This is the worlds first folding pc and yes, it has been out for a little while, but i wanted to take a look at it and see how things were progressing in the world of folding devices. So obviously, the thing that has everybody excited about this machine is the fold and lenovo did an incredible job of making a polished product figuring out the hinge how the leather cover moves when it opens creating a great kickstand. Everything just looks great and works really well mechanically. That said, you might have to remind yourself that this isnt just a tablet, its actually a full fledged pc with an i5 processor up to a terabyte of storage and eight gigs of ram. This thing even has a cooling fan inside of it and two usb c ports and because its so thin, i was a little skeptical on how hot it would get when youre multitasking, but benchmarks showed that the i5 running at 100, while staying nice and cool so Whats the point of having a folding display. Well, one is its versatility and its compact size. You have essentially three machines in one. You can use it as a laptop, a tablet or even a desktop. The bluetooth, keyboard and pen are an add on, but if youre going to spend the scratch for this thing, theyre definitely worth it. Why you ask? Well, you can, of course, use the on screen keyboard, but like any virtual keyboard, its slow and clunky to type on the bluetooth keyboard, which magnetically attaches to the surface of the machine works really well and has a pretty decent touch pad on it.

The only issue is that its obviously a compact keyboard, so its not gon na, be the easiest to use. One of the cool things about the keyboard is that when you attach it in laptop mode, the screen automatically snaps to the top want more of a desktop experience. Just pull the keyboard off and use the kickstand for more real estate. You can also set the machine to split the screen for easier multitasking. Maybe you have a video or a conference, call on one screen and a document open on the other. So, as i mentioned in the beginning, this is the worlds first folding pc and it works great. Its polished, responsive seamless, but it should come as no surprise that this is an early adopter, even eight or so months after its release, and there are two aspects that reflect this: one were talking a median price of three thousand dollars and two, the folding screens dont, Get very bright, theyre, virtually useless when youre using them outside in the middle of the day. Definitely some deal breakers. The part that is exciting is what this means for the future. For instance, once theyre able to make larger screens, maybe we could start with something that starts say the size of a 13 or 16 inch laptop, but then opens up to give you a nice big desktop. Experience were still really early on in this technology, but i think youll see some really cool things in the next say five years and in 10 years you might have some seriously powerful desktop class machines that fold up that you can take anywhere well heres, hoping anyway, If you want to see the specs on this machine and hey, i i dont know be one of those early adopters be sure to click on the link.

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