Yes, pc versus mac m1 versus intel let’s go through this latest propaganda from intel. Is it true or do intel just have a sore bottom, because um yeah they got a good kick in the plums from you know the m1 mac, and this is their response and i’m the right guy to tell you, because on mac and pc i use both. I don’t care i just use whatever i think is best at the time i have loads of video, comparing the m1 to the latest 11th gen intel cpus. You got to check out my back catalog battery life performance even compared to the latest amd cpus i’ve done so many videos on that. So i can tell you without a doubt whether this stuff is true or not, and have a look it’s justin long. Remember the mac and pc ads. He looks like he’s, just let one off there and sneaky one anyway. Let’S have a look here: mac versus pc, alright, so the m1 claims do not translate to real world all right. So i will say one thing so stay tuned to the end because you may think i’m favoring one over the other and i’m, not here to apologize for apple because apple, they were dodgy af in their presentation of these m1 max. They are just as bad as intel, so don’t tell me: they’re not making bs claims like faster than 98 of pcs and all these rubbish they’re very vague in their claims, and there was a lack of transparency.

This is how you do it properly. Have a look here all right, so everything is laid out for you how they done their testing, and you can replicate this yourself. Exactly apples was just vague and just rubbish, so let’s go through it. Now there’s been a lot of bs like oh, the ad had like a dummy mac. Well that’s. What ads do do you think the hamburger and the you know, big mac hat is the real hamburger? No it’s, not it’s a dummy prop get over it. So anyway, let’s talk about these pc versus mac 2021 for the pc form factor: choice. Full screen, touch 4k multi display external device support hundreds of games, nearly limited creation applications yeah well, i can’t argue with any of that. That looks true with the mac extra devices and gear required. Well yeah, if you want a touchscreen yeah. This is true touch bar only yes, single external display. Yes, on the m1 max, that is true, the laptops at least limited device support. Well, that is a bit true, like sometimes stuff just doesn’t work on macs, but most of it does like limited. That sounds worse than it really is limited games, yes, and no like. If you include ios and mobile games that you can play on your mac now, maybe not, but if you’re talking aaa titles – yes of course, but are you going to be playing aaa titles on your ultrabook 11th gen pc like seriously unless you’ve got an egpu and Then limited creation applications.

Well, that is true, but most the main ones are there. So i think that’s really a mute point. Okay, whatever that’s fine see the differences here, all right, so here’s the thing. So yes, you get all the form factors with pcs. You get dual screens, you get touch you get hybrid. You can use a pen anything like that. If that’s, what you want to do, there’s only one choice. Pc is the way to go talking. From my perspective, i just want my laptop to be a laptop. I don’t want to touch screen. I never use my touchscreen on the xbs15. A lot of people do use it and once you do use it, i will say this: you won’t go back when you start using it. You won’t want to go back, but i don’t want to touch my main screen that i do color grading on and stuff like that. So for me i just want a laptop to be a laptop, but again if you want all that stuff. Of course, the only way to go is pc, so that’s, fair enough all right. So here we get into the bs now it’s 3.5 times faster with what is this topaz topaz and by the way on the bottom. Here it says: chrome, running native chrome, running native on m1 versus 11th gen cpu it’s, much faster on the 11th gen cpu. Well, that’s, true, but chrome runs like a dog on the m1, even though it is native, and that is 100 google’s fault it’s.

Probably the only app that really runs like a dog let’s see look how long it takes to launch all right. This is chrome. Oh, oh, i could knock one out. I could knock two out. I could knock three out. That is a m1 mac. Do you realize how fast things run on an m1 mac open another app, oh boom, that’s? How an m1 is supposed to work? I don’t know what google are doing, because rosetta apps run better than chrome. Oh bond james bond i’m, just gon na forget that chrome thing. Hopefully, google are gon na update that apple silicon, chrome and optimize it a bit because it’s an absolute joke at the moment. So i think they’re, cherry picking this stuff, and here we go topaz labs. What the hell i’ll just type in here is apple silicon, ready we’ll, go to that website. All right, so topaz is running in rosetta so boy. Why are you comparing something that runs in rosetta compared to something that’s native? All right? Yes, it’s! True at the moment, if you want to run topaz fast, do doing an intel but i’m sure it will get updated sooner or later, and then i would say: it’ll kill the 11th gen intel. And how do i know this, because the apple silicon version of photoshop is actually faster than the 11th generation intel version, or should i say, photoshop running on an intel 11th generation? That is true, so how many years have they had to optimize photoshop for intel processors and the very first apple silicon photoshop is faster than the 11th gen intel, so yeah battery life i’ve done a battery test.

Now i did go on percentage now. It’S, not a hundred percent linear, but go look at my battery test. There is no way intel is as good as battery life. I i believe that these tests, they’ve done, would be exactly the same like i believe these figures and there definitely are intel. You know 13 inch laptops that have you know as good as battery life as the m1, like, oh just off the top of my head, the surface, the surface book three that’s got, you know under 13.5 inch that’s got really good battery life, but i’ve got to Tell you i’ve tested so many 11th gen intel laptops and none of them like really come close to the m1s in terms of battery life, but i believe that test that’s. The result you would have got but no come on. If i edit a video on one of these intel systems, first it’s going to run like a dog trying to edit like 6k footage or 4k footage, the fan’s going to be blowing its guts out and the battery life will be like a few hours. Like. Maybe three hours or something like that on an m1 i can edit 6k footage. I don’t hear a fan and the battery life’s really good. I even doing heavy lifting like video editing, all right sports, more screens, yep that’s 100. If you want a lot of, you have to go intel if you’ve got the thunderbolt 2, so you can add a gpu yeah that is 100.

More displays more devices that’s one thing: the dm1 they’ve got to get right with the next version. Like the macbook pro 16. I don’t think they will, i think, they’re just going to add the hdmi to the macbook pro 16, like they did on the mac mini. I don’t think they’re going to be able to support modern two screens until maybe the m2 or something like that – i’m. Not sure well, we’ll find out, but this is 100 true, nothing to complain about here. Yes, non native that’ll get better. Yes, that is true. A lot of pro stuff is not native pro tools, i don’t think avid media composer there’s a lot of stuff and plugins ableton as well. Yes, this is true. This is one thing about the m1. You really want your apps to be running native games. The windows will always win for games. Now. Have a look here at all these laptops i’ll tell you, which one i’ll get xps 13 baby that’s the way i would roll, actually they’re all good laptops here, they’re all pretty good. Now i’m, not saying i wouldn’t buy an intel laptop 100. I would but to me they’re not competing with the m1 at the moment, because what intel i forgot to tell you about all this stuff and pretty much all this sort of checks out. I’Ve told you the stuff that doesn’t, but what intel are not telling you is that if you have heavy usage on a 11th gen cpu, it is gon na blow its guts out.

It’S gon na get hot it’s gon na get loud. It uses like three times the amount of power even more than an m1 mac. You can literally watch the battery icon just drain right in front of your eyes, and they also don’t mention how much these laptops cost 999 8.99 for students and that’s all you need with these intel 11 generation laptops. If you want something equivalent of a macbook air base, one 999 – and you want that sort of performance – video edit 6k footage as long as it’s h.264 h.265. You know prores and stuff like that. There are limitations to eight gigs of ram, but in reality, you’re gon na have to get a premium laptop that costs well in excess of 999 us you’re going to have to upgrade the cpu to the i7.