This video will be going over the top five tablets. These items were selected based on their personal preferences and we hope theyll help in choosing whats best for you number five best budget tablet: Amazon, Fire, HD, 10. Amazon, Fire HD 10 – is our pick as the best budget tablet. It features a vibrant, 10.1 inch, 1080p full HD display and Olivers powerful performance thanks to its three gigabyte RAM and octa core processor and is great for on the go users with up to 12 hour battery life. So you can browse the web watch videos and listen to music from anywhere. The tablet can be recharged using its USBC port and its screen is made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass with more than 2 million pixels immersive Dolby Atmos in a 10 brighter display, your movies TV episodes, games and more will look and sound amazing. An Amazon tablet its no surprise that Amazon Alexa is heavily integrated into the device. Just ask Alexa to connect you to information, entertainment and people who matter most with just your voice. You can even check the weather in appss, compatible smart home devices. Amazon notes that your privacy is important and has included security features like the ability to view and delete your voice recordings or use the Alexa hands free mode on and off toggle at any time, Amazon also offers some functional accessories to enhance your tablet, experience the all New made for Amazon Bluetooth keyboard lets you comfortably catch up on email or make notes from anywhere or you can opt for the classic case for full coverage on less busy days.

Both the keyboard and classic case can be easily removed. Some common complaints from users are that the tablets audio is on the weaker side likely due to how thin the devices and that the camera quality is poor and isnt good for taking pictures overall, if youre looking for an affordable option that can get the job done, The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great choice. Number four best entertainment tablet: Lenovo Yoga tab 13.. The Lenovo Yoga tab 13 is our pick, is the best tablet for entertainment use built for immersive in your team at the tablet, is equipped with a 2K display thats supported by Dolby vision and has JBL speakers that support Dolby Atmos can stand hang or tilt the Tablet with its stainless steel kickstand as you enjoy it, full srgb color palette with two certified Eye Care protection, which cuts out harmful levels of blue light. The tablet offers one home for all your entertainment just swipe right from the home screen to discover new content with entertainment, space sign in with your subscription services and youll get personalized access to all your favorite entertainment without having to jump from app to app. The tablet is also Netflix HD streaming certified in addition to streaming content. The tablet also lets you play the most graphically demanding titles youll, be able to seize all the glory at low latency on the latest AAA titles, with cloud gaming and play all day and night. On the 12 hour battery that doesnt quit the battery can be charged back up in minutes with 30 watt Quick Charge.

A tablet can also be a productivity Powerhouse. It features a handy micro, HDMI port that can repurpose a tablet into a second display for your laptop youll, get all the perks of dual screen productivity without being tied to a desk. There is also the optional Lenovo Precision pen 2. to give creators the dexterity and freedom to sketch designs right on the screen. A common complaint from users is that the touchscreen function doesnt work with a tablet, as acting as a second display, which is a small treat offer getting the benefits of a second screen. Overall, if you want the ultimate entertainment tablet, experience look no further than the Lenovo Yoga tab. 13.. You should hit the Subscribe and notification icon to stay up to date with our latest videos and check out the links in the description for the most recent prices. Number. Three best Windows tablet: Microsoft, Surface Pro 8., the Microsoft Surface, Pro 8 is our pick as the best tablet for Windows users designed to highlight the best of Windows. 11. The tablet takes advantage of the Intel Evo platform with 11th gen Intel core processors that produce amazing graphics and have all day battery life. The battery can last up to 16 hours and supports fast charging. Microsoft crammed all this in a 13 inch pixel sense flow display into an ultra portable design that can go as light as 1.96 pounds. The tablet is equipped with two high speed: Thunderbolt 4 ports, letting you create the ultimate productivity setup with multiple 4K monitors always have large graded files on hand with an external hard drive or create a dream gaming setup with an external GPU.

It has an industry leading kickstand that adjusts nearly 180 degrees effortless light, so you can mark up edit or watch a video at whatever angle you need. Microsoft offers numerous surface accessories to configure your tablet. You can personalize with the surface adaptive kit, which features keycap labels, Port indicators and 3D stickers or pair with a surface slim pen 2, which charges wirelessly and store securely in the surface probe signature keyboard, a sleek and compact keyboard with a full function, row and mechanical Backlit keys, a common complaint users have mentioned is that its onboard Graphics are a bit weak. The fan gets loud and youll be able to run some games at 60 frames per second, but it does make for an amazing gaming experience. Fortunately, you do have the option of connecting an external GPU, but youll have to factor in the additional cost to upgrade the gaming performance overall, if youre looking for an option that combines the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet, the Microsoft Surface, Pro 8 is sure to please number two best: Android tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab: S8 Ultra the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultras are pick as the best tablet for Android users. Your movies and content will come to life in Vivid detail like never before on its expansive 14.6 inch. Super AMOLED screen and youll have to power it a gamer edit videos in Ultra smooth Clarity thanks its 120 hertz refresh rate partnering, with its Ultra large screen, are quad AKG speakers which support Dolby Atmos surround sound, so you can feel closer to the action when you Hear every failing detail: the tablet uses an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that lets you knock out projects at super speed.

The chipset is paired within 11 200 milliamp hour battery that lets you go unplugged for hours and lets you get back up to full capacity quickly with its fast charging USBC port. The tablet was made for multitaskers on the go and lets you boost productivity with an ultra Dynamic multi window, display that puts everything you need on one screen. Youll also be able to harness the unprecedented speed of Blazing bass, Wi Fi 6E for even faster experiences. It doesnt just stop here. The tablet has a 12 megapixel plus 12 megapixel Ultra wide dual front camera with auto framing, so you can put your best face forward and three mics with noise cancellation, so you can hear and be heard in any environment. Samsung also offers the S Pen and book cover keyboard to help increase your productivity become a complaint from users. Is that a power adapter isnt included with the device Samsung offers a 45 watt power adapter with cable. That youll definitely want to check out to take advantage of the fast charging feature if youre looking for a premium, Android experience the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is an easy recommendation. Take a moment to hit the like button if youre enjoying the video. Let us know in the comments what youre currently using and if its time for an upgrade the number one best overall tablet: Apple iPad, Pro 6th gen, the Apple iPad, Pro top style list is the best overall tablet featuring the Apple M2 Chip.

The tablet is equipped with an 8 core CPU that delivers up to 15 faster performance, a 10 core GPU that provides up to 35 faster graphics performance and a 16 core neural engine thats 40 faster than the previous generation. Its 12.9 inch liquid retina XDA displayed, delivers to the light detail with a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio using over 2500 local dimming zones and also reaches a breathtaking 1000 nits full screen brightness and 1600 nits Peak brightness, using over 10 000 million LEDs. These screen features P3 wide, color, true tone promotion and a reference mode for a more color, accurate workflow. The tablet is also available with an 11 inch liquid Retina Display, which is similar but doesnt, get as bright. There is a front facing 12 megapixel camera, a 12 megapixel wide camera and a 10 megapixel Ultra wide camera. The front camera has a 122 degree field of view and works with the true depth camera to securely unlock the face ID. The rear cameras use the lidar scanner to create a depth map of any phase and unlock immersive AR experience. Additionally, the tablet is also capable of Blazing fast connections with 556e and 5G. Support enhance your travel experience. Apple offers numerous Pro accessories, including the apple pencil, magic keyboard and the smart key portfolio. Although Apple advertises that the tablet has up to 10 hours battery life, some users have mentioned that the battery drains much faster and they arent getting anywhere near that long of battery life.

If this happens to you Apple recommends exchanging the tablet for a new one overall, if youre looking for the top performing option, the Apple iPad Pro is the clear winner, thats it for listening to watching dont forget to subscribe and check the links below to support the Channel click the next video to watch more views until next time.