But now it’s made its way over to ios devices for an invitational only program, but it has to work through the browser due to apple’s app store restrictions. So how well does it hold up let’s find out surprisingly, the process of accessing the service through the browser is very similar to having an app you simply visit the url sign in and you’re prompted to add the page to your home screen. This makes it appear like an app on your iphone or ipad, and it will play in full screen without the safari toolbar. Once you’re signed in you’ll, see that there’s a large variety of games to choose from but here’s the thing certain types of games will work. Really well, whereas others will be close to being unplayable. All of these games will work with a bluetooth controller, and some of these will actually work with touch controls as well, but we’ll get on to that later, with the games being streamed, there’s always going to be input lag a noticeable delay between your button press and The action on screen and this results in certain types of games working better than others. Personally i found that racing games such as paws of horizon 4, are among the best to stream. As you play this game, you almost get used to the input leg and you naturally start to adjust to it. When you see a corner coming up, i found that i was slamming on the brakes and, turning slightly earlier, you automatically start playing a split second ahead of the actual game, and what’s great about forza horizon is that you also have a handy, rewind feature which is Helpful should the game momentarily, freeze or stutter, which did happen a fair bit in my testing, even when playing on a very good wi fi connection.

Perhaps this is down to me being from the uk and being quite far away from the microsoft servers, though so your experience might be different. Surprisingly, gta 5 worked quite nicely as well for the same reasons, and the gun play is aided by the auto aim that gta has when targeting enemies. This all makes it a bit easier when you’re playing over streaming – and there really is something special about being able to play this huge, vibrant, open world game on your smartphone or tablet. Wherever you are now, i will say that the quality of the stream varies massively when there’s not too much motion on the screen. The image is very sharp, but occasionally there will be instances where the frame rate drops and you find yourself playing a bit of a blurry mess which brings me on to games that don’t work so well. Let’S take a breather for a second. I hope that you’re enjoying the video so far, if you are please consider subscribing it massively, helps out the channel. Thank you. Firstly, i would say that you’re going to want to avoid online multiplayer games as you’re putting yourself at an instant disadvantage. Secondly, i found that first person shooters did not translate well at all with games like haley, requiring precision aiming on all parts of the screen. The input lag made it nigh on impossible to aim accurately, like you would on the console. It felt like the minor adjustments to aiming just weren’t getting picked up and, as you can see here, my aim was swiping all over the place.

It was embarrassing, but hey it made those lucky shots feel even more special when they eventually hit. I also wanted to try call of the sea. I thought this might work well, despite being a first person game as it’s a puzzle, solving game that you can play at your own pace, but unfortunately it kept jumping and stuttering so much so that i had to simply stop playing. I tried multiple connections and playing on different days, but it was getting the same issues every time, so some work clearly needs to be done here now i mentioned earlier that there’s a group of games that incorporated touch controls, in addition to the bluetooth, controller, support and I’M surprised to see that each of these utilize their own unique button layouts and there are some nice icons to help indicate what the buttons do. But the main thing that jarred with me was that the virtual thumbsticks were fixed in one place on the screen. Normally in mobile games, you would have what is called a floating joystick, which repositions itself, wherever you place, your thumb on a screen and the aiming or looking around is controlled by swiping anywhere on the other side of the screen, with xbox cloud gaming touch controls these Virtual joysticks are fixed which make it more difficult to go back to after pressing some of the other virtual buttons. With that said with time you can get used to this and being able to play games like gears 5, pretty much anywhere with just touchscreen.

Controls is absolutely bonkers now, without playing and reviewing what every single game is like i’m. Just going to give you my straight up thoughts after using the service for a few weeks, it’s cool and everything, but it’s, not quite the game changer i was hoping it would be, despite being hooked up to strong wi fi the game stuttered at times, resulting in A stream suddenly playing catch up and causing me to crash my car or lose a gunfight streaming on. The iphone also seemed to be significantly worse than on the ipad being connected to the same network. For some reason there were connection issues on the iphone that weren’t present on the ipad, but i get it it’s still in the beta testing stage, so there’s always going to be hiccups on the face of it. It’S such an awesome feat to be able to play the latest games wherever you were in a matter of seconds, but the truth is the overall performance and experience is too far off in its current state on ios. For me to be able to enjoy playing these games this way, especially over mobile specific games like call of duty mobile, which will give a sharper smoother image, no input lag and, most importantly, it won’t become a frustrating experience with all the stutters and freezing. Consider this, though, while you might not see yourself as being someone that would regularly use this service, i personally found it to be a great way to discover and instantly try out new games.

Rek fest was a game i had been meaning to download for some time now, but never quite got around to it. However, after jumping into the first two events on xbox cloud gaming, i was hooked. So i instantly made me my series x, hard drive to download and be able to enjoy this game in all its glory. I will say that the xbox cloud gaming native app on android has this overall smoother experience, but the ios web app does a very good job at replicating this and hey it’s, better, nothing at all and it’s great that we now have this option for ios users And i’m really excited to see the potential for the future and seeing what improvements are made over time, so what’s your thoughts on sn.