So basically inside of the box. This is all you’re going to get the projector itself now. This does not use leds or anything like that. This is a laser projector. There is a warning on the bottom, so don’t look directly into this thing, but, as you can see, this thing is tiny and that’s. One of the main reasons i wanted to pick it up. The other reason being this actually runs on 5 volts, so you can run this from a battery pack. So, overall we have a super tiny, ultra portable laser projector that will do a display up to 150 inches now, one of the main downsides to the nibra, any beam it’s only coming in at 720p, and i really wish they would have upped the resolution on this. To at least 1080, but we’re still gon na test it out and see how this thing performs up here on the top, we have two led indicators, one for hdmi input and the other for power input. On the back end, we have micro usb for power in it only requires 5 volts at 1.5 amp. We also have a full size, hdmi port and the 3.5 millimeter audio port. Now this does have a speaker built in but it’s a single one watt speaker and it doesn’t get loud, so you will want to add something to this over here. On this side we have our volume, rocker and speaker, and if we turn this over, we have a quarter size mount.

So we can mount this to a tripod and it’s definitely going to make it a lot easier to position this little projector. Now you might have noticed that there’s, no extra buttons or let’s say a focus ring on this, like there are on dlp, projectors and that’s, because this is actually using an mems system which actually stands for micro, electromechanical system and this uses lasers. Instead of leds or bulbs, and it does not require any focusing on the user’s end it’ll do it all automatically. As for the specs on the nibra any beam, i think the biggest downside here is that resolution of 720p, like i mentioned – i really wish they would have upped this to at least 1080., but we have an 8001 contrast ratio. The laser system in here is equivalent to 150. Lumens runs on 5 volts 1.5 amps. We have a full size, hdmi 1.4 input built in 1 watt, speaker 3.5 millimeter audio jack, and this can be set up to display a screen size of 5 inches up to 150 inches in this video. I wanted to test a few things out. I got this mini pc here, so we can uh check out some video playback we’re, also going to test out the series s and the nintendo switch. So we do have this quarter inch mounting hole on the bottom here i just got this mini tripod. That i’m, going to mount it up on and it’s really easy to set up i’m going to be powering this from this micro, usb cable, that’s plugged into the pc itself and full size hdmi.

So go ahead and just plug this in and this can be any power source, even a portable battery pack, because it only runs on 5 volts 1.5 amps got full size, hdmi plugged in go ahead and get everything started up. I want to pull my camera back. A bit and dim the light, so we can get a look at this okay, so right now we’re sitting at about 40 inches here i just got a youtube video playing and you might notice a line going through the picture. You will not see this with your naked eye. This is because i’m recording it with the camera. I’Ve got the built in sound all the way up and it just doesn’t sound good. I mean it’s, not a great speaker, it’s only a tiny speaker at one watt. So this does sell focus, got a little board here, no matter where i put this it’s gon na automatically focus that picture for us. I mean it’s in real time. I don’t notice any kind of focusing going on it. Just does it. I mean the picture stays clear. I can even pull it in all the way. Now i will tell you 720p and 2021 isn’t great, but if you want to get this up to 100 to 150 inches to watch a movie out back with the kids, it would be just fine for a disney movie or something like that. I personally wouldn’t take this and use it as my main display for let’s say a pc, because we’re only at 720p here and since the laser in this is equivalent to only 150 lumens.

You do have to have a pretty dark space in order to see this correctly, so i’ve gone ahead and pulled this back we’re sitting at 94 inches and on my wall i got an arcade cabinet on one side and a pinball machine on the other. This is about as big as i can get it. This is all the space i have i’ve, measured it diagonally and we’re a little over 93 inches we’re, not quite at that 150 inch mark, but it’s still humongous and uh at 720p. For being such a big screen, it’s, not that bad sitting 10 to 12 feet back from it. It is fine, but we’re still only at 720p, but we do have some compression going on from that upload. So the picture will be a bit degraded while you’re watching it on youtube itself. But what i can say to the naked eye. It is not crystal clear because, like i’ve already mentioned several times – it’s 720p it’s 2021 and that’s the biggest letdown to this little projector. Here, even if they just would have went up a little bit to 1080p, this would have been an awesome little projector, but unfortunately this is what it’s outputting right now, Music, all right. So moving over to the nintendo switch we’re. Still at 93 inches here go with a little bit of spyro Music, and the final thing i wanted to test here was the xbox. So we got forza horizon 4 running here and you can definitely tell i mean it’s, not super clean, okay.

So, in the end, obviously, we don’t have the best resolution out of this thing, but for a pocket, sized projector that runs on 5 volts, i think it actually does a pretty decent job. 720P will get you by it’s, not ideal, but if i was just to hook the nintendo switch up to this throw mario party in it set the screen size at about 100 inches and have my kids play on it. They would have an absolute blast with no complaints whatsoever, except for sound. I mean the built in speaker here, isn’t great, but it does have that 3.5 millimeter audio jack. So you can always add another speaker and what i did was just add a battery powered speaker to it and it worked out just fine now. What this is really made for is portability, runs on 5 volts it’ll fit in your shirt. Pocket it’ll go up to 150 inches full size hdmi on it. I think this would be great for traveling, maybe in a hotel room camping. You could throw a sheet up or something like that, but it’s really hard for me to recommend this. If you’re just going to be using this in your home now, if you have a specific use case scenario where you’re going to be traveling and you need something that can run on battery power, then you might want to look into this. But i just couldn’t recommend this as a dedicated in home projector system, but that’s going to wrap it up for this.

Video really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in picking one of these up or learning more about it. I will leave a few links in the description. If you have any questions or you want to see anything else running with this projector.