Now the big question is: can you get by solely on a mobile device as people are leaving say their desktop laptops at work? I know a lot of students. Kids are looking solely for say, a tablet as their only device that they need so samsung kind of challenged me to this and i’ve partnered with them to showcase their dex experience, which is essentially a desktop like experience with their mobile devices. So what we’ve got in front of me, the tab s7 plus, in my opinion, anyways the best android tablet that you can currently get and it doesn’t even come. Close it’s got a 12.4 inch. Super amoled display the latest silicon on the inside it’s an absolute beast. Yes, the price matches the beastliness, but for the money it’s the best android experience that you can get on a tablet: smartphone wise i’m rocking the s21 ultra and it kind of follows the same dna as the tab. S7 plus it is on the pricier end. Probably one of the pricier android devices, but the best experience that you can get the build, is kind of top notch. This matte black finish all around i’m, absolutely in love with it. I know it’s been out now for the past several months, but since day one it hasn’t really missed a beat and the silver lining. If anything, it has come down in price, there’s sales, all the time so make sure you do check before you end up grabbing it on to dex mode, though so, typically, dex mode has been available on most mobile or their higher end devices like, for example, their S series phones, but i’ve, always felt that dex has been missing something until now.

You’Ve always had to connect it to say an external screen to take advantage of a larger screen. Real estate connect an external bluetooth mouse keyboard now, with the introduction of the tab s7. With of course, the keyboard case, which i’ve got, i think they kind of have solved all of those issues. So this is an extra little addition. It kind of comes in two different pieces, so the back just kind of snaps on, like so there’s. Actually, this really nifty spot for where the pen charges up top because it typically fits on the back of the tablet. It’S got this little built in cutout, so that fits perfectly and of course, for any keyboard case combo it snaps to the bottom, and it does have this little flap on the end, to kind of make it a little kickstand and now you’ve pretty much got a Laptop form factor, of course, with the tab inside once that’s connected you’re still in a very traditional mobile or tablet, os swiping up to get to say the app drawer, using your finger, a lot to navigate and to get to all of the different apps. But to launch decks it’s pretty simple, so you can either swipe down on the menu system and you can see dex mode or you’ve got the keyboard shortcut by just holding down function and hitting the dex button up top. You can see, samsung decks will launch and all of a sudden, your desktop experience or the view on your tablet is more traditional now to say a pc.

The apps are more rearranged like icons now you’ve got the toolbar at the bottom. You can see some of the apps that i kind of access. The most you’ve got the notification tray on the bottom, of course, showing you all the important things like wi fi connection battery life and, of course, if you have any notifications and this dex mode now with the full keyboard and trackpad combo is just so much more Productive now, in one place, we’re taking advantage of a larger display and my workflow, maybe other than video editing all this stuff that i do here is actually very similar to what most people do day to day. So, typically in the morning, i kind of kick off my day with emails, kind of who doesn’t do that. I can size this position it where i want on my display, that’s, something that is still tough to do on, say just a mobile device only. I know it’s easy to fire off emails off, say your phone, but when you want to get super productive and you get 50 to 60 emails a day and you got to respond to them quicker, i think having the full keyboard. Combo is just a lot faster than typing anything out on your phone, so you can see that i’ve got my email, client kind of scale to around three quarters the size of the display. The nice thing, dex will remember how large you launch your apps and that’s, because i like to do a bit of multitasking.

When i do my emails, i also launch a bit of youtube. So if we can go over there, so boom we’ve got that launched and the third app that i always have off to the side is my twitter feed, so i’m kind of scrolling through twitter to see what’s new for the day i always have a starcraft 2 Video playing in the bottom corner i’m, an og starcraft player, used to play it a lot when i was in school, have dabbled with sc2, not that good in diamond league. But i like to watch some of the pros play so that’s kind of my productivity setup for the morning. Emailing takes me around an hour and a half to two hours in the morning and it’s just way quicker to get through all my emails like this. Even if i am quickly glancing over at what’s, going on in sc2, i can just get by way quicker than solely on say, a mobile device like my phone. Another great use for decks that i found is how it kind of fits in perfectly with my photo editing, workflow so once again, i’m still able to multitask and watch content on the side, whether it’s sports or even just some more youtube stuff. So you can see that i’ve got lightroom launched and i’m editing a photo of my tycan that i took the other week, and this is actually one of the few times that i use the s pen, because my artsy skills aren’t that good.

But using this to kind of manually adjust all of the sliders makes it a lot easier than using my clunky finger. So all the photos that you guys have seen on instagram for the past two to three weeks have been edited in this workflow it’s efficient, it’s great because i can still be quote: unquote, productive and still watch any other content. I want on the side and i’m curious if any of you have a similar workflow. What kind of content do you guys consume for students? Dex has just made that experience so much better with this combo. So if you guys are doing a ton of word processing, of course, you’ve got the likes of say. Microsoft. Word on this it’s, pretty much the exact same as a laptop experience. The keyboard combo works great and the best part you can always detach once you’re done in dex mode, so say i hit function decks off. This will now shut off i’m back to a tablet mode, and i can detach it from this little combo. And now you can use your tablet as, of course, a standalone tablet. Use it for all the great things. Tablets are good for a lot of media consumption, and the last thing that i want to talk about before you wrap up is gaming, which i think is a huge component of any mobile experience. A lot of us are shifting away from a traditional console or a pc and playing way more games on a mobile device.

Graphic performance in the past couple years has just gotten so much better on mobile devices. You’Re talking to someone who grew up using a gameboy which was larger than this, but this can now play pretty much aaa. Titles like you’d, find on, say a dedicated console, which is kind of mind. Blowing the cool thing about dex. You can play any game say that i’ve got on my s21 ultra on an external monitor, so you can get that gaming experience all the power from your phone on a larger screen and all you need is a usbc cable, and now you can pretty much rock A console quality gaming setup with a larger display. You can play aaa titles and you can even pair it with a gaming controller via bluetooth, i’m, getting a full console experience with a mobile device. So i think dex has been super cool it’s, really improved a lot over the past year to two. I think, 90 to 95 percent of us can get by our workflow our day to day life using either say the phone or their tablet. One thing that i did kind of struggle with was video editing, even if you’re on premiere, i still think video editing is one of the few things that’s still really tough to do in the mobile space. But if you guys have any other app suggestions that i could take a look at, let me know down below in the comments hope you guys enjoyed this little dex demo and yeah.

It probably is possible to get by in the mobile world curious.