I am back with the 1x player and we’re gon na check out the emulation performance of this awesome handheld. Now, if you’re not familiar with this unit here, we will go over the specs real quick, but i did create an initial video, just kind of showing everything off and some pc gaming. But a lot of you wanted to see some emulation running on this handheld. So that’s exactly what we’re gon na do in this video, so as you can see, what we have here is a handheld gaming pc. Now this is running windows out of the box, but you could install linux on it if you want to built in controls, and the controls on this thing are absolutely amazing. But my favorite thing about this whole unit is the display it’s an 8.4 inch ips at 2560 2560×1600, and it looks absolutely amazing. It is a bit overkill for the kind of specs we have here, but for viewing videos and emulation it does work out really well. As for the basic specs of the unit, i have here, we have a tiger lake i7, g7 up to 28 watts built in iris, xc, graphics. At 1300, megahertz 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram running at 4, 267 megahertz, a 59 watt hour battery with 65 watt. Quick charging, like i mentioned, i’ve, already created one video on this. It was kind of just an intro video, showing you everything that this thing can do so, if you’re interested in learning more definitely check that out, but for this video we’re strictly going to be dealing with emulation from dreamcast all the way up to switch.

I really want to see what this thing can do, but before we get into testing, i wanted to see how it handled my favorite emulation front end, which is big box and if you’re not familiar with big box, i will leave a link in the description. Basically, this is an emulation front. End easily allows you to sort your game, so it’ll automatically download box, art videos. You have different themes that you can choose from, and it just makes it really easy to organize and catalog your whole collection and i’ve been doing some testing with big box. The one x player definitely has enough power to handle big box and all the fancy transitions that you can add to it. But right now this is actually running from a usb 3.0 hard drive. If i had more internal storage with this m.2 drive that i have installed in the one x player, i would have installed it there and it definitely would have sped things up but running it from an external drive. Also works very well and it will handle big box no problem at all, so with that out of the way let’s go ahead and jump into some emulation, testing, we’re, gon na start off light and then work our way up. First up we have dreamcast using the redream emulator and going into this i knew that we wouldn’t have any issues with it. I was also able to upscale this to 3200 by 2400 and it’s running great.

It looks awesome on this 2k screen. Next up, we have psp using the standalone version of ppsspp vulcan back in upscale to 4x, with ghost of sparta every once in a while. You will see kind of a little stutter here and there that really comes with the territory. With these harder to run. Psp games, even on my high end system. I get these every once in a while Music. Next on the list, we have ps2 using pc, sx2 we’re, using the directx 11 back in upscale to 2k. With this one. This is ratchet and clank going commando it’s working great at 2k, and it looks awesome on this ips display. Now this doesn’t mean we’ll be able to run every ps2 game at that 2k resolution. Because when i moved over to one of my favorites gran turismo 4, i actually had to drop it down to 1080p because i was getting a lot of stuttering at 2k. But even at 1080p it looks great and plays fine. Over the past few years, the dolphin emulator has become surprisingly easy to emulate, even at upscaled resolutions and with that tiger, like i7 cpu we’re able to take this up to 2k, using that directx 11 back end, and this is one of the harder ones to run. We have f zero, gx running at full speed and the same goes for wii games still using that dolphin emulator directx 11 back in upscaled to 2k Music.

Next, on the list we have some original xbox emulation using cxbx reloaded. I was really surprised by the performance here. I have this upscaled to 2x, so we’re 2x, the native resolution of the original xbox doa3 and, as you can see, we’re running at 60, but every once in a while when there’s an effect on screen or another character, jumps in it does dip down to 53 Fps now i’m gon na kind of chalk, this up to the emulator itself. I really do believe we have enough power to run this, because when i move over to another game jet set radio future by the way i do have to mute the sound. Now we get a constant 60 out of this it’s running great at 2x. I also wanted to test out a little bit of 3ds emulation using citra we’re at 3x resolution and it’s running great we’re using the opengl back end, so we’re using hardware rendering here and the iris xc gpu built into this chip does a great job with opengl. I figured we’d go ahead and test out a little bit of 360 emulation using zinnia, but when it comes to the built in iris, xe graphics, we just don’t have enough juice and it’s, just not powerful enough to push the xbox 360 emulator. Now this does support thunderbolt 4, so you could add any gpu and get better performance out of it, but for on the go. 360 is pretty much out of the question at least right now, but when it comes to wii, u emulation using simu.

This 1165 g7 can definitely handle it. I’Ve had really good luck with this chipset and simu, and it really comes down to the developers doing such an amazing job with these newer updates we’re using the vulcan back in with async shaders, and this is even able to do breath of the wild given. I did lock this at 30 because when it’s unlocked at 60, it only runs at about 58 and you will experience some weird issues when running this game at 60.. Hopefully, that’s fixed in the future, but for now still plays fine at 30fps and the 1x player can handle wii. U emulation and keep in mind if you do opt for the i5 version you’re going to get similar performance out of this another one. I’Ve had really good luck with is yuzu using the vulcan back in it does work a lot better on the i7 version than it would on the i5 version, but uh even in the overworld we’re getting 30 fps with sword here and remember. This emulator is basically updated on a daily basis, it’s only going to get better and better, and the devs here have done an absolutely amazing job. Getting this to run on integrated graphics, given tiger lake is pretty decent for integrated, graphics and that’s. What we have in the 1x player, but it’s just really awesome to see the progress of this emulator i mean a year ago. You could forget about running this on integrated graphics, but now we’re getting full speed with most everything that i’ve tested.

And finally, here we have ps3 using rpcs3. We got that vulcan back in going. Tekken 6 is running absolutely amazingly we’re at a constant 60 no stutters, while i’m playing games once those shaders load in everything’s good to go with this one. But this is an easier one to emulate when it comes to ps3 emulation, so let’s move up to a harder one and that’s going to be skate 3 and even with this game, the 1165 g7 does a great job. Now there are spots in the game where it does struggle a bit dips down to around 55, but for the most part, you’re gon na get pretty decent performance. So in the end the 1x player can definitely handle emulation. Now they will have three different variants of this handheld they’re, going to have one with the i5 1135 g7. The one i have here has the i7 1165 g7, and then they have the top of the line version, which has the i7 1185 g7, which will be the best performer out of all of them. But if it was up to me, i would stick right in the middle with that 1165 g7. If you’re interested in backing this on indiegogo, i will leave a link in the description and don’t forget to check out my initial video. I went over a lot with this handheld, but i do have one more video coming up and we’re going to test a ton of pc games, but i wanted to get this video out because i had a ton of people asking about emulation and yeah.

I mean the 1x player with that 1165 g7 can definitely handle emulation, but that’s going to wrap it up for this video. If you have any questions or you want to see anything else running on the 1x player.