This is known as the nubia red magic 6.. This is slated to release in april 2021, but i was lucky enough to receive an early unit for some testing and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing in this video so inside the box. Obviously we’re going to get the phone itself like i mentioned. This is known as the red magic 6.. This is not the pro model, but it’s powered by the same exact chipset, and we will get the same performance out of the cpu and gpu combo, whether you pick up the red magic, 6 or the red magic 6. Pro, along with the phone itself inside of the box, we’re also going to receive our usb type c charging and sync cable, and by the way, the red magic 6 does support display over usb type c. So we can plug this into a monitor or tv and get an image out and really the last thing we’re going to receive here is a 65 watt, quick charger. Now i do want to mention that they will be launching a global version that only supports 30 watt quick charging, but this one here does support 65. when it comes to the display on the red magic 6. I mean this thing, looks absolutely amazing. It’S a 6.8 inch amoled display at 165 hertz, as you can see up top here, we can actually swap this from 60, 120, 145 and 165, and the display itself also gets pretty bright, topping out at 630 nits.

The red magic 6 also incorporates these pro shoulder buttons and from within software. We can actually map these to any non physical on screen control, making it a physical touch button and to tell you the truth, when this launched on their other phones. I never really gave it much thought, but after using it a lot with mobile games like pubg and call of duty mobile it’s hard for me to live without it, i personally really love these triggers and, as for aesthetics around back here, we have this little lit Red magic logo that can be disabled from within software. We also have these two little rgb leds. Now these can also be turned off in software. You can also change the color. You can set it up to breathe. Strobe pulse there’s a lot of different settings. You can do with these, so, along with that 165 hertz amoled display the pro triggers and that rgb around the red magic 6 also has an active cooling system built in which means we have a fan. Inside of this unit pulls air in from one side exhausted out the other and in turn it keeps that cpu and gpu nice and cool. So it can stay at its maximum clock frequencies, while you’re gaming for extended periods of time and when it comes to the internals of the red magic 6 we’re working with flagship specifications. Here for the cpu, we have the snapdragon 888 and that’s paired up with the arduino 660.

We can definitely keep this cool with that built in cooling system, 12, gigabytes of lpddr5 ram 128 to 256 gigabytes of ufs, 3.1 storage. Unfortunately, no micro sd card support. I was really hoping that with the sixth generation of the red magic, they would incorporate that, but they haven’t yet stereo speakers with dts ultra x. We also have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the phone itself, so we can plug our headphones in a 5050 milliamp hour battery with up to 65 watt fast charging. Like i mentioned, the global version will have 30 watts still pretty fast, though 5g wi fi, 6 bluetooth 5.1. We have that built in ice 6.0, active cooling system and it’s running android 11 with red magic, ui 4.0. When it comes to usability. This thing is super quick. Now i have the screen set to hertz and it’s super smooth, but it’s really hard to see on camera. We can head over to the display options under settings here and change it from 60. 90. 120. 165. I’M. Just gon na leave. It at 165, but keep in mind this – will burn more power on camera, it’s really hard to show off how smooth this phone really is at 165 hertz, but it’s. Definitely the smoothest that i’ve seen now over here on the side. We have this little button and if we turn it on, it brings us to red magic time. This is what they’re calling it it’s kind of their custom, little game launcher.

Here we can adjust the rgb on the back from here. We can adjust the fan, speed and things like that. We can even adjust the performance of the cpu and the gpu. So if we start up a game from that custom launcher, we can actually swipe over from the side, and we have a lot of different settings that we can mess around with. We can change the refresh rate of the screen there’s an on screen aiming assist. We can map the pro triggers and a new addition to this version is an on screen fps counter, which is something that comes in really handy, especially with a gaming phone and it’s a real time, fps counter. So it tells you exactly how fast your game is running, but my favorite part about this red magic time is the game enhance mode from here. We can set it to auto cpu mode, gpu mode and super performance, and what this is going to do is keep those gpu and cpu clocks on up there, so it doesn’t underclock itself and with the addition of that cooling fan built in, we can run like This for hours on in now, what i have going here is just minecraft pocket edition got the fps on screen and we’re running at 120. Fps that’s as high as minecraft will go. It’S software limited right now. Hopefully they do add 144 and 165 down the road. But playing this at 120 fps on a mobile device is pretty impressive.

In my opinion, one thing i love to do with these higher end. Phones is run some benchmarks, so we’re going to jump into there, then we’re going to test some more high end games and then move right into some emulation because that’s really where this phone shines. First up, we have geekbench 5 single core 1117 multi 3573. I was really hoping that that multi core would be in the 4000s by now for android, but unfortunately that’s not the case just yet next year. I think it will be next up. We have 3dmark slingshot extreme it’s, maxed out i’ve, actually never seen this before. On an android device but it’s telling me that this phone is too powerful for this benchmark, so i moved over to their new wildlife benchmark, which is a vulcan benchmark and we got a total score of 5691 and the final benchmark i ran was antutu and we Got a total score over 800 000.. This is the highest score that i’ve seen out of an android phone in antutu as of march 2021.. In the future we will see higher scores, but this is pretty amazing. So when it comes to native android gaming on this device, it’s gon na do basically anything that you can get from the google play store or side load. Here we have call of duty mobile here running at 90fps and i think the game is capped at 90.. I do have my fps counter on screen.

I know it’s a bit hard to see but we’re sitting here fluctuating between 87 and 91. I mean this game is fully playable on this device totally maxed out and before we move over to emulation. I just wanted to show you some ginger impact running here. I am at the highest settings so i’m going to set this to the highest. It can go and then we need to change the frame rate to 60 and it does run at 60, but we do get some dips so really when it comes down to it. I would personally recommend running this game at high at 60 or, if you just want to go at ultra settings like we have here, 30fps that’s, not gon, na dip below 30., but at 60 you will notice it dipped down to around 58 every once in a While overall, some of the best performance that i’ve seen out of this game on android Applause, Music, now it’s time to move over to my favorite part of these videos, emulation testing i’m using the razer key sheet controller. Here. This is a usb type c. Controller phone fits in here just fine there’s, some other usb type c controllers on the market. But this one is my favorite right now when it comes to dreamcast emulation using redream you’re, not going to have any issue running any game as long as it’s compatible with the emulator i’m upscaled to 2560 by 1920 no frame skip on.

I do have the fps listed. This is dead or live 2.. One of the harder ones to emulate in my experience is running it at full speed, Music. So, like i mentioned, this, does support display over usb type c i’m, just using a simple usb type c to hdmi adapter. I picked up on amazon and an xbox controller connected over bluetooth we’re, going to test out a little bit of psp here. Sound and video is carried over usb type c to this monitor here, we’ll just load it up here’s chains of olympus i’m at 5x resolution with the vulcan back in and it’s running, amazingly, and as a lot of you already know, this is one of the harder Games to emulate we’re able to do this at 5x. So when we move over to other games other easier games, we can actually take this up to 10x and i’ll show you that in just a second with tekken 6.. So here we are with tekken 6 no frame skip no hacks 10x resolution using that vulcan back in and it’s going to run at full speed. So overall psp emulation is no problem at all for the red magic 6. Whether you want to do it over hdmi or the built in screen, i got both of them up and running here. I just kind of wanted to demo this now it’s time to move up to something a little higher end and that’ll be gamecube using the dolphin emulator 1080p opengl.

I didn’t even have to swap over to vulcan with gamecube and wii using dolphin, because everything just ran great with opengl. So this one here is automotive, it’s kind of my go to test it’s, one of the harder ones to emulate and we’re able to do it. On this phone at 1080p Music, i also tested f, zero gx, another one that gives these arm devices a run for its money, but we’re still at 1080p, with that opengl back in and it’s running, just fine. So when it comes to gamecube using that dolphin emulator it’s working out great let’s go ahead and test out some wii using the same emulator and we’re going to keep it upscaled to 1080p. Yes, so, overall, this is some of the best gamecube and wii emulation that i’ve seen out of any android device, be it a phone tablet or an android tv box using the dolphin emulator moving over to ps2 using daemon ps2 pro keep in mind. This is basically the only emulator we have there’s another one called play, but i’ve personally never had really good luck with it. This uses a ton of hacks in the background and really what we need is a good emulator built from the ground up specifically for arm and finally, at least for this video 3ds using citra. Here we have doa dimensions: i’m, upscaled to 2x and it’s running really great here every once in a while. I do notice some dip, but overall really good performance with 3ds, so yeah.

The red magic 6 is definitely a great performer when it comes to mobile gaming and mobile emulation it’s. Definitely one of the most powerful android devices that i’ve ever tested on my channel. Actually, it is the most powerful android device that i’ve ever tested on my channel, be it a phone tablet or an android tv box. There’S still a lot more that i want to test with this device and i will have a full dedicated emulation, video coming up, because i know there’s a lot of stuff that i left out here that i know a lot of my viewers would want to see. So if there’s anything specific, you want to see running in the next video. Just let me know in the comments below but that’s, going to wrap it up for this first look: video battery life is great got a beautiful amoled display and performance is absolutely amazing.