9 inch iPad Pro as my main device and tablet for the past 2 weeks, so other than being an extremely powerful tablet with a stunning display. What else is truly amazing about this tablet? Hey guys Adam Lobo here from Adam Lobo TV and in this video I will be giving you my full in depth. Review of the new M1 12.9 inch iPad Pro and stay till the end of this video. As I will answer all of your questions that you have asked me in my first impressions, video so keep watching Now, since I’ve done the unboxing in my first impressions, video let’s dive into the build quality, The build quality is hands down the best. That is out right now, where it was as premium as you can expect out of a tablet within this caliber. The sides are very similar to the iPhones, where it had a box shaped design, which I liked because call me crazy. But I rather have something a bit more solid and slightly on a thicker form factor compared to a tablet which is super thin and more prone to slipping off my hands, which most tablets usually are Now, as I mentioned in my first impressions, videos because of its Bigger screen size and also the solid weight of the tablet. It is not a tablet that you should hold with just one hand, Although it looks like it is super light for me to hold in one hand So carrying it with a tablet sleeve or the Magic Keyboard would be the only time that I would recommend using A single hand to ensure that you get the grip and protection of the tablet, So, overall, I would give a huge A for the build when I was using the tablet every single day.

Alright, next let’s look at the tablet’s screen. The tablet that I have is the largest 12.9 inch Liquid Retina XDR Pro Motion display where it had a 120 Hz refresh rate with a high resolution of 2732 x, 2048 pixels. Now this is the very first tablet or screen from Apple, which uses the Mini LED Display, which has an extremely high 1 million to 1 contrast ratio. So this Mini LED Display. Technology is currently the most advanced LED Display because to put it in a simple way of explaining, instead of using several hundred backlight LEDs at the back of the screen, it has over a thousand mini LEDs, making viewing content on the tablet. The best that I have seen on any tablet out right now, And this makes it a bad or a good thing. Why? Because … …, I can say, bye, bye to me being productive. This is because I just can’t stop watching videos and binging on Netflix on the tablet, as the color reproduction is really true to life, and the tablet also supports Dolby Vision on Netflix, where you can even see the Dolby Vision logo when watching videos And speaking of Watching videos or movies on Netflix the audio streams at HD quality, which is extra, sweet and don’t worry. I will be doing a sound test later on in this video And what’s. Nice is that the tablet goes up to 1000 nits, which is super bright. Even using this tablet, outdoors .

.. Alone And playback for HDR content can go up to a massive 1600 nits of brightness. Now I am not the kind of person who uses HDR during my day to day usage, especially when it comes to editing or even really streaming on HDR, but my buddy ZY from ZY Productions. Just did a video dedicated to HDR and I am going to have a quick video call with him to talk more about that ZY, Hello brother. How are you Adam I’m, very good man – OK, anyway, I’m, not going to take too much of your time. I saw your recent video about HDR kind of explaining it in a very layman term and I absolutely love it. So I want you to do the same for people watching this particular video, ZY, Okay, HDR in a nutshell, so here’s the thing about HDR, sometimes in a video there are things in a frame that should look super bright like the Sun or think of lit lightbulb. That should look extremely bright and HDR display can show those bright bits with a much higher luminants than an SDR display. So the bright pixels actually throw out a higher intensity of lights at you, as opposed to looking just about as bright as everything else in the frame, which is the case on an SDR system. So the thing about the Mini LED display on that amazing: M1. Ipad. Pro that you have there, it actually outspecs, if you think about it in certain ways, the Pro Display XDR Adam Wow ZY.

So it has a fullscreen, sustained brightness of 1000 nits and it has a peak brightness of 1600 nits, which is the same as the Pro Display XDR, but remember. Our iPad Pro has Pro Motion, which means it actually has a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. The Pro Display XDR does up to 60 Hz if I’m not mistaken, And the biggest thing that I think blows it out of the water is because Mini LEDs. They use local dimming they’re, not like OLED it’s, not like every single pixel has its own mind. It works based on groups of pixels, The Pro Display XDR has 576 local dimming zones and it’s one big 32 inch display Our little 12.9 inch. Ipad Pro has 2596 local dimming zones, which is WAY MORE than those high end. Professional HDR monitors that I think, if you compare the most expensive, 2TB iPad Pro to one of those displays, it will make the iPad Pro look really cheap. If you compare the prices of those displays that have less local dimming zones – Adam That’s, fantastic, I love how everything you put it in proper explanation. Thank you so much ZY ZY! Thank you. Brother Catch. You soon bye bye. So, while the majority of people do not use the rear cameras on the tablet more on the front camera, but let’s look at the specs, So the iPad Pro comes with two cameras at the back and also the LiDAR sensor, where the main lens is a 12 Megapixel f, 1.

8 aperture lens and the other is a 10 megapixel, f, 2.4 125 degrees ultra wide angle lens. And yes, if you really come to a situation where you need to take some photos on the tablet, it will perform great, definitely and surely giving you a high quality results as how that the iPhone is Then the ultra wide camera is surely also the best that I have seen on any tablet out right now. Then. The LiDAR sensor, though, has lots of great importance for augmented reality and depth scanning as well And there’s lots of cool things that you can do within the Clips app. Ok, so now that we know that let’s look at the front, camera’s specs as it comes with a 12 megapixel, f 2.4, and with this ultra wide angle, camera there is a cool feature called Centre Stage, which I have tested lots of times during my video calls And I found it extremely useful as well In case you guys did not know. It is a feature where the camera sees that you are moving around and it will maintain the direction according to where you move, and it also has facial recognition as well, and this would be great for situations where you are doing. Video calls and kind of moving about rather than just sitting on the same place, And since the upcoming iOS, 15 and iPadOS 15 will come with the feature of creating video call links on FaceTime for non iOS or Mac users.

Facetime will surely be my primary video calling software moving forward. Next let’s talk about the speakers on the iPad Pro, So the tablet comes with a total of 4 stereo speakers, where the overall speakers did sound very loud with absolutely no distortion at maximum volume. Not only the audio separation was exceptional, but the bass was extremely well pronounced and the mids and highs had a great balance for vocals when watching movies, playing songs or even playing game. And here is a quick, sound test. Music playing Next let’s talk about the iPadOS, especially for a first time user, So based on me using the tablet daily with the current iPadOS 14.6. I found that overall usage for the tablet was just smooth sailing without a single glitch on the software And for someone who has been using macOS for almost two decades. This iPadOS is just like a hybrid between iOS and also macOS, with having tablet like features like widgets, and the macOS type features like having a nice dock below with the recently used or the currently use in the app. The split screen feature was also a really nice touch for my overall multitasking as well, And while the new Universal Control feature will only be coming in iPadOS 15. But I already love the current continuity features on the iPad, For example, opening a browser and also my Macbook Pro. At the same time, it will show on the iPad that I am on that site, which I can just continue from there, which made things very easy, especially when it comes to writing scripts And speaking of writing scripts.

Ever since I started using Sidecar with the iPad being my secondary display, it made my work even 100 times easier and it has already become a feature which I won’t be able to live without And since I am not a fan of benchmark tests, I did intentionally Use intensive apps on the tablet like editing raw images on Adobe Lightroom using Adobe Photoshop and yes, there were no issues at all And since I am a video content creator, I decided to finally try LumaFusion on the tablet. Since Adobe Rush is almost like Adobe Premiere, which is … … crappy, And I have to say that, although it is not a software like Final Cut Pro X but LumaFusion does seem pretty close and it is surely way better than any other iPad. Video editing, apps. Ok, so now I am going to be Gerald Undone for a minute and give you some of my deep testing results. So hear me out In terms of the file formats, besides being able to edit video footages directly from the iPhone, including HDR video. I also tried importing 4K H.264 footage at 120 frames per second on the Sony. A7S III and playback was extremely smooth as butter, which was really mind blowing because the file size was a massive 3.2 gigabytes. So this means that I can shoot videos on the Sony. A7S III transfer it via AirDrop or even through the external SSD. Since the iPad comes with a Thunderbolt 4 port, Then, since LumaFusion cannot really recognize a 6K ProRes file, I tried the Blackmagic 6K resolution footage on a H.

264 codec and it also played extremely smoothly. So with this, if you are one of those people who said how the iPad Pro was overkill – and there are many limitations on the apps available – Well go and give those a try, especially for an app like LumaFusion and other apps, and come back here and let’s. Discuss? Okay, So since we are speaking about using the tablet on a day to day basis, let’s talk about the accessories that complement the iPad Pro. Firstly, as seen in this video, I have the Magic Keyboard which at first I was not very used to the folding. Since it is my very first time using it and it’s a bit more solid compared to most other quotsoftquot cases of the tablet And because it was really solid, it gave that sort of a floating effect which was brilliant for situations where I just have to place. It on my lap and also type when it comes to watching videos or even writing my scripts And the fact that it was totally off the lap. It was totally different experience than having a laptop on your lap, where a laptop could typically get very warm during a very long use. And that was not the case when using the Magic Keyboard And also worth mentioning, is the fact that the trackpad and also using the overall keyboard, was really great when it comes to multitasking and the swipe gestures as well, And the second accessory that I got is The second generation Apple Pencil, lightsaber sound where, to be honest, I’ve been using it more than I thought, but not really for drawing.

But I use it for very accurate adjustments both on the Adobe programs, LumaFusion, writing, notes and believe it or not during navigating as well to kind of get my fingerprints off the screen. So all in all, in my humble opinion, if you really want to get a proper experience with the iPad Pro to the fullest, then you should really consider these two accessories. If you guys are enjoying this video so far, a nice big thumbs up would be very much appreciated and subscribe to Adam Lobo TV, if you guys haven’t done so Looking at the tablet’s battery, as mentioned in my first impressions during the presentation Apple claims that this Wi Fi and Cellular Model iPad Pro can last up to 9 hours of playback. So obviously I did not use it just for playing videos, since I use it for everything that I’ve mentioned and also some gaming as well. I got a total of even a higher average of 10 plus hours of screen on time. When I was about 13 percent battery And to me this is surely a huge plus considering the fact that how huge and bright the overall screen is Then, when it comes to gaming, obviously due to the fact that this is a tablet that not only has the Extremely powerful, M1 chipset, but also a 16 gigabytes of RAM. The games ran smoothly with maximum settings with all the heavy mobile games being played And since the iPad Pro is compatible with the PS5’s Dual Sense controller, where you will need to simply set the controller to pairing mode and test it and being able to play it On the iPad and I get to play some retro games like Sonic The Hedgehog and even some newer games, like Asphalt 9 and COD Mobile, to give you that proper gaming experience on the tablet, especially with no latency between the controller and the gameplay at all.

So, in conclusion, what do I really think of the 2021 M1 iPad Pro Well? Here is the thing … having tested and reviewed many tablets before, where compared to the iPad Pro, where, as I mentioned, that this is my very first iPad, because every single year I’ve been holding my purchase because of its price factor. However, I would say that my biggest regret is that I wished I got my hands on the iPad or even experience iPadOS sooner, but then again it is probably the best since the M1 has just been recently introduced in the iPad Pro, which made me feel how Amazing, it was for my experience with the tablet and no, it is definitely not an overkill, as some would say, And while the iPad was always known to be the King of Tablets. Now, with the M1 Chip inside of the iPad, it has made the tablet become light years ahead compared to any other tablets out right now. Alright now let’s end the video by answering all of your questions that you have asked me in my first impressions, video. First, we have a question from LIBO JOSEPH. I have a question. Can I use it instead of using a laptop? Is it ready to replace a laptop That is totally up to you in terms of your usage? At this point of time, I personally think that you can Does Genshin Impact get hot and what about the frame rate So based on the gameplay on Genshin Impact? There was not a point of time where the gameplay felt like it was slowing down jittery and there was absolutely no drop of frames.

The motion blur was just second to none where this was hands down. The best experience that I had on Genshin Impact, especially when it comes to the motion blur, So that was really great And the next question comes from Coolkiller Max, Hey Adam. You never mentioned that. It has 5G network or not Okay. It has …. I mentioned … in my first impressions: … Calm down, … Don’t, kill me …, Fariq Abdullah asked Why not you show us what the iPad M1 can do compared to the MacBook Pro, since it has the same hardware compared to the current generation of MacBook Pro In A nutshell: you can do almost everything. The only thing that I feel is not. There is Final Cut Pro X, which you have LumaFusion for that so … … there’s, no such limitation. If you ask me, If anything else, the iPad Pro has a touchscreen right. So isn’t that a better option at this point of time, Harvinder Singh then asked that whether or not the iPad Pro an overkill when it comes to just browsing, watching videos and reading books etc. Well, the good news is that the iPad Pro not only comes with the 12.9 inch, but also the 11 inch. So if you feel like this is just too much for you, especially when it comes to the price factor, then go with the 11 inch. Instead, Then, I have two comments. First, coming from FaeZzULL, he said edit, a video on iPad Pro Jonathan Morrison did that and we have Mike Casper who asked to use the M1 iPad Pro to edit.

One of my videos Challenge accepted Challenge accepted Alright, guys that’s. All for my video Hope you find it helpful in making your purchase decision of the brand new iPad Pro 12.9 inch. My name is Adam Lobo and I’ll catch. You guys …