You know guys ones that dont require any fancy editing for our boys. So this is the leaf too. This is the leaf 2 in Black youll see that they Im just kidding. This is an eye reader doesnt. It look exactly like it here watch this one second were gon na put this into the frame. That looks extremely close, I mean the the bezels and the thickness of the side. Ledger is almost identical, and this came out first just saying so. This is the black leaf and this is the white leaf. Now this is a monumentous occasion for us and, if youre not sure as to why stay tuned, this is the black one, with a flush screen and bezel. This one is the white color with a sunken screen embezzle. Why is that amazing? And that is because this is the first time in the history of ebook readers, that a single unit model has come up with not just two color variants, but two body constructions. Weve seen color variants dating back all the way to the PRS by Sony and, of course, pocketbook is the biggest example of color differences. They do things like space, gray and spicy, copper and all that stuff. This is the first time this has ever happened now. Why is this important? Because you have a choice? You have a choice in the actual screen construction. This is amazing, its completely honest, now theres a couple things you need to know.

This is a flush screen, of course, but these buttons are further sunken in to the bezel. These ones pop out like theres no tomorrow and theyre, actually different pieces of plastic theyre triangular and theyre raised and theyre also kind of tapered. They they taper off to towards the ends here, as it slowly meshes down into the actual bezel, whereas these ones Peak up kind of like a pyramid, so the buttons themselves are actually different were gon na check. Three things were gon na. Do an overall quality test were going to do a glow light test and then were going to do a glare test to see which one of these not so much is better its just. How are they different in the real world? This is the exact same book on both of these units exact same page font. Everything first were going to fix some things on these. You have to drop down from the top on both of these right here and go over to the e ink center. We have 30 dark, color enhancement and light color filter 10., so thats all well and good lets drop down again and make sure the glow lights are both off on both of these so theyre off on the left and off on the right. Next is the in app contrast, Watermark bleaching, sharpen dark, color enhancement, all to the zero range click out in the middle. Finally were going to refresh the screen on both of these.

We can use the little ball right here. Click on refresh click on refresh thats, it thats how theyre gon na look out of the gates. I will tell you just looking at this. That looks better. That looks much better. I will say that this is whiter on the background. You can see that right there compared to that. This is actually a whiter background screen then this one. It must be something to do with the actual piece of glass refracting the light, but this looks far more crisp than that does the biggest possible font. So we can get some curves. We can get some good black spaces. These blacks look more faded than these ones. Just look at that its the same screen here that looks way richer than that does the round characters look pretty much identical because the epd, the actual screen itself is the exact same. So in that regard, theyre identical, but contrast wise were seeing a pretty distinct difference. Although that is a wider background, these blackers are more black, well swipe the page again, this is the same book and everything like that ghostings not going to be any different, because again, the actual display is the exact same. That looks that looks just noticeably different. That looks way darker way: more black comes with the territory because the white is less white, but look at that there is no doubt there is no doubt look at that. That just looks so much better.

The blackers are more rich, its more exposed because it actually is, if you dont, if youre, not sure why this is is because, when you put a piece of glass on top youre, also putting a protective layer on top youre putting physically more things. On top of your unit than this one, it would be as if you were to take this and put stuff on top like that. Obviously, this is an exaggerated example, but it is true to some degree the epd is a thin layer that has the actual screen information on it, and this has very few things in front of it, whereas this has more things, if were talking about rigidity and safety, The glass is the way you want to go it aids to the body construction, it aids to the overall rigidity to it, its not as dangerously exposed, so that if you drop something on its going to break the screen, granted this isnt an exposed screen. There is a layer on top of it, but looking at this honestly, that is much nicer. Well, look at a PDF really quick, because it has a lot of solid black colors as well. You can see in bold and sharpen image. Watermark everything is the exact same formatting. Is the exact same everythings identical tap out of that click on both refresh both like this click on the refresh, and now we can see that that black is significantly darker, whereas this is coming across super gray.

Compared to that, this is far more Rich. Everything on here compared to this, if were nitpicking, which is our job, looks fuzzy again in and of itself its fantastic, but compared to someone that is shares. The exact same release make and model thats looking nicer now for the glare test. Lets keep this exactly Center and were going to put a light on the situation here: okay, thats just full illumination, but lets move it a little bit closer and see what happens. Youll notice, something that happens right off the bat. The glass screen actually diffuses, the glare much better. You can see it ends up being a rounded Square. Have this handheld light here, but here you almost see the reflection of it. Look at that you actually can make out almost a mirror finish, whereas this one softens it its almost like a floodlight thats very interesting. I would have thought it would be the other way around to be honest for what this is Its a fairly shiny top coat layer, because again they dont leave this screen exposed. That would be silly. They actually put a factory sealant layer of protective coating on here, and you can see that this ones actually doing a worse job at breaking down the light, leaving you with an actual Square versus this one that really diffuses the whole situation in terms of glare. The glass is actually doing better. We have heard some people say that the glow light is a little bit inconsistent on the glass unit, so lets check it out.

These are the exact same intensities, with both the warm light and the cool light turned on to full. So far with my naked eye, Im not seeing anything drastically different lets change the color up a little bit and go Blue. So looking at it right now. Yes, they both look pretty much the exact same. They both look blue. I would say the light is shining through a little bit more here, its a little bit more bright and exposed, whereas this again the glass just kind of breaks up that light. Lets look at the warm on both of these and see how that turns over again. Just more bright in the dead white space here, not necessarily Overexposed, it is more exposed, but not Overexposed to the fact to the point where you have bleed or tearing or anything like that and lets choose a link mode kind of stone white here, link that up Right around right around there, I would say that the glow light on the glass one really just softens it and spreads it out a little bit better, a better disbursement of the light. The light on the exposed screen does have over intensity on some of the corners and some of the sides. You will see right there, but it looks more pure white and this looks more on the darker grayer side. Its kind of Hit and Miss with both of these guys heres the deal guys the black unit has a flush screen embezzle.

It actually breaks up the glare a lot better than I thought, and it overall has a better glow light, but its darker and the blacks arent as rich. This has an exposed screen for the most part. The glare is actually worse, which would have been the opposite of what I thought. The glow light is a little bit on the bright side, but the contrast is much nicer in the blacks are blacker. Although the white space is whiter on the black one, it really is just a complete tie. We would say its not like youre gon na buy both of these thats just the reality. Its not gon na buy one of these in one of these just to get different feels on both, I mean Im sure you could, if youd like to, but to be honest, theyre just different, and this is everyone asking us to do a comparison. These are not anywhere near night and day differences. These are the same unit if youre nitpicking. If were trying to draw parallels and draw differences in comparisons, then, yes, they are different in their own regard. They display and produce a different experience than each other, but on the surface level, theyre both Leaf twos. They both have Google play. They both have everything the exact same, the processors are the same. The placement of the speakers and everything are the same in terms of the body construction. The only differences are those physical buttons and even then, its not anything, thats going to be a 180 comparison.

Theyre really just the same thing, but I would say that the better choice would be this one. It just looks not even slightly different. It does look pretty different in terms of the blacks in terms of the actual exposure. This one looks better theres a lot of pluses for this, but I would say that youre not drawing on this, you dont need the protection of a piece of glass. In fact, it can be argued that plastic screens with the resin coat are better for right for note taking, so I would say that the white is actually looks nicer. It feels better, it has a nice soft touch. The colors are better. The contrast is better, the buttons are actually nicer and the screen looks better not to bash the black one, but I can see why some people really like the sunken screen embezzle because theres a ton of benefits. This is the comparison guys for