You heard it right: it is a temperate glass paper, filling screen protector and Im swapping out so lets see Music all right, so its gon na hurt me to do this, but it hurts that hurts okay. Here we go. I do have a backup paper like screen protector for everybody who wants to know. I got a backup so, and this thing is like extra grippy get to the side. Okay, all right so back to All Glass on the front and now Im gon na slide this over to the side just a little bit and get this one. So I found this one on Amazon. It just came in like a couple of days ago and matter of fact. I need my knife. All right so got a knife. Lets get this bad boy open all right. So this is it pretty nice packaging, its not just a loose something in there. They got a nice presentation with it and it actually has on here paper feel glass. So, as we can see, it has advantages of the glass as well as the paper feel scratch resistant and implosion. Proof: 99, transparency with HD uh, no white edges, no bubbles. Oleophobic coating is going to keep oil off the screen, so lets go all right, get all the paper to the side and make sure theres nothing else in that box. Oh yo lets see ah stuck to the side, but there is a straight up. Installation guide in here, and they got videos that you can go as a QR code.

Um seems pretty simple, straightforward. Im gon na read through this and then well come back and were gon na knock this video out all right. So I did not go all the way through the box. They give you this piece, and I love this piece because you can set it up on your iPad and it does not wiggle around as you clean and move and do all that stuff, and they also give you a packet with cleaning stuff in it. So just keep in mind theyre, going to give you everything you need to clean uh its gon na give you your squeegee all that good stuff. So we got instructions. We got the little uh friction piece, but we we got something on the back already, so we dont really need that. So first thing were going to do always, first and foremost, when you are getting ready to put one of these on an iPad turn that screen off thats, one of the biggest things its gon na draw dust than lint and uh from the static. So always turn that screen off then well get this opened up all right. We got terry cloth, we got squeegee, we got prep pad and we got dust removers. We got all that good stuff. Everything is right here that were gon na need all right, trash to the side, all right. First off we got ta clean. This screen off. Take this and a lot of people like dont like to put alcohol, and this does have like some alcohol in it, but I dont have an issue with doing it.

Like I clean all my Electronics with like these little wipes. So I dont have an issue right between clean, clean, clean clean. Maybe we need this so Im gon na put one here, put one there and just nope there we go. We are good now, 100 will not move, and I like, when companies put that little piece in to kind of help us out, because this does get a little tedious, sometimes and you dont want to get like dust and all that stuff. So you got ta kind of be quick as well Ill go around the edging. I dont see any dust and it really helps if youre in a room that you know is not prone to a whole lot of dust. Close the doors, stop the flow of air. All that good stuff take side number one were gon na peel that all the way off and then what were gon na do is were going to flip this over onto our iPad and the guide is there to basically get you everything that you need so once We got that were going to press down press down, and you can kind of see it taking shape is like adhering as Im going down going down going down going down. Okay and now the instructions say that youre gon na wait about 15 seconds after you get that and youre not pressing down real firm. Its just a gentle press mainly focus on the top um.

I see like big air bubbles down here at the bottom, well handle that with the squeegee a little later on, but 15 seconds or so so I did not put a timer on, but its been well over 15 seconds next thing youre going to do is youre Going to come down here to this tab, this tab with the little red tip on it and what youre going to do is pull that. It said just pull it out and I hope thats all thats supposed to come out because thats all that came off and next we are going to take the protective, so that literally lets make sure lets see what it did, because that literally just snapped right off. All right well um. Hopefully that was supposed to happen that way. Um now Moment of Truth Im gon na take. Oh all this off its real staticky, oh looks good. Now we do have air bubbles, so we got to get the squeegee and just knock these air bubbles out – and this is, this is a hard piece of plastic that they put in. There is like, like I said, its really its a hard piece of plastic. I dont want to scratch it up, but lets see if we can get these bubbles out the ones on the edge, not too worried about pretty easy to get out. I dont want to Bear down too hard because I feel like its going to scratch up the screen, but um okay, so a few gray hairs later we got this air bubble out.

I just had to kind of lift up one of the corners and get some air in there and then just like wipe it clean, but um everything is intact, everythings still lined up. Now you can go ahead and turn this thing right back on and get back to using it, but we need to make sure that the paper feel is there like theyre advertising this? This is 100, a glass tempered glass screen protector and once again paper feel tempered glass screen protector. All right, you got the code in uh lets, make sure apple pencil is paired up and looks like well go now less less see. If we can hear it, first were going to get a little close foreign sounds like a paper feeling screen protector. Texture is nice as well its. I didnt really test out the oleophobic coating, but it does not seem to be leaving fingerprints behind, which is a really good thing, because Im heavy on the fingerprints so for the next test were just gon na write a few things and do some drawings. Some scribbling lets turn this brightness down a little bit: okay, okay, um. Writing is smooth its simplistic theres no issue with writing. I like the feeling of writing on it, and I, like the sound of writing cone as well. It does make you feel like youre writing on paper. I cannot and its its a smooth its a smooth transition, no breaks in my marks.

No nothing! So it feels good. It sounds good. It looks good and its going to give you an extra layer of protection. So one of the other biggest things that people are going to want to know is: is there any discrepancy in the quality of your videos, because we know we like we got. We like the HD, but you want to make sure its going to still look good um when you put this on so Im just gon na flip to one of my videos Im gon na turn. The volume down we dont need sound right now. Lets see um Im gon na hold it up in front of me first just looking at the head on, so I can tell yall how its gon na look now. It does get rid of a little bit of your quality. Just keep that in mind, like any paper feeling screen is gon na its gon na deteriorate, your quality a little bit, but its not much. It still looks good still fluid you dont get the rainbow effect, which is one of the biggest things I dont like the rainbow effect and its only a few that Ive had that dont really give you that rainbow effect, this is actually one of them is doing. Pretty good, so I like that a lot. It looks good feels good when youre riding doesnt give you any skips or breaks in the lines. Um gets you pretty much everything that you need, and it is a tempered blast screen protector.

I dont think we can um put enough exclamation on that point. This is not a film. This is a not a piece of plastic. This is a tempered glass screen protector that is paper feeling. So if youre looking for The Best of Both Worlds, go by and check this one out, I actually picked it up on Amazon. So, like I said, link will be below you can go by and check it out for yourself, but until next time be sure and give me that big thumbs up and please subscribe.