. What i have here is the asrock jupiter x300. This is kind of an offshoot of their desk mini series, but uh, instead of coming in at 1.8 liters like the desk mini the jupiter, actually only comes in at 1 liter. It supports ryzen, apus up to 65 watts and today were going to be slamming the 5700 g inside of this little thing. Eight core 16 threads with built in radeon, a graphics, real, quick, just wanted to give you a size comparison. As you can see, the jupiter is a lot thinner than the desk mini. They do include a stand with it and uh just give you an idea here. This is an xbox one controller sitting right on top of the jupiter. The jupiter x300 is a bare bones. Kit, so you will have to supply your apu, your ram and your storage. When it comes to storage, i went with a one: terabyte inline nvme, ssd 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 megahertz and obviously were using that amd 5700g apu when it comes to the power supply for the jupiter, its not built in so it does come with A brick this is a 120 watt power supply, and hopefully we have enough for this 5700 building. This tiny pc is actually really simple: the top slides right off and uh. We basically have access to everything we need in here. It does come with enough room for a 2.5 inch ssd. We also have that m.

2 drive its got. The cable included ready to go just in case. You want to add one. We have our fan, our cpu cooler and the ram sits right under this fan. Its a blower style fan and it blows directly over that cpu cooler, exhausting all of the heat out the back and as you can see, the ram is going to sit right underneath here we have two slots for some sodim ram and i went with 16 gigabytes Of kingston running at 3, 200 megahertz, but i will overclock this in the bios later on to 34., everything is really easily accessible, even the cpu ill just go ahead and remove the built in cooler or the included cooler. This is made of aluminum and copper. Its got a full copper plate on the bottom and it also makes contact with the vrm on the motherboard. Now the one thing im worried about are temps with this. A core 16 thread apu, but were still going to try it out and see what happens? We can remove the hard drive bracket with three screws. This is going to give us access to that m.2 slot, and this does come included with ax wi fi and bluetooth 5.0 theres. A module pre installed, go ahead and slot my drive right in here. One terabyte inland nvme ssd, and once i have all that secured im gon na go ahead and place. My apu in here this does support the am4 socket up to 65 watts and believe it or not.

The 5700 g is rated at 65, watts, go ahead and lock it in place im going to be adding some cooler master master, gel thermal paste and ill just go ahead and put this heat sink right back in here i have the cpu installed im going to Go ahead and put the fan back in this: just sits on three little standoffs: theres, no screws and its totally secure in here once the top is on, but were ready to go. We have our nvme ssd our ram and our apu installed. All thats left to do is slide the top cover on and plug this thing in all right. So here it is booting up. Ive installed, windows. 10 pro ive got a lot of stuff to test out. I have not overclocked anything in the bios, we do have access to overclocking the gpu, the ram and even the cpu, but right now were already limited by the power supply. So for this, video im only going to be overclocking the gpu and the ram were going to go to 3400 on the ram from 32 and from 2000 on that gpu to 2300 megahertz. But uh for this first test were just gon na leave. It stock im gon na start up something a little easier to run well, go with overwatch and once were done with this ill, plug everything into my game capture. So we can get a better look at this thing: Music, Music, all right! So here it is im running windows: 10 pro, as you can see, we have that ryzen.

7. 5700G. Eight cores 16 threads with a base clock of 3.8. I have overclocked this ram to 3 400 megahertz in the bios, but we have 16 gigabytes of it and we have the built in radeon 8 graphics, which normally runs at 2000 to 2100 megahertz, but from the bios. I was able to overclock this to 2300 megahertz. As you can see here and itll stay there all day, long and temps on this little system actually look pretty good under normal use and even gaming, but it can get quite hot once you max out all 8 cores and 16 threads well, take a look at Temps by the end of this video, but under normal use in gaming, it does a pretty decent job im, actually pretty pleased by the performance that this little system is putting out, but we have kind of set a limit on that 5700 g. Given that uh, you can set it for 45 watts or 65 watts in the bios. I went for 65 watts, but when it comes down to it, we only have that 120 watt power supply, and this can pull a lot more, especially when its overclocked, but either way you look at. It were still going to be testing this out, and the first thing i did was run some benchmarks when it comes to geekbench 5. We got a single core of 15′, looking really good for the 5700g and that multi is looking a bit low when it comes to this apu but 7748 and a small form factor pc like this is still pretty good.

In my opinion, i also ran cinebench r23 total multi core score of 13 130., now its time to move over to some gpu benchmarks with 3d mark night raid 16527 fire strike 3648 and time spy with a 1382. If we were looking at this pc as a full size desktop or something a bit bigger with a dedicated gpu, these scores would be on the lower side, but for integrated graphics in the small form factor unit. Like this, i think these benchmarks came out really good, but these are benchmarks and now its time to see how this thing really performs when it comes to gaming. First up, we have forza horizon 4 1080p low settings and i really wanted to go with a low, medium mix, but unfortunately, were just not getting the wattage out of this tiny pc with the 5700 g. Now another bigger systems that ive built with the 5700g ive been able to get better performance out of this game here. Uh 1080p low medium mix does work a lot better heres fortnite 1080p high in performance mode. I got an average of 88 fps out of this one. I was really impressed by it, but performance mode does work out really well with this game. I think theyve done an amazing job. With that setting gta 5 1080p normal settings. I got an average of 77 fps out of this and uh. With these 5000 series. Apus ive had really good luck with this game.

Now i completely understand that its an older game, but when you take a look at the earlier apus like the 2400g or the 3400g, this game does struggle on those. But with these newer amd apus, even the 5600g does an amazing job with this game. Moving over to something a little harder to run, we have doom eternal 720p low and i got an average of 62fps out of this. I was really hoping that we could get 900p out of it, but unfortunately this is just one of those games that really struggles on these apus witcher, 3 720p low. Initially going into this, i thought id have really good luck, but we are under 60, with an average of 58. slow now and finally, on the pc gaming side of things, we have cyberpunk, 2077 720p low got an average of 33 fps. This has been optimized recently and its starting to work a lot better on these apus, but going up to 1080p 60 is just kind of out of the question. I also wanted to take a look at some emulation. So first up we have ps2 using pc sx2 with the directx 11 back in heres sly cooper at 1440p were getting great performance and some games are playable at 4k, but a lot of this stuff for the harder to run games like gran turismo 4. You will have to stick it 1440p, but still, i think, thats really amazing. Ive personally had really good luck on the 5700g and the 5600g with cemu.

This is a wii. U, emulator were using the vulcan back end. This is breath of the wild were at 30, and i did try to you know, set this up 460, but were only around 54., but with this sitting at 30. This is a very playable experience and personally, i do prefer playing this at 30 because there are some issues that arise down the road when youre running this at 60. But as you can see here, this little system is handling wii. U emulation quite well and the final one were gon na test in this. Video is ps3 using rpcs3. These are the highest temps that i saw of the cpu were at 82 degrees celsius with this one, its pulling close to 70 watts in this tiny thing, and the fan is definitely kicking up. But through my whole run here, i didnt see any kind of thermal throttling or anything like that, and we are at 60 with skate 3, which is a harder one to run for ps3. I always like to test total system power consumption from the wall using a kilowatt meter and with this system here at idle were around 18 watts average gaming 78 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall was 126 watts. Keep in mind, this was an extreme test with all 8 cores 16 threads and the built in radeon 8 graphics totally maxed out. But as you can see, it did overdraw from that 120 watt power supply, which tells me that it definitely needs more juice, but under everyday, normal use and even gaming.

We didnt go over that wattage threshold and you know i was kind of expecting to while gaming, but its doing a pretty good power management job. When it comes to cpu temps. The jupiters cooler did way better than i thought it would its not as good as i wanted, but overall it was pretty decent at idle. We averaged ‘ degrees celsius, while gaming 72 and in my extreme test, which is a 10 minute stress test, we did hit 92 degrees celsius, which thermal throttled this unit here, but under normal use and gaming i didnt see any thermal throttling at all. So, overall, i do think that this was a successful test. Would i recommend the jupiter with the 5700g personally, i wouldnt. I would go with something like the desk mini just so we can get a better cooler in there, but if youre looking to build an absolutely tiny ryzen amd apu powered pc, then i would definitely take a look at the jupiter x300. This is about as small as you can get so thats going to wrap it up for this video. I really appreciate you watching.