I need to address my lack of uploads recently ive been burned out recently and having to work more hours at my job, but after seeing the core 2 quad video performed. So well. Recently, i decided to start making videos for this channel again. Music dont expect them to be at the same speed as previous videos, but they will have the same quality as past videos. Anyways onto this asus network tablet thingy Music yep. This is one of those weird windows: 8 era tablet convertible things and at least for some aspects of the device. It actually really doesnt. Look that half bad with a 1.46 gigahertz bay trail atom, quad core. It actually sounds like a real powerhouse, but dont be fooled. These atoms have a bad reputation for a reason, but here its not that deserved, with 2 gigs of lp ddr3 ram. You begin to see why i named the title the way i did to put it straight. This thing has too little ram for windows: 8 windows. 10 or windows 11, and is the sole reason why i installed linux? Why not install windows, 7 or xp? You may ask and theres a very, very annoying reason as to why that ill get to in a bit. It has 64 gigs of emmc storage, which is basically an sd card, soldered to the main board and performs just as bad as that sounds with a 10.1 inch 1366 by 768 display. It doesnt have the greatest pixel density ever, but it doesnt look too terrible.

It also has a crappy webcam and not a whole lot else. This keyboard, however, houses a 2.5 inch drive bay, which is really strange but also kind of neat. At the same time, now lets go ahead and see what games, if any and all this thing can play so believe it or not, even being in linux with me not knowing how to use it that well, i was actually able to install and play some games. However, it will not be the standard suite of games we normally would have. The games that i chose here were basically any game that i could get to run reasonably well. Minecraft without optifine ran like absolute garbage, so i installed optifine and ran out of ram on windows 10, which is when i decided to take some brave medicine and hop on the linux bandwagon. After installing minecraft optifine, i managed to just barely squeeze by with enough memory to play and managed a playable, but not great 20 fps. On average, with lows, dipping heavily down to 7 fps crash drive 2 a game i used to play on super potato pcs, including my xp machine from way back in the day, ran at 28 fps, which, if i remember right, is actually worse than my pentium 4 System, albeit at a much lower power, draw the henry statement. Collection ran out less than 60 fps, far less, in fact, with it running at 11, fps, which is very surprising, coming from a 2d game, brick rigs rendering failed.

So i couldnt play that spin tires modern, somehow managed to launch and ran really bad at 4 fps. Even on the lowest settings. The long drive got to the menu when it was trying to start a new game. It crashed even on lower settings. Teratech gets to the load screen and runs out of ram there, so gaming on the hardware itself is pretty piss poor. I would honestly say that if your internet connection is good enough, it would be a far better idea to use steam remote play or geforce now to stream games to this thing, as it has no real gaming performance now, while the purpose of intels atom lineup of Cpus was to provide low cost access to the internet. They did end up getting considerably faster before intel killed them off in 2016.. So what should you reasonably expect from a low end tablet from 8 years ago? Well, more than i was expecting it can handle 1080p youtube videos just barely, but 720p is really what id recommend heavier web pages. Like news articles, social media sites, even some of googles, web apps can struggle to load quickly. Itll load youll just have to wait a couple seconds for all objects to load. On page the slow storage, probably isnt, helping us. Given how hard item i have to imagine. Linux is smashing that page file on this poor flash module and, if youre wondering why im using edge on linux its for one simple fact from the multitude of browsers, ive tested and actually used the least amount of ram.

Every single megabyte makes a difference with having this miniscule amount of ram. Now, though, i think i should move on to some very big grumbles. I have with this stupid thing yeah, so why do i hate this thing and its really? Not just because of the ram? There are a multitude of issues with this thing in my eyes and ive even created a list for them. So here we go number one. The only way to get fast storage in this thing is to have it in the keyboard, meaning that if you want a nice user experience, you basically have to give up the entire point of the device turning it into a netbook number. Two, the screen doesnt tilt back nearly far enough honestly number three: the base is unusually heavy and is rather back heavy for obvious reasons. So holding it with the keyboard still attached is awkward and not very easy. Number. Four, the only usb type a port on this idiot is in the keyboard base. Further, reducing the usefulness of tablet mode number: five, the micro, usb charging port – not uncommon for the time, is right next to the micro hdmi port, meaning that you can confuse one port for the other, resulting in a fair bit of annoyance when trying to plug in The tablet stay at night or something number six: the devices firmware only supports 32 bit operating systems and number seven. It only supports uefi it doesnt support any form of legacy, bios booting whatsoever.

The only way to get 64 bit support is by copying a few files in a linux boot directory to make the device think its 32 bit and last but not least, number eight. While this one isnt as big of a deal considering, it is a proper tablet with an soc it doesnt have upgradable ram, which severely limits its usefulness in 2022.. Now, if we take a look at the pricing that can begin to forgive and show why and where they had to make these compromises, it was a touch under 400. That is absurd. You could have gotten a freaking ipad mini for crying out loud while that had less storage, it was not x86, its a trade off. I would have taken even going to the dell team to take a look at what they had for the same price. You could quite literally, have gotten an inspiron 11 3000, a laptop which can be converted into a tablet which had a pentium cpu, no adam weirdness, here with double the ram. It timed the storage for a very similar price. Oh, and did i mention it, was bigger as well, okay, so with that rant out of the way, i think its time to conclude on this very strange, very stupid thing. So what do i think of this thing? Well, as i said, the inspiron 11 3000. Absolutely outclasses it to pieces and the ipad mini was a better option if you were dead set on a tablet.

The design issues make this thing not really that interesting to me after getting my hands on it and testing it. Basically, if it were me, i would have a linux installation on an ssd in the keyboard and an installation on the 64 gigs of onboard storage, so that when you are in network mode, you can get pretty decent performance and when youre in tablet mode, you can Actually still use the thing: anyways thats, the video, i hope you guys enjoyed todays video and you can show your support by clicking on the like button, subscribing and hitting that bell. So youll know when my next upload is.