Just for you that, though, this is kind of an opportunity here, so we’re gon na unbox them quickly and see how that experience compares let’s start with the Galaxy S 10 and I’ve lost my knife again. So the s tens really tale packaging is robust. Its high quality and I do like how all the phone and all the accessories they have a place they fit neatly together. You get some pretty high grade. Ekg air phones inside and I like how something is finally settled on an all black accessory design. I’M gon na give this unboxing experience an 8 out of 10 okay Samsung Galaxy S, 9, the outer packaging isn’t, quite as minimal as what we saw on the s10 it’s a little more wasteful as a couple of extra inserts. That are not quite needed, but this is beautifully packaged, it’s, really sturdy. All the accessories are still there and they still match here s8, and this box is pretty much identical to the s9 s, as well as barely changing the design of the phone between the s8. In the s9, the actual packaging barely changed too so I’m still gon na give this one an 8 out of 10 on that unboxing experience. Okay on to the galaxy s7, which I must have spent a good 3 minutes trying to get opened, but once inside everything is generally similar. Although I got to say the quality of the box is a little lower.

The accessories inside are not quite as snugly packed together and the earphones included on neuen air as good as the AKG wants on newer offerings, although they are presented in this nice little box, okie dokie s6, and this is actually a phone that I’ve never unboxed. In my life around this time, the channel wasn’t quite large enough to get invited to some some events so kind of exciting. Before sticking to the all black theme that they’ve got going on now, Samsung played around with an all white theme with this phone and it’s decent. Although the box quality itself is a further step down galaxy s5 and this one picked up quite a bit of flack for the way it looks, I think a lot of the time is being compared to a band aid. Let’S take a look for ourselves. So now we’re reaching a bit more of an experimental phase in Samsung’s lineup before he really found their footing with each galaxy. Yes, series: oh yeah, yeah, I see it. You can really see the lack of consistency here between the way the phone look, the way the accessories look and the outer packaging. Now I’m gon na give this one a 4 out of 10 all right s4, which, from the outside, looks pretty much identical, although I think it’s a tiny bit smaller yeah tiny bit smaller. I remember when this fern was being announced. They pitched this as the life companion, which, to be fair, is not a bad concept it’s just that what they meant by this was that the firm would be absolutely loaded with Samsung branded applications to monitor every aspect of your life got yourself a eco friendly, Quick Start Guide, Samsung was really pushing their sustainability angle with this phone, and so this is the first time the box is made of 100 recycled materials, all righty Samsung Galaxy s3, and you can see from the s4 the massive change in design, aesthetic.

Something is back to black, although with quite a bit less consistency than their more recent offerings. Packaging is quite clearly an afterthought here, everything just kind of chucked in the bottom section. This one is still a 5 out of 10 galaxy s2 we’re going to get really old school here credit. Where do the Galaxy S? 2’S? Packaging is the most compact out of the entire range, and at least each component here feels like it has a place and so I’m giving this one a solid 6 out of 10 Samsung Galaxy S. I can just out a corner of my eye, see his tower tipping. Okay, all right! This is the big one in terms of physical size as well as important. This is the first in the Galaxy S lineup you can see was born at a time when instruction manuals were much more important. This thing is in full: color got the removable battery. Oh dear, this one is easily a 7 out of 10 on that satisfaction. Rating massive nostalgia trip: okay: this is hugely exciting. Having 10 generations of smartphone and one frame and a few things become very obvious between the Galaxy S one and the s5. Each successive smartphone was slightly larger than the last, but after this there was no size increase. What’S actually kind of funny is you’ve got four perfectly normal. Looking plastic phones on the left, you’ve got perfectly normal, looking glass phones on the right and then the mutant galaxy s5 in the middle.

I really feel like this was a design experiment gone wrong. I also thought I’d quickly show you the setup process here, because, whilst I could quite succinctly describe it with a word, painful it’s, not something a lot of YouTube videos show you to cut a long story. Short I’ve had to do the entire setup process of a phone for charging, the updating, the setting up of accounts on 10 different devices from 10 different generations and, as you go back, he gets slower and slower each time stuff kept. Failing updates, wouldn’t download on some devices and this process took me almost through the whole night anyways by morning. I thought: okay we’re ready to start shooting this video. Finally, but then I noticed a problem, you see the galaxy s 9. That I’ve got here was just refusing to update to Android 9 PI, even though the s 8 that was released a whole year before it has that update, and I didn’t want to make a comparison, video based on old software. So I tried everything I tried Samsung Smart Switch, which is meant to sometimes trigger an update. I tried using a manual install, I even tried using VPNs to trick it into thinking. I was in a different country just to see if that would work, but it turns out that the unit I’ve got here even though it was sold to me as a UK unit turns out, was actually originally sourced from outside the European Union, so it wasn’t actually Getting support for those updates all right, so I spend the last four hours trying to install a software updates productive morning anyways.

The only solution I came to is that I had to go and buy a new one, so I had a to town centre head, bowed in shame at not being able to install an update, and whilst there I managed to pick one up for the incredibly low Price of just 530 pounds and sarcasm, anyways, we’re back and just to stay away from the harrowing memories of my lilac variant. I went for blue this time, although I’m not sure I like it as much anyways. The first thing I want to show you is how the unlocking patterns have changed over time. You can see the s2s was pretty similar to the S one’s, just a little more intricate. The s3 inspired by pebbles apparently use this water drop design, which I quite like the s4, though, is definitely a favorite it’s kind of like a ray of light. The s5 is where minimalism and flat designs start to become a little more important and by the time you get to the s6, the focus has shifted to just being simple. This continues for the s7, but I do like how the s8 took this to the next level with a dynamic wallpaper. Every time you are lock, the s9 has this and the s10 kind of ditched it, which is a bit of a shame. What I think is interesting cameras which starts off as a single camera and actually remained a single camera all the way to the galaxy s 9 is only with the s 10 that had jumped all the way to a triple okay time to take out 10 smartphones.

At the same time, for a camera test and fun fact, the way I’ve managed to keep these phones stuck in the exact same place is using white TAC. I somehow managed to fit every single smartphone into some sort of pocket at the same time, and so armed up like some sort of human gadget. Amalgamation are headed out to test cameras, the first test being directly into the light using the rear cameras, and you can tell the first. Few phones are really struggling with this. As we then progress, saturation and dynamic range massively improve and here’s a quick earliest versus latest comparison. Just so, you can see how much it’s easy to forget that when the s1 came out, a selfie was actually referred to as a self photograph. The whole idea of it wasn’t really a thing and so it’s not a surprise that front cameras, kind of sucked to start with, and they slowly become more and more of a priority, in fact, it’s only with the s10 this year, that dynamic range is actually on Par with a lot of phone’s, rear cameras and, of course, completely blows the s1 out of the water and then the night time, then you can see as we start to progress in phones. We also start to progress in the amount of light that is being captured. Some phones choose to display it in a different way, but it’s undeniable, that the amount of detail and high dynamic range being captured is on the rise.

What I would say, though, is that my favorite shot is actually from the s. The s10 tries to capture almost too much dynamic range and results in a loss of image quality. So as this is a speed test, primarily the initial plan was to run an 20 on all the phones, just couldn’t get it to work on the Galaxy S, one, not even past versions of it just continually crushes so anyways. I decided to shift benchmarks so instead of that we’re going for passmark, which is a benchmark that test all sorts of different things: CPU GPU, as well as memory and disk. Ok, now that’s done. If we look at the overall system scores on each smartphone, you can see an interesting trend whilst of course, each phone is getting more powerful. The rate at which it does so is not exactly constant. Some are 30 more powerful than last and some are twice as powerful, but the most surprising thing is that when you compare the Galaxy S 10 to the Galaxy S 1, that is about twenty times more powerful. If we take a look at how long it takes each phone to open up the camera, the s 1 is incredibly slow. You almost definitely have missed whatever you are trying to capture the s2 again pretty slow, and the same goes for the s3, the s4 and in the s5. I think a big part of the problem here is that, with those phones up until the Galaxy s6 Samsung was just focusing on putting more and more stuff into their phones without focusing on how light and fast it feels the s6 is where that changed, and you Feel it straightaway in the camera, the galaxy s7 that came a year after is quite a bit faster and both time to get to the s8 and the s9 and the s10 that follows it you’re getting a pretty much instantaneous launch time.

I also wanted to quickly show you how the speakers have evolved throughout time, it’s quite an interesting test, and so for this I pulled up YouTube on each of the phones, but of course, with the s1, it was never going to be easy. Was it it turns out that, even though it lets you install and update it, the YouTube app doesn’t actually work on Android Gingerbread anymore anyways? What I did instead was just played the video through an internet browser, and this is the result – Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music. So I don’t even need to tell you there is definitely a trend upwards in speaker quality as a quick display test loading up the Apple website on each phone shows you just how much more newer smartphones are able to fit on their displays, especially the jump between The S 9 in the S 10 is quite noticeable. When I was browsing around, I also did find that some pages just wouldn’t load on the S 4 s 3 s 2 and the S 1 and there’s. One more thing I wanted to test when it comes to display, and that is putting an equivalent wallpaper on all phones and seeing how the contrast, the saturation and the color accuracy compare. So I found a wallpaper I liked and using a bit of black magic known as Bluetooth. I caught it onto all 10 devices and a couple of things become quite clear: you’ll notice that actually the s nines display out the box is more saturated than the s.

Tens and that the S eight is where saturation peeks that’s not to say, it’s, a better display than the s tens. Whilst that phone doesn’t shout and scream for attention as much, it is no doubt the pinnacle of an incredibly game, changing line of phones. If you enjoyed this, video I’ve got a whole load of old school comparisons like this on the channel, so I’ll link them from here. My name is Aaron. This is mr.