This is known as the live q3 plus and recently on my channel. We took a look at the intel version, but this one is much more powerful, given that we have four cores: eight threads with a boost up to 3.6 gigahertz, so let’s go ahead and get this out of the box. Like i mentioned this is by liva it’s. The q3 plus and they actually offer a couple different variants, different ram configurations and even different cpu configurations, but the one i have here has 128 gigabytes of internal storage, eight gigabytes of ram and the ryzen 1605b. This is an embedded ryzen apu with built in radeon vega, 8 graphics, so, along with the q3 plus inside of the box, we’re also going to get a vase amount, and this will just make it really easy to mount it to the back of your monitor or Under your desk, we also have the hardware included, some universal wall plugs and a 12 volt 35 watt power supply. Taking a look at this little thing on the front here we have two usb 3.0 ports, a single usb 2.0 port and our power button. Taking a look at each side here, there’s not much going on, but we do have some ventilation, because this is an actively cooled. Mini pc, it’s, not a totally silent pc, and we definitely need this cooler built in and around back. We have a full size, hdmi port gigabyte, ethernet mini display port and our power end now.

The first thing i wanted to do was just kind of pull the bottom off of this thing: i’m, not going to do a full disassembly, but i did want to get a quick look at the cpu and fan that they’re using in this, because this little mini Pc actually has some heft to it, and it really comes down to this full copper heatsink that they chose to use plus they’ve added a 60 millimeter fan. This is actually the biggest fan i’ve seen in these mini pcs, so hopefully it can keep this ryzen embedded. Apu, nice and chilly when it comes to the specs of this mini pc. For that cpu we have the amd ryzen, embedded v1605b. Four course: eight threads base clock 2 gigahertz with a boost up to 3.6 built in radeon, 8 graphics at 1100, megahertz 8 gigabytes of lp ddr4 at 2400, megahertz non user, replaceable, 128 gigabytes of internal emmc storage, and this is running windows 10, home out of the Box, but these little embedded apus actually have really good linux support. So if you wanted to run that you could always wipe it and install all right. So here we are. This: has windows 10 home pre installed on it. As you can see, we have that ryzen embedded v1605b, four cores, eight threads, eight gigabytes of ddr4 running at 2400, megahertz it’s soldered to the board, but it is running in dual channel, which will definitely help out with the built in radeon vega, a graphics.

I definitely want to test out some gaming on this little pc, but uh. You know picking something like this up for an everyday desktop would work out just fine. This does have ac wi, fi and bluetooth. 5.0, bell 10. just head right over here to their main website. Leva liva, not exactly sure how to pronounce it, but this is made by ecs. They make a lot of motherboards browsing the web. Everything like that works out just fine i’m going to head over to some webgl samples, real, quick and just see what we can do with the aquarium. So uh 500 fish, 60 fps thousand five thousand ten thousand. It starts to dip a bit, but uh i mean we’re right on the edge there. 58 and 1500 is where it kind of falls on its face, but yeah i mean, as many pcs go with this form factor here. A lot of them are intel and we can’t even make it past 5000 with those celeron chips, so i mean web browsing on something like this is going to perform phenomenally, given its form factor. Next thing i wanted to test was a little bit of 4k video, playback and we’re going to move over to my 4k monitor, and here we are with a youtube video demo, 4k 60fps. I do have stats for nerds going up in the top left hand corner, and i know it’s a bit hard to see, but we are at true 4k.

I don’t have any scaling going or anything like that, and we only have 12 drop frames at a 3000 and by the end of this we only had 14 drop frames in this 4k 60fps video, and going into this i had a good feeling. It was going to handle 4k video playback quite well, given that we have that 4 core 8 thread cpu and vega 8 graphics. The next thing i wanted to take a look at are some benchmarks. First, one i ran was geekbench 5 single core 827 multi 2633. Now, if this were a full size desktop, i wouldn’t be impressed, but since we’re, given such a small form factor here, this is actually looking pretty good. Moving over to some gpu benchmarks with 3dmark. First up, we have night raid 7681 next on the list. Fire strike with a 2082 and finally time spy 798., so it’s, definitely not a high end gaming, pc and it’s not marketed as such, but i do think that we can get away with some pretty decent frame rates from some of our favorite games. First up overwatch 900p low settings. I got an average of 72 fps and if we take a look at that, gpu usage it’s going crazy because i forgot to change it inside of afterburner. But there are a couple games that i remembered to do it in. But overall, for what we’re working with here i’m actually pretty impressed with the performance of this game next up: fortnite performance mode at 1080p.

I would probably drop this down to around 900 because i do see some dips every once in a while, but overall it’s really not that bad checking out some og skyrim performance 900p medium settings. We got a steady 60 here, even with magic going. It was looking really good. I think we could jack some of these settings up to high huh here’s gta 5 720p. Normal settings. I got an average of 45 fps. I was actually expecting a little lower out of it. Um it’s, not a super powerful pc, but to see it running this game here at or over 30 fps is still pretty impressive. You could lock this at 30 play it like this all day. Witcher 3 performance definitely wasn’t great 720p low settings. I got an average of 29 fps out of it, but we do have a lot of stutters and it really comes down to that ram speed because we’re using this as vram and the final game i tested was cyberpunk 2077.. I had to take this really low. 720P low settings 50 resolution scale. We got an average of 24 fps and uh it’s. Definitely not that clean, because we’re at 50 resolution scale at 720p, but going into this i knew it wasn’t gon na perform well with this game, it’s just a harder one to run whenever i’m testing out these mini pcs. I always like to test out total power consumption drawn from the wall using a kilowatt meter at idle.

We averaged eight watts gaming 32 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall was 38 watts and keep in mind. We have a 35 or a 34 watt power supply on this unit. One thing i was concerned about with this mini pc were cpu temps, because these embedded ryzen apus can actually get pretty hot, but i think they’ve done a pretty good job here at idle. We average 41 degrees celsius, while gaming on average 73 and in one of the games. I did see it jump up to 80 just for a second and that fan kicked on and the maximum that i could get this to hit was 91 degrees celsius. That’S. The thermal limit they’ve set in the bios, but this was under extreme conditions with all four cores eight threads and that vega 8 totally maxed out when it comes to fan noise it’s, actually not that bad. I mean even gaming at that 73 degrees celsius average. There. You really can’t hear it, but once it ramps up to around 80 81 degrees, it does whine a bit it’s, not super loud. It doesn’t sound like a jet engine, and if you had this about three feet away from you, you’d probably never notice it overall, really impressed with this mini pc, it’s. Definitely a big step up in performance when you compare it to the celeron powered mini pcs. At this forum factor, this does come in a bit bigger than let’s, say the lark box or the gmk nook box, but i think sacrificing that form factor just by a little bit for this extra performance would be totally worth it.

I will have a dedicated emulation. Video coming up soon so definitely keep an eye out on the channel, and another thing i would actually like to do was up the tdp on this, using something like ryzen controller, just to squeeze a little extra performance out of this thing, but as it sits right Now the included power supply is basically maxed out once we uh, you know, start maxing out the cpu on this thing, so i do need to find something like a 65 watt power supply. That’Ll work with this unit, and as soon as i do, i will make another video, because i do think that we could squeeze a little more out of it. So when it comes to this form factor, this is definitely the most powerful mini pc that i’ve ever tested. I mean, if you go a little bigger. We have some more powerful stuff out there, but i mean this is a palm sized pc that puts out this kind of performance and, in my opinion, it’s pretty amazing. If you’d like to learn more about the q3 plus, i will leave a few links in the description and, if there’s anything else, you want to see running on this mini pc. Just let me know in the comments below but that’s going to wrap it up.