1 1080p, full hd, 32 gigabyte latest model for 2021 in lavender and so heres. What the box looks like it comes with a usb. A two usbc charger: basically uh thats it with a wall, charger thats, usb, a and uh. It comes with a few like thin little uh instruction, booklets, really not much info um. So heres what you get you get um four different choices of colors um. I chose the 32 gigabyte as opposed to the 64. and ill. Tell you why? Why pay all this extra money when it has a spot for a sd card and it can hold up to one terabyte? I mean its a no brainer get the 32 gigabyte and you could just like i dont know, for like 20 bucks get a 64 gigabyte card um and there you go uh all right, so the one i got was free, um its supposed to be 149.99 with The lock screen ad supported, but i got it for free because im, a shopaholic and uh kohls gave me kohls cash and so uh. I chose this instead of shoes and clothes and other useless garbage that i dont need. Okay, so i got it today and uh. They did not, unfortunately, had the lock screen, um version, you know without the lock screen version, so i got stuck with this version and basically this thing is a walking advertisement, so when i opened it up by the way here we go, i have it on a Beautiful little aluminum stand that i got from amazon um pretty much.

This thing is an electronic advertisement and you can see its mirror its like very glossy the screen, and you can see my uh computer screen reflecting on it but um. I am not going to turn it towards me because then youre going to see me and uh im pretty much invisible. Okay, so i want to be invisible. So basically this is uh. Your screen is very glossy, i have to say its beautiful glass um. The other side um, i chose the pink its called lavender thats bs, its uh. You have a choice between um black boring blue, which is like a denim blue, which um i dont know its very depressive looking, and so is the olive drab green color very depressing colors come on amazon, i mean dont. You have anything better than this um. Pretty much the lavender is pink, it is not purple um, and here you go. They have different versions of it. You can get uh with microsoft. 365.. Now, if youre going to go into this price range, you might as well just spend extra and get yourself an ipad, because the problem with this is if youre used to google and google at the google play store the google search, uh google stuff um, pretty much. You are not going to be happy because google play is not supported. Now it comes with your basic apps and their amazon powered apps which pretty much suck um. So you want that google play store now.

Theres, a hack and im gon na put a link in the description below for the hack to get the google play store installed on this tablet and to get your google services on this tablet, which also includes which is very important ad block. And you can get free ad block, especially for youtube. If you want to watch youtube videos, you all know that those commercials are really really annoying. So you can get a free ad block with the google play store with the um. The amazon play store, youre, not gon na get any of those type of apps because they want you to see ads. You know what i mean: okay, so um. It supports tick tock. It has like the apps for instagram, the apps for hulu um, facebook, um, all sorts of things, alexa espn um, i mean it goes on and on and on you can get zoom. You can get skype, you can get all sorts of things audible, and those are the things too that i hated about this when i was uh setting up this tablet, the real pain in the ass about it was that setting it up was painful. They were asking for a whole bunch of information. They wanted you to basically sign up for all these, so called free things, free trial, this free trial that um buy this buy, that it was uh starting to get intrusive and aggravating. If you know what i mean, i just wanted to get on the tablet and just click on what i wanted to without all their ads popping up every two seconds to buy a new product that you dont need.

Okay, so audible was another annoying one. My mother whos uh, passed away six months ago. She was getting charged six months for audible, while she was dead to her credit card shed even sign up for it and thats a whole another story. So if they offer you free trials for things be careful um. If youre gon na get the free trial make sure you cancel within 30 days, otherwise your card, even if youre dead, is going to be charged um, while youre dead, okay, so lets take a look at look at the color, pretty much pink right. Am i color blind, i dont know, maybe i am colorblind, but this looks like its pink to me. Its a nice color, though much nicer than the other colors um, pretty much so its more cheeria. Now um it comes with uh this usbc plug um. So, thank goodness for that um. The charger is usbc your volume and your on and off button over here it has a lousy five megapixel camera on the back. The selfie version is only 2 megapixels. So, if youre getting this as a camera, um think again because its going to be very pixelated and very garbagey um yeah. This is definitely not something that you want to use to take pictures with um, even the skype and the zoom and stuff its going to be very horrible, video um all right so lets check out. What does the screen look like right, so pretty much anything that you have around will cast a glare on it.

It is like a mirror all right, so it pretty much comes with your basic um. You cannot actually set it uh to your liking, but um. It uses their silk um browser appears to be its bing, its actually bing and im, not really that uh happy about that, but uh. Nonetheless, it comes with the basic stuff. Okay um here, for example, lets check out. Um lets see images and, as you can see, this is a really really colorful um very, very bright. The 1080p is actually really really something else. You can see the beautiful color, its very responsive, even with my gloved hands. I dont want to get fingerprints on this. This is a fingerprint magnet. I mean an absolute fingerprint magnet all right lets check out the video, also bluetooth. I connected it to bluetooth. Now its a lot of peoples. Reviews were complaining about the bluetooth not working properly it wasnt syncing, probably excuse that thats a youtube notification on my pc, but it wasnt syncing properly. Everybody was complaining and said it was just absolute well when i got it just now: um it had an upgrade to the software, and apparently i have no problems with the bluetooth at all. So lets really quick, listen to a video with um with the uh bluetooth. So this is the guy that shows you how to jailbreak it and um install the google play store. So i have this attached to my uh bluetooth, speaker right now, and it works perfectly and i dont have it blasting, because everyones sleeping in my house but wow its loud.

It also works on the new hd8, so theres how good your video is. Youre not getting much of a screen and im going to show you with my ruler, hold on one second that youre not getting 10.1 all right. So here we go heres a ruler. I was going to say a measure all right, so heres, your bezel price, like that, its really hard to beat the tablet and, as you can see here, this is not 10.1 okay, if they had not if they didnt have this bezel, this ugly ass bezel going Around it um that would be a bit way better design, as you can tell so, thats, not good at all. In my opinion, come on you could have done better amazon, okay, my verdict, my verdict is: if youre gon na pay 149.99, you might as well upgrade and save up a little more money to buy the ipad because, again its lacking things, um youre not going to Get your google services youre going to have to be uh chained to their crap um their ads unless you pay the 15 dollars more to get the lock screen without ads id recommend that one would i pay 149.99 for it? No um. I would wait for this to go on sale. It goes on sale, a lot of times for 89.99. They have lightning deals all the time um i would save. I would save it for a sale um. It has a nice screen um.

You can see its very colorful very bright, but pretty much this thing youre paying to have something spy on you pretty much its um gon na give you ads and its gon na be trying to sell you that you dont want all day long and uh. They spy on you when you talk to your family, about certain things like oh lets: uh buy some spaghetti at the supermarket. All of a sudden youll see like advertisements for a barilla pasta. You follow what im saying this thing is actually spying on you um, especially if you connect alexa, because i said no thank you on alexa and they kept jamming it down my throat every five minutes. Are you sure you dont want alexa blah blah blah um yeah? So this is pretty much um. A spying tablet um. Well, they all are pretty much um but uh. They should give it to you for free um, because theyre basically selling you products all day, long and thats a little on the annoying side. So i would wait for it to go to 89.99, if not upgrade, go get yourself. A nice apple ipad. If you cant afford that, you just need a basic tablet for knocking around um. I would wait until this would go down to 89.99. It is pretty it does play um nice video, it has great sounds. It does work very well with the bluetooth um it. You know you can watch your netflix on it, your youtube, but again with ads.

If you, if you get that google a hack, then you can install the free google ad blocker on your search and on your youtube, so youre not going to get all this crappy annoying ads popping up um. So i would say: watch that guys, video im going to do it right now, im hoping that i could figure it out.