These come in many different configurations, but the one i have here has a 9th gen i5 and a real gtx, 1650 it’s, actually a low profile unit from msi and on paper this actually looks like it could perform pretty. Well, i picked up a bare bones model. So it didn’t come with storage or ram, because i already had some laying around and i paid 580 for this tiny thing. Like i mentioned these come in many different configurations. You can get them up to 64 gigabytes of ram and up to an i9, the lowest end model they sell is an i3, but i chose the 9400f and, as you can see here, we do have a real gtx 1650 in here. This is the low profile msi version. We also have the cpu cooler over here on that 9400f and overall, the way they slammed everything in here looks pretty nice. This is tiny when you consider that it’s, a real gaming pc with a dedicated gpu and a desktop class cpu along with the pc you’re, also going to receive some sata cables. You got a stand, so you can set this up vertically. Your wi fi and bluetooth antennas and a 180 watt power supply so i’m going to be throwing a 512 gigabyte, nvme ssd in here and 16 gigabytes of ram running at 26.67. This is the bare bones unit. I wanted to get out a bit cheaper and i already had the extra accessories laying around but uh i got.

Ta say this looks pretty awesome and if anybody out there knows where i can just buy this motherboard, please let me know in the comments below getting this up and running should be pretty simple i’m going with a kingston nvme ssd. This is a 512 gigabyte drive and right here i also have some inexpensive kingston ram running at 26.67. Have two 8 gig sticks bringing it up to a total of 16 gigs in this unit, and if you don’t want to go bare bones with one of these, you can get up to 64 gigabytes of ram and 2 terabytes of m.2 storage in this from the Factory, i will leave a few links in the description in case you’re interested in taking a look at this, but i’m super excited about getting into testing, and i love the way this motherboard is laid out. We have that pcie x16 slot over there on the side, making it really easy to put this in a small form factor case like this. The bottom cover here does have ventilation for that cpu and gpu, but in this video i’m going to be running this in the vertical orientation, it does come with. Those stands – and i know, it’s, going to stay a lot cooler in the vertical position and that’s how i’m gon na have it set up on my desk anyway, on the front here we have three full size: usb 2.0 ports. We also have our power button and an led indicator.

Moving around back here we have our audio in and out four usb 3.0 ports. Gigabit ethernet our power in this pc does include two smaller external wi fi antennas. We also have a full size display port full size, hdmi and dvi when it comes to the specs of the model. I chose here for that cpu we have the intel i5 9400f six cores base clock of 2.9 gigahertz and a turbo up to 4.1. The gpu is that low profile, msi gtx 1650, with four gigabytes of gddr5 and i’ve installed 16 gigabytes of ddr4 in this unit now it’s time to get into some testing and see how this little thing performs: i’m going to be running windows 10 pro it’s, going To take me a while to get everything installed up and running, but i do want to test out 9 to 10 games here, we’re also going to run some benchmarks all right. So here we are i’ve got windows 10 pro installed, i’ve been up and running for about 23 hours, haven’t run into any issues. With this thing, no overheating or anything like that, it’s actually been a little beast, given its form factor. As you can see, we have the i5 9400f six cores. Unfortunately, no extra thread so we’re stuck here with just those six cores, still does a great job for gaming. We’Ll. Take a look at that in a second 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 26.67, and we have that nvidia geforce gtx 1650 and as you saw, this is a dedicated low profile.

Msi gpu in this mini pc here idle temps have been amazing. I mean we’re sitting at around 31 temperatures across the board, while gaming and even stressing this thing out have been way better than i thought they wouldn’t by the end of this i’ll show you all those but uh yeah so far been a really nice experience here. We do have that built in wi fi five it’s, not wi fi six. I kind of wish it was, but using something like this as your everyday desktop will work out. Just fine web browsing super fast. We have great web gl performance because it’s using that gtx 1650 go all the way up to twenty thousand here, twenty thousand on screen at fifty nine to sixty when we hit up twenty five thousand, it does dip down a bit but uh it’s, not bad at All it does a great job with everything that i’ve thrown at it, but the first thing i want to take a look at are some benchmarks. First up we have pc mark 10 with a total score of 5195 moving over to geekbench 5 single core 1079 multi. 4627., so single core on this 9400f is looking pretty good, but uh multi core is a bit down there when you compare it to higher core count. Cpus moving over to some gpu benchmarks: 3d mark night raid 29679 fire strike 8502 and finally time spy with a 3752 so for a small form factor: gaming pc.

All of these benchmarks are looking pretty good, but now it’s time to get into some real world gaming and see how this thing performs. First up we have injustice, 2, 1080p high settings it’s going to run at 60 all day and that’s. What you want with fighting games so yeah? This can definitely handle these type of games and if you wanted to go with something like street fighter, you’re gon na be able to bump it up to ultron forza horizon 4 1080p ultra settings. I got an average of 73 fps out of it. If you just want to get a bit more out of it, you can drop some of these down to high, but overall it handles this game quite well. Music call of duty warzone 1080p, with a medium low mix. Here we got an average of 77 fps. I was actually pretty impressed with this. I do not have dynamic resolution going or anything like that. This is just set with a medium low mix and is fully playable grab some armor plates well done. The upper right part of your hud shows how many enemies remain when it comes to the witcher 3. I was really hoping we could get high settings out of this, but i did have to drop it down to medium either way you look at it 1080p. Medium settings. You can get an average of around 83 fps Music. Doom eternal did have a few issues when everything was set to high, so i had to drop some of these settings down to medium, but we got an average of 72 fps.

This little pc did an amazing job with gta 5.. Here we are at 1080p with a high normal mix. We got an average of 129 fps and i think we could bump this all up to high and just uh, you know run a little over 60 or around 80, but overall it does handle it. Well, as you can see here, we have fortnite 1080p high settings in performance mode. I actually forgot to turn performance mode off just to check out the dx11 performance, but with the setup like this, we averaged 187 fps here’s cyberpunk 2077 1080p low settings with an 80 resolution scale. I got an average of 64 fps and i actually didn’t expect it to run this well. I’Ve tested this in the past on the gtx 1650 and other platforms. They’Ve done some optimizations here and it does run pretty decently, but you will get those dips under 60. and finally, i ran the built in red, dead, 2 benchmark 1080p with a medium low mix. We got a minimum of 47 maximum of 85 and an average of 67.. I did want to take a look at the cpu temps, given that this is such a small form factor pc and an idol were around 36 average gaming 68, which was much better than i thought, and in a 10 minute cinebench test. We hit 81 degrees celsius. So not bad at all. Another thing i always like to record is total system power consumption from the wall.

I use a kilowatt meter, idle 27 watts average gaming 148 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall. In my extreme test was 173 watts, so it’s, definitely not a low power consumption mini pc and going into this i didn’t expect it would be given that we have a desktop cpu and a desktop gpu in this small thing. So overall, i’m really impressed with this tiny machine and given pc part prices and especially gpu prices and availability right now, this actually isn’t a bad deal. If you’re looking to go small form factor with that desktop cpu and gpu, you can basically play anything at 1080p. There are some exceptions like we saw cyberpunk 2077 that’s, just one of those games, that’s really hard to run right now, but i do think this does an amazing job for its form factor uh. What i got going right now is overwatch 1080p high settings i’m. Getting an average of 137 fps out of it fully playable like this, and i think we could do ultra with this and get over 60 with it. So i mean, if you’re interested in taking a look at this or learning a little more about this mini pc. I will leave a few links in the description. I will have one more video coming up. I definitely want to test out some higher end emulation on this thing, and i got a good feeling we’re, basically going to be able to do anything.

We want with this little machine here, especially when it comes to emulation but that’s, going to wrap it up for this one, if there’s anything else, you want to see running on this or, if you have any questions.