So i have here the tab s7, and i also have my tab. S7 plus these are arguably the best android tablets you can get on the market right now. Yes, there’s other brands that make them, but samsung by and large makes typically the best flagship, android tablets, and i happen to find them very good. I like to use them. I like what they bring to the table, they usually spare no expense. You get the best and the brightest you get the fanciest most powerful, snapdragon processors. You get plenty of memory, you get cameras, you get the s pen, all these things, it’s, really nice and then, as soon as you start talking about them, it’s, like everybody, comes out of the woodwork saying, ipad’s, better ipad’s better. Why would you want that? Go buy an ipad, don’t waste, your money on samsung tablets, don’t waste, your money on android go buy an ipad it’s, particularly frustrating, but not just for me for people who enjoy these products there’s a lot of people that really really enjoy samsung products or android products. In particular and there’s a lot of people who really don’t like apple products. So i wanted to kind of talk about this in this video, not just for me, but to let you guys out. There know who appreciate and enjoy using android based products who enjoy using samsung tablets and don’t particularly want to use anything else that it’s, okay and we’re going to talk about this in this video.

But before we get into that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. Thank you for being here. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates, when new videos come out now let’s talk about the samsung tablets Music. So these guys right here the tab – s7 tab, s7 plus – and you can insert other tablets here – tab f6 tab, s6 lite tab. S5V i mean heck if you’re still totally get tab s4 and you enjoy it, go for it rock that tablet and they make good products, and in fact i mean if you like, lenovo stuff. If you like, other branded android stuff, then that’s cool too i’ve experienced this a lot for many many years because i’m, a blackberry enthusiast, if you’ve not paid attention to my channel. I love blackberry stuff. If you have paid attention to my channel – and you follow me because you like blackberry stuff, this is very familiar to you. This is not something that’s just aimed at one particular product it’s, like this elitism or this level of i guess, fandom. Whenever it comes to certain products and before a long time ago, i remember when i first got a smartphone, it was the motorola razer it didn’t matter. What phone you had. If you didn’t have the motorola razer you weren’t cool and it was blackberry.

Blackberry was the best, and then it was like apple and then android, so yeah there’s, all these different companies and you have people who like subscribe to them and their philosophy and their products and they just love them and that’s cool that’s, totally cool that’s. Why they exist and it’s always a shame whenever people kind of take this out on other companies and other people’s interests and products, because they want to they want to push their own agenda. And i think that that’s terrible – and i think that that keeps people from really enjoying some good quality products and tech that are out there. I myself am a giant tech enthusiast. I have apple products, i have samsung products, i have blackberry products, i have you name, it i’ve got it over here in my studio in my house, like we use everything, tcl tv, sony, tv, lg, tv whatever, when it comes to the samsung tablets, though it’s particularly Frustrating i use samsung tablets. You can see here. I’Ve got my tab s7 and my tab, s7 plus i don’t, use an ipad pro. I don’t use an ipad air. I don’t use an ipad mini. I don’t use any sort of ipad and they’re very good. I’Ve had them, and in fact typically, i used to carry around at least by carry around i mean have at the house. I would have the base model like 10.4 inch or 10.2 inch, whatever it is i’m, not going to look that up right now, but they’re very good, and they give you a lot of the experience that the air and the pro do.

You don’t need to go out and buy a thousand dollar ipad pro. You can get like the 300 regular ipad and typically do most things that you want to do, especially now that it has apple pencil support but that’s not the whole basis of this. What it comes down to is talking about the different different levels and i guess different fans whenever it comes to these things. When you look at ipad, it does a lot of great things. It has revolutionized tablets and android has never really been able to keep up and get on the same page. There are things about the ipad in the apple arena that are probably going to be better in some areas than samsung forever and yeah samsung is catching up. They’Ve got one ui, they’ve got the s. Pen they’ve got all these great things, but they don’t have imessage. They don’t have apple tv, they don’t have the apple car, they don’t have green and blue bubbles. They don’t have all that interconnectivity and that stuff is good. It works really well, but not everyone wants that yeah there are people who could look at an apple product and say ooh. I hate that i mean, if you can’t, fathom that then you’re not one of those people, but there are people that genuinely don’t like apple products. They don’t like what they stand for. They don’t like what they make. They don’t like some of the people that used to have apple stuff.

He used to always push apple all the time, some of those people they like android, some people, just still like flip phones. There there’s somebody out there today who could use one of these agm like basic phones and be totally happy. Not everybody wants the smart technology that we have available nowadays. So whenever it comes to these guys right here, the samsung tablets – i get this in every single one of my videos. In the comments section it’s like without fail, samsung sucks, samsung tablets are not any good. Ipads are better ipad pros better go get an ipad. Why would you use a samsung tablet, it’s all about choice at the end of the day, it’s about choice and personal preference and ninety percent of the people that are toting around an ipad or an ipad pro aren’t using it to its potential? Anyway, you go. Oh, you can edit video on the ipad pro you can do this. You can do that half of them probably aren’t doing that anyway, and you can do most of that stuff on an android tablet. If you like, android that’s perfectly fine that’s like if somebody says, oh, you should use an ipad, it’s, it’s, so much better that’s like sitting somebody down at a carmax dealership and there’s a ford sitting next to a chevy and somebody trying to sit there and tell You how the ford is so much better they’re the same thing they’re just slightly different: they get you to the same place.

They do the same thing. They just do it sometimes in a slightly different manner. So when you look at ipad – and you look at the samsung tablets next to each other, they bring a different experience and that’s. Okay, they get software updates, they have stylus support, they have really good graphics, they let you play games, they. Let you do whatever you want, just in a slightly different way and that’s okay, at the end of the day, if you’re not using an ipad, who cares if you go to sleep at night and you sleep on a good conscience, because you’ve got a samsung tablet And you enjoy it that’s great i’m glad you have found a product that works for you and, on the same, on the same token, for people who, like apple products, it’s okay, to like what you like and it’s okay for other people to like what they like And i think that that’s part of the conversation, not with tech but just in the world in general today, people like to try and force their opinions. They don’t like to try and understand that people don’t, like the same things you might like cheese on your hamburger. I might not like cheese on my hamburger; it is what it is you like mustard. I, like mayonnaise, you like ketchup on your fries. I, like barbecue sauce same thing when it comes to the level of hate and the level of just not understanding when people wonder why do we still have these products it’s about choice, it’s about personal preference, it’s about competition, competition drives performance.

Competition drives invention. Competition drives price it’s all over the place and if you don’t think about it, even the underlying stuff that goes on in the tech, world and the economy itself, competition is good. It helps keep other ones in check. It allows you to have an alternative. It keeps apple from charging fifteen hundred dollars for a tablet, because they’re, the only ones that are available. So when you look at these tablets, it’s, okay, when you look at these other products, you can appreciate them for what they bring to the table. You can appreciate them for what they do you don’t have to like them. You don’t have to want to go, buy one when they come out, but it’s important, that they exist and it’s even more important that people have an option and they have a choice. To choose from what they want, what suits them best, what meets their individual needs. What allows them you know to do what they want to do at a price that they can live with and they’re happy with and samsung makes really good tablets, and i like them. I like them, for what they are, are things on them that could be better yeah same thing with apple. There are ways that they can improve their things. We complain about all the time for both of them, so that’s really it for this video. I just wanted to make this video and reassure you like. If you like, samsung products, you like samsung tablets, that’s cool there’s, nothing wrong with it.

They make good stuff if it makes you happy, enjoy it and use it, and that applies across the board. If you like blackberry, if you like apple, you like lg, you like samsung whatever it is in whatever way, shape or form enjoy it as long as it does what you need it to do, you’re good to go and that’s pretty much the moral of the story. So a little bit different video than usual, but just coming off the heels of another samsung video and a lot of people making the same comments. Again, i get in the same. The same same same people that show up in the same same same comments all the time, and i know that this frustrates people i mean this is not like an angsty angry video. This is more of like a hey reassurance: video it’s, okay, i’m, perfectly comfortable using samsung tablets. Hopefully you are too they’re very good. They make some great products, so that’s all i’ve got in this video. Hopefully this has been reassuring for you. If you are concerned about it, if you have your own thoughts or opinions on this, please sound off in the comments section it’s great to have conversation if you enjoy the video please hit the like, and the subscribe button and little notification bell.