You could give up your life Im interested in that room. Thats incredible. Are you straight out? What kind of knives are you supposed to get? Are youll still love machetes? Are you allowed to have kitchen knives if you have a license? Yeah theres a lot of knife crime to pay a thousand dollars a day for a for a kitchen, though thats, not true busy public park on a hot mildly infuriating, this is mildly impurity. Apparently, according to this individual, the busy Park public park on a hot Saturday Labor Day weekend seems super entitled. Punk has been for four hours on the side of them. All the other uh tables are fall. You better on Reddit man, Stomps home Furious didnt, get to sit at Park Bench. Oh, I cant believe I was stopped by the child that I could move uh sixth grade assignment today. Look Zach, read that hey man, no, no! No dont worry. I will never replace human heart. Dont worry guys. I love. We said that people freaked the out people still will deny this. Until it keeps people there will be a robot like like shoving a giant Rod, peoples asses itll, be going. I dont think AI will be doing Im taking over it all. What is this thats more our territory? Okay, now this is interesting, though thats a terrible Facebook, memes, thats, awesome, thats, just true Reddit theyre, bad somebodys, somebodys mad, because that describes them thats. Why thats on there wait? What are the comments? Is that, like, okay, you can say this first of all, its a good drawing too amazing caricature.

That is what all Reddit looks like. Yeah click this. I want to see what the comments says: thats not me, thats! No, its terrible thats actually doing the chicken sandwich. Yes, I do is pretty lessons but thats, not true. This looks like one of the inmates who gets killed in any given episode of supergill thats actually looks more like a guy from Metalocalypse to me. Well, Ive. Never watched Super Jail, so Im gon na compare. I have a slave to Burger thats. Also, just true, though yeah I mean I I like burgers. I like burgers Brothers, wait do that guy have a Jew harp whoa! That interests me that dude. I should call it a jaw heart today is what happens when you get in the pool. You say because Ive covered that green stuff thats, what happened thats, where you retire in the most green fashion possible. Lord of the Rings be tell me: where are the people who watched rings of power for I much desire to speak with them? I just love that J.R talking literally said. Please last words were pleased, but make rings of power for Amazon and spend one billion dollars. It must look just like a video game Cut State from 2008 theres. Actually, his final words do not know that thats. Actually, the last thing he said he predicted yeah. I know thats the up thing, but you know theyre fulfill your switch stuff. You dont like it.

You because, whenever I see Elizabeth with her sisters, they just look like a proud mother, protecting her loss of terrifying kids, man. The twins. Look like theyve, been drinking rubbing alcohol for the last 20 years, its okay, protecting. I have no idea who any of those people are thats, Mary, Kate and Ashley. You, oh, those are the Olsen twins, yeah, okay, didnt. You ever watch Two of a Kind, Two of a Kind, much of a mind, yeah. Well, oh dude advice. Animals. Please could we go to advice to animals? Okay, I just found out that someone that bullied me in Middle School died. I havent felt this happy in years. Youre a loser. Dude wait a minute, though, think about it. If you got bullied Middle School Im, very sorry that sucks, if but if youre like, if youre in your 20s or 30s and and this is the only Victory youre holding your life, you are that bear yeah. You are that bear when I was four my dad got pulled over and I screamed I have to poop and the cop. Let my dad go when he took me to the bathroom my dad couldnt stop laughter laughing after I told him. I didnt have to poop Justin wanted to get a ticket sure hope. My kids return, the favor yeah. You were four and you did all that yeah, okay yeah! I just didnt want you to get a ticket Dad Im forward by the way and Im talking like an adult dad.

I didnt want you to get a ticket, even though I know you were going over. The street raise his finger girls after masturbation, oh my God that was so fun boys after restoration, youre, weak you youre out of control, youve become an embarrassed thats. True. So true, oh theyre, talking about the sobriety, the the shape well, its called post, that Clarity that you know I hate to use thats the term thats right yeah. I have to say that well that sucks good well, that sucks we can laugh at redditors um. Well, that sucks, what the is that dude, just a big swell in a year, something bit my kids ear, yeah you sucked on it, took a picture stand still, you put a bottle on his head. No, we need to get a Reddit cardbox. Oh Daddy, just dont move. I need to take a picture if its blurry Im gon na do it again. Oh this sucks poop crashes. We watched this on there before. Oh, no have we really pooped Ive, never seen this thing. Is that a guys, diaper, your grandpas, upstairs? How is the ceiling holding that amount of oh dude, dude thats, a big poop stick get into the South Park dude I dont even know how that would come about. Is it like an in? Did someone do like an internal septic tank? It doesnt make sense its probably a pipe just filled up with poopy, oh yeah, I guess youre ready pipe burst and then it just built up in that part of the roof scroll up top.

Well, I do all the time, because Ive never Ive never experienced this uh, the greatest of the sucky subreddit. My friend works as an extra in movies. It does a stock is that stock photography just saw a picture of the sex offender on a book that would suck. Is that not a cry like? Is that legal that they shouldnt be legal of the only person in my top? Is the 30 people who dressed up today? I love that one. If I saw that dude, I would cry Id just cry in my plane seat. I would try to fix it. I try to crawl away and like do a cool like um like we should apply as long as the other one looks normal theres not too much to worry about. It says hanging on look at that parts. Spinning around, I guess theres the chance it could explode. Yeah, especially because that guys out of the windows seat news reports, reporter Denver, has his camera shot by police Laughter. Oh my God wanted to do with it. Oh theres really good to see the Texas plumber, who sold his truck to a dealership, found out that the decals were not removed. Oh thats, crazy. I just have only places. I was just thinking that yeah we should. We should sell those guys. We should have Talbots of equipment. This is all stuff for two years. This is depressing. We should go on a happier, subreddit yeah.

I mean this is called well thats. Why are we on our gaming or advice? Then whats going on lets, put Vice animals. I live on the beach and drunk people like to pass out on my lawn furniture. Sometimes I spread crackers around to attract seagulls and they wake up the off you yeah yeah. What is this thats like a weird passive regret: Im gon na have a bird Pikachu. Just say: get off my property. I came up with a very clever little for the people that fall asleep on my front line, anything a very common problem. You can do to avoid uh mild confrontation with somebody I would just put syringes in the sand yeah. I would just eject inject their body with like the chemicals big bleach and stuff Ive, never told my wife, the truth on how much I make, because I I like to be frugal and shes irresponsible dont. How is this, why would you even, and why do they do so? Well, click the comments Im wondering like, but hows this advice exactly hows it anything. This is just like a its just like a passing thought. Oh, this is the confession yeah, but thats still. Its still like is that is that what hes called like confession: sloth, or something thats, a mouse thats, a small Mouse thats, a small, its a small, rodent and hes on a match – is that sloth bear thats a molecule right. There, thats a thats, an oxygen molecule.

Thats one of those little uh thats, one of those little things that survive in space. You know those tardigrade yeah when Chris read it in his voice right here, One does not simply take classified presidential records yeah. You know what why dont? They show that to like uh like Congress that might solve this whole situation, yeah. If you could go ahead and stop literally selling out the American people. Great yeah corporations are evil, but my wife has chronic pain. It is miserable and a broken person, its ruining both of our lives, and I resent to her more for it each passing day, how about you take the energy that it took to type this up on your PC and Photoshop. Why? But I dont understand why this stuff gets gets upvoted to thats what thats exactly right to Omar, because okay, somebody had to make this but thats exactly, but did everyone decided? This was worth big, this high up, thats, the more confusing part like whats, the point of even avoiding that dude, like does that mean that theres, 30 000 other people in the exact same boat? I dont know what that means like yeah. If we could go could skip world war three, that is our race and explore the universe that it be thats what he should have said in the movie Kevin. I mean Mike Judge Armenia up by not having that be what he says in office: space yeah. If we could do that, thatd be great its so much virtue, signaling World War III is bad.

You guys, and if you do, that its just people saying nothing for the sake of it like like why, so they could so they can feel good without having to actually do anything. I saved my used gift cards with zero balance, so I have something to give panhandlers on freeway off ramps, thats kind of blocked fashion, its like the bird Guy, where its like dude just just dont, give him anything. If you this was the pissed off duck thats. Regular Doug hes advice duck isnt. He pissed off no theres an evil dog in your dream. Dont use it yeah thats a good advice. Yeah take steaks pissed off duck. I think youre pissed duck Ive been my bed every week until I saw that pissed off duck out of Reddit. I have never disclosed my ADHD to any employer because Im afraid to be treated differently because of it. What shut the up? I, if anything, you do what guys I am the most persecuted person in America because uh I have ADHD. Nobody else in America has ADHD. If you had that on your, like your doctors form, you would be treated better because this guys probably self diagnosed thats. Why hes bitching about that? This is that hes actually giving himself a pat on the back or, I think, no hes talking of a victim hes saying like if, like man it sucks to be me, no, I thought hes saying like Im toughing it out.

I dont tell them, because I dont want to be treated special thats, how I took it Im just gon na top out my distance. This is the classic were bringing back. The classic. Republicans are responding stronger to my Lego being searched than they are for kids, not getting free school lunches and thats all of our business. Oh, thank you! Republicans, you Kermit. Why would you say Im on your side? Dude, no youre! Not! I just want you to drink. The lip to tea and have a good time, man all right, then back to making Republican memes. Why are there so many republican Nazis? I think we should kill all Republicans uh if you want to understand why you shouldnt try to learn new information from Reddit comments. Watch Reddit discuss something youre, an expert at well thats, not you didnt make that up thats. That old, saying you ever hear that, where you open the newspaper you see stuff, you see all the news and then you see something you know about and its so wrong. I agree with the pissed off duck here. No one wants this: is your music in public put on earphones? I agree its universally. I guess. Okay, who disagrees with that when my wife criticizes or complains about me, I pay myself. A dollar dude. Just argue argue back. You you get yelled at by your wife, and you give yourself that is never be the most unhealthy because it actually says pathetic.

It also is. It implies that, like your money, isnt it wasnt yours before yeah. What do you do you take out a dollar out of the bag or you take it out of like your savings? Do you take it out of your retirement? What that is really bizarre, if you do food delivery, doordash, GrubHub, Etc, dont put the order right in front of the door why most doors open inward dont, they yeah almost all doors open Ive, never had a problem with that. In my life, this was done. 15. 000 people installed their door wrong, moved into a place who had stir their dog. I just bet 50. Those people went yeah and its never happened to them. Theyre like yeah that Ive also never even Ive, never even heard of that. Also, the other people upvoted this. I love voted as well its like also, if youre, if youre, if you just say that as a note on the app just say, dont put it in front of my doorway door opens outward yeah, you can let it do that yeah put a line. You could you could put you get a special doormat that goes in front of your doormat that says, leave food here dude I guarantee you, the people would leave the food there. Ninety percent of these people, bitching on this whole thing, are people too afraid to just like speak their mind. Its like Im, angry. Everyone could read my mind.

You devil its also, like the only reason hes. That mad is because he orders doordash every day and it happens to him a lot. Yeah just go to the three stars like sandwiches. I love ready you guys. This is good for the brain, its good its. This will help you grow as a person and already arises the price at the pump prices immediately when oil prices dropped the price should the pump takes away bad memory or ordering too much stuff for Amazon Prime package of the dummy. What the hell did I go yesterday, Laughter yeah start by top of like last uh month or something okay. How is this a real game? Oh, is that thats on fortnite isnt it if gunku Naruto, DARS, blarth and dick incredible the cry? The meeting of the vines? Some guy, like smashing, finally beat Elden, ring what an incredible game like I dropped this big uh stomach on his tablet. You get 121 000 likes for life, for beating Elden, Ring The Obedience screwing up with his fist or something hey punched. The screen because he got frustrated oh its broken and I will never go on sale too yeah. True, watching horror games come on just enter the room playing horror, games, user yelly V is the real celebrity in these parts. Midnight release was like yeah when we would all go to the Yankees guys. Remember you guys were whatever went way outside for Yankee Candle. It was crazy.

Everyones like smelling different spells today, its like. Oh, this is lavender. You guys remember cookies. You guys were before lions and cues were a outlawed. I missed those days. Nobody stands in line anymore. Yeah that sucked I hated waiting. I waited outside for the Wii was the only thing I ever waited. I remember waiting outside for a burning Crusade, the the first WoW expansion that came out when I was freshman in college. I remember I went to the GTA 5 in the Halo 3 one yeah. I think I would also went to GTA the GTA V, one thats, Better Call, Saul and uh thats. Definitely a photo. That comes comes back like every month, like I was talking about Kim sexler yeah theyre playing theyre playing. I you know its like. I love video games. I love. I love cartoons. I love like comedy to see it all come together in one place with my favorite Community yeah its like the good thing about red is literally funny theyre, like really smart. Like I learned, I used to not know about politics and I used to then I read Reddit and I literally you know what I mean yeah and you got that big brain thing. Yeah, like I used to like look at all different sources, but now I just go to Reddit and get all my opinions and its like, literally Lifes, a million times easier, uh, adding water to our voxel Factory game.

That looks like a real world. It worked for the drill in the actual game assets. I would have just thought that was real water, thats, also cool thats, actually somebody trying and innovating and doing something good and not just like big derivative and annoying or someone who just downloaded like attention water engine. My son was less than a year old when this came out hes about to turn 10 and we still havent seen a six yeah its true I mean yeah. I guess that game did come out in 2013., its a its a very old game and yeah. Then they made red dead too, and they just perfect thats good second good thing. Weve seen to this dungeon run I take, we should actually go to R Comics dude. Are they good well well? Lets find out lets soon I mean yeah, you saved my kids, uh corpse thats, not thats, not bad. At least theres a punchline thats, an actual joke yeah and its three panels. Yeah well done good job, simple, oh! No! What is that? What is it the human filter, isnt working? What are you gon na? Tell the judge? Dont worry. I got this Im, not a cat. Oh thats referencing, the video that came out. You remember that. No, what do you say? Oh wait, wait. You never saw the video go to YouTube, really quick, oh yeah, the one where the person has the cat filter on its actually pretty funny, theyre like its like an old man that has a cat filter and, like a lawyer like a thing and hes like I Dont know how to turn it up, but its a cat, saying yeah.

You never saw this. No, this was classic. Is it the first one really yeah and I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings? You might want its scary. This is so funny. Can you hear me judge not perfect Im trapped in this cat free me for this hill Im prepared to go forward with it all about prepared to go forward.