you guys thought down in the comments and, if youre new here get subscribed for future tech.