So ive already created one video on the tab: s8 ultra. If youre interested in checking that out ill leave a link in the description we tested out, a bunch of stuff ran some benchmarks native android games and a little bit of emulation. But one of the big reasons i love these samsung tablets is for retro gaming and the tab. S8 ultra is the most powerful android tablet. Weve ever had the chance to test out on the channel and in fact, as making this video its the most powerful android tablet on the market right now, through all of the testing in this video youll see this little graph here. This is known as gpu watch. Its available on the high end, samsung stuff, you can go into developer options and enable it ive got it set up right now to show us the fps, cpu usage and gpu usage with the graph. You can actually change this up, but i just wanted to mention that in case you saw it on screen and wondered what it was its, not a third party app its built into this tablet and other high end samsung devices. Another thing id like to mention here is the tab: s8. Does support display over usb type c and samsung dex? What i have here is a usb type c to hdmi adapter, its actually a powered hub. We also have usb and ethernet on it. So the way its set up right now as soon as i plug in an external display were going to get samsung dex on that said display.

We can also run android directly on the tablet screen and samsung decks. At the same time, and like i mentioned, i havent noticed any performance loss running anything in samsung dax. We can also mirror the screen by going in here and turning samsung decks off. So in this video youre going to see me film, the screen for a few of these emulators then im just going to go ahead and plug this into my game capture. It makes it a lot easier for me to capture that footage, but we will have our stats on screen. So we know whats going on at any given time were almost to the emulation section of this video. But first i want to give you a quick rundown on the specs of the tab sa ultra because for an android tablet. These are really impressive specs when it comes to the cpu. This is using the snapdragon 8 gen 1., its an octa core arm cpu and the biggest core here is an x2 core up to three gigahertz. The gpu is an arduino 730. With the ultra model. You can get it with eight gigabytes of ram up to 16 and 128 gigabytes of internal storage up to 512, but they all support a micro sd card. Its got a big beautiful 14.6 inch, 120 hertz super amoled display im gon na be running this at 60. Hertz for emulation thats really the way it goes. Its got an 11 000 milliamp hour battery quad speakers and is running android 12 with one ui 4.

1 right out of the box. When it comes to playing these retro games, you can always use the touchscreen controls, but i personally prefer using a physical controller and with everything youre going to see running in this video im using an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth were going to be testing out. Some dreamcast psp n64 gamecube 3ds, will also go with some main stuff thats a little hard to run on arm and some ps2 emulation. So with all that out of the way lets go ahead and jump right into it. So coming out of the gate, with some gamecube emulation using the dolphin emulator opengl back in 720p, we have billy hatcher and in the newer updates of dolphin. I noticed that im not getting as great performance with this game, as i did in the past, not sure whats going on there, but overall its definitely a playable frame rate and well test. Another gamecube one in a second but uh lets move over to 3ds with doa dimensions. With this here it uses the opengl back in were at 3x resolution and we still got some sound issues going on and it really comes down to the emulator itself. If youve tried this out, you know you will have some of those dead spots in the sound, but uh performance at 3x is great on this tablet. The next thing were gon na test. Here is the arcade version of killer instinct, and this might not sound impressive to some people.

But if you know what we have here, this is actually really awesome to see it running at 60fps on an arm device im using retro arch with the main 2010 core, and, like i mentioned this, is the arcade version of killer instinct, so that snapdragon 8 gen 1 can definitely handle main games and even the harder ones that were really meant to run on x86 cpus. This was impossible a few years ago to get this to run at full speed, but now on this new chip were getting amazing performance. So now, im just gon na move over to my game capture device. To make it a little easier on me were not using any extra cpu or gpu, because this is an external device plugged into a pc. And here we have dreamcast using the redream emulator at 3840×2880, its maxed out resolution in the redream emulator and its definitely a bit overkill for hdmi out on this device or even the built in screen, but it does work well. Next on the list we have ps1 using duct station and 5x resolution opengl back in so were upscaling these ps1 games to 1080p and with some of the easier ones to emulate. Like the spyro games and crash bandicoot, we can go a bit higher, but you know i really dont notice much of a difference over 1080p on the built in screen or over hdmi. I also wanted to throw some n64 in here were using the standalone version of moo.

Pin 64 plus fz from the google play store were at 1920 by 1440 and its really playable. You might notice its not running at 60, because thats really not how this emulator works, and originally i wanted to use retro arch in the moopin core. But when i try to upscale it just doesnt upscale with n64 or even sega saturn using yobas and shiro, which we have here in the settings im set to 720p. But i dont think it upscaled at all im, not exactly sure. Whats, going on and ive been having this issue on android lately, so uh until thats, fixed or until i actually know whats going on. I cant do any upscaling with a lot of these emulators in retro arch, but were still getting some amazing sega saturn performance using yobas and shiro moving up a little bit to psp using the standalone version of ppsspp vulcan. Back in here. We have daxter running at 9x resolution and yeah its not going to make that much of a difference going up to 9x from around 5x due to the built in screens resolution, but i still wanted to see how far i could push it with this one. Here. Going up to 10x did give me a few dips, but when i moved over to tony hawks underground 2, even with a 60fps patch enabled i was able to take it up to 10x with that vulcan back in no issues at all.

Now, when it comes to the harder to emulate games like the god of war series or even midnight club, you will have to take it down to 5x, but you still got plenty of resolution there for the built in screen and in the first video i did On the tab sa ultra, i did test out chains of olympus, so you can check that out. Link is in the description moving back over to gamecube using the dolphin emulator. Here we have one of my favorite games, automotive at 1080p, using opengl when i swap over to the vulcan back end. I can only go up to 720p and i think this comes down to the new updates to the dolphin emulator, which really pertain to android devices. Using snapdragon cpus and arduino gpus, it really helps out with opengl performance. Alright, so now were moving over to ps2 using ether, sx2 heres sly cooper at 3x resolution im in safe mode from the emulator itself. I dont have any hacks on that. I personally turned on from safe mode and its working really well, but there are still games that are going to struggle and that really comes down to emulator optimizations. But as you see here, we are at 3x, using opengl and with this just like the dolphin emulator ive been getting much better performance with opengl ive got a few more ps2 games to test so heres soul. Calibur 3 opengl were at 2x, so at 3x got a lot of dips and every once in a while, when theres lots of particle effects on screen, it would dip down to around 24fps.

But as soon as i dropped it down to 2x, im good to go were getting really great performance here on the snapdragon 8 gen 1 and the samsung galaxy tab s8, ultra god of war, opengl 2x, really great performance again at 3x, got those dips just like We did with soul calibur, definitely not as low. I mean it was running at about 54 fps, which you know some people still might be able to deal with and keep in mind were in safe mode, theres, still a lot of hacks that we could use in the background. But i personally dont like that frame, skip and look, and the last one i tested here was ratchet and clank going commando, even at 2x, with opengl or vulcan were still getting some dips, but thats kind of how this game goes. I havent found a device yet thats, going to run this at 60, constantly using ether sx2 again its still really early for this emulator its amazing. The way it is, but its only going to get better as time goes on. So when it comes to emulation on an android tablet, its definitely the best one that ive tested so far and weve went through a lot on this channel from the snapdragon 835 and the older tab. S4 up to the 870 and the new lenovos and xiaomis. But now, with this snapdragon 8 gen 1 were getting much better performance than anything else that ive tested on an android tablet, and even though i have the ultra version, the regular old tab s8 with the 11 inch screen still has the same cpu and you can Get it with eight gigs of ram youre, going to get the same performance that youre seeing here but thats going to wrap it up for this.