To make the content I want and boy have. I been let down a lot of times and gosh Dingus. I just have to vent about it like on their own. Each one of these issues is just like yeah, whatever, but my all together its the tech that, let me down special. This might be a yearly thing now. The issue isnt this Channel 10 pods like this things unchanged since, like 2019 back when I didnt, have any money and like legit this whole time, mate youve been looking at an iPhone jammed in an Ikea office table unchanged. Im still thats how this is right now, so I dont really plug my other channels. I have other channels, you know other than like the end credits or something or in the description down below to me, theyre completely individual projects. I like them to stand on their own. You know mate, they got ta survive it on. You know, without any help, so like the point of this video isnt to plug all my other content like not at all, but like all the issues have been trying to get all those other projects working. So I just got to quickly get you off to speed with my trash Empire of content. Here, just you know because then Ill be referencing from it. You got dank pods a hot mess that youre watching right. Now you got my drum stream on float plane. Then theres garbage time, which was just my everything hobby, where it was like Frank games, drums cars whatevers but, like Frank, Frank, has an insta and current drum stuffs.

All I did and now the drum side of its getting bigger so now thats, just gotten its own channel, garbage homes for cars and then, of course, dankness, which I swear Im working on. I promise you so uh the first bit of tech. That really really. Let me down is to do with the building that I film with this rubbish in its how Im able to smash out three channels worth of content at the moment, because I got a building set up where theres like different sections dedicated for making the different videos. You just walk in turn, things on start yelling, which has turned into a fairy tale. Ive been here for almost a year and its just like its amazing, so amazing that I invested in solar and batteries, its so good, just getting off the grid and then also like the fun knowledge of this is basically a zero carbon operation. Now I mean, if you ignore this, stop looking at it, so I want to make the most of the solar investment that I had so I grabbed some portable batteries. Its like Eco flow seemed like the big name, so I grabbed like two of these smaller ones and a big chungus Dingus one. The idea was instead of having like wall adapters, and things was have one of these battery backups, which would like give more battery capacity to the warehouse and then overnight, when the solar isnt running, they could click on and save draining the main battery had it set Up on timers and everything, it was like working amazing and then the big one tried to catch fire yep that smoke yep thats dead; okay, it had like a tiny little bar fridge plugged into it and, I think, an LED light, and that was it thats all.

It was keeping alive through the night, it was such overkill for it and then it came in to find all of it off and then, when I tried to turn it on again, the Magic Smoke came out. Fearify is a real thing in dust through areas, but I didnt want to give up on the idea of having like portable batteries. Well, the other big players – blue teammate, look at this. I mean it looks huge. I mean my sets tiny, but its a little like battery guy, just you plug it in Kettle, plug style and then youve just got like a lunchbox worth of electricity that you can just bum around with, like 600 watts, thatll run a TV in an N64 easy, Like what a genius idea and then on the top, is a wireless charging pad and so like. What I wanted to do was charge this here at work where Ive got the solar and then take my lunchbox of electricity home to like keep my MacBook Air running to charge my phone and it doesnt perfectly mwah, except for it stinks. No, no, it literally stinks it just makes a smell and after the near fire with the big idiot, like I dont like that, and so one of these I have running in the warehouse side above like an air purifier, because the industrial park stinks. But I left one of these running for like six months. It still stinks the Ive had these forever and every time I use them its like theres, that Bluetooth stink and its its really unhealthy smelling.

I dont, like it thats a huge bummer, because this guy does everything you could want at USBC right out of it. This will run a professional laptop for ages, but it just seems unhealthy to use inside hey. I make content on the internet. That means I need half decent internet. Oh no, Im, Australian and weve got absolutely rug, pulled with the NBN, where its this crappy copper Laden rubbish that like were stuck with, were absolutely stuck with it. It was dirt come from Blue tea, so I just moved out of like a really terrible house. Thanks real estate agents miss out a few details on that one into like this other place, which actually has no internet at all. Theres, no cables, its theres, nothing stylings. An option Ive got styling here at the warehouse customer support is rough like even on the big business stuff, which is a shame because it totally works and its rescuing. So many Aussies I needed upload speed and if Im not going with a cable 5G is the best bet. So you know I set up this proper 5G antenna up on the house, its a two story Dingus place, and so the antennas got to be up. The top, which is nowhere near where other rooms are so I I needed a good router and like an extender like to get really really good coverage around the house. I got this D Link thing and then mate also got one of these, which is like a mesh extender or something you know with the whole idea being.

You know like to help you get coverage across multiple floors. The setup app was rubbish. It was just an absolute Nightmare and then um terrible, absolutely terrible. Trying to watch YouTube on the big Telly May were down to like 240p. It was just like the blurriest mess and it was stuttering. I need good internet because part of the drum stream is that Frank has a live camera. You can see what Frank is doing at the time. The answer is not much well. I finally found the courage mate to get rid of together. I got this. You just got these three ominous little Wi Fi nuggets and theyre tiny. This was about 130 bucks less than the Perry idiots down there, and this is unbelievably good now Im getting like 1080 60 on the TV, oh and thats, how I know that D Link is terrible like uh. This is what the Wi Fi is coming in, with dont scoff at the hockey puck. This thing is nuts. I was pulling like 600 down 100 up. My whole Warehouse here runs through one of these thats. How I know these work its the fact, its got the external antenna, ports and the ethernet out well, this thing does Wi Fi as well like its its own router and Oz, getting better coverage with this on its own than with the D Link quality internet nugget That I I rate that oh whats, next uh webcams my drum streams, complicated man, theres cameras everywhere theres business everywhere, and those of you tune into the stream.

You know how many webcams Ive just gone through, just because I got sick of how crap they were. This is a Razer Cairo, KIRO mer, so this guy is currently in charge of the symbol toss section trying to make the most annoying loud drum thing I could 7 20 60 is all Im asking from this frame rate. It can be blurry and dark and murky. Looking I dont care give me the frame rate, so it looks smooth this idiot just cant. Do it it most of them cant they all preach it. They can do 60 frames a second and they just they just dont. Oh, look its a Logitech, something camera. I dont care. This is such a terrible way to mount it like with these little tabs or something because like if I accidentally knock this over it just goes through and just comes straight off this ones in charge of foot cam. You know so people can see what my feet are doing, so something thats fun to do is to wear the ugliest shirts that I can but then just to find silly socks, because you know its its fun and then people ask hey mate. What socks you got on and then, if I move my foot towards this, the nearby light – because you know you need lighting, just bleaches it out, and this idiot just cant figure out what to do it. Cant adjust the white balance or nothing like these things.

Are this is still like two different brands, two different everythings Im asking so little it doesnt have to look good, just be just smooth, be visible. Well, Im still, a lot of years are like well. Why dont you just get like a proper DSLR and like use that, and you know I do have one. I do – have a Sony and its what I use for my drum thing now I mean Ive only just done one video with it. You know, because symbols have a lot of detail in it and its like yeah. I really want to bring it out and then what you do is HDMI out into one of these. You plug this into your compute mate. Select it as an input bam there. You go HDMI out from the camera and its in there and I did use it for the symbol toss for about. I dont know two or three streams: Music until um it just wouldnt output, any video. It was just a still frame, foreign Music, expensive DSLR, and you notice this has question marks on it, because I have three of these and usually what happens is one day Ill go Ill turn on my rig. Everything turns on like it should and whatever needs to be captured by this will just be black black screen. Nothing else different, cable, different thing, thats plugged into different everything, and so then Ill go get another one, because I need one and then that one will work and then over time that one would do it and itll plug this one back in and then this one Will work again, but then the one running, Frank cam, because those are just ring cameras to an iPad, so I can control it HDMI out into one of these that ones been maintenance free this whole time its been perfect, so Ive just got like three of these Theres, a little round table of idiots and theres theres one dies its just.

Oh just swapping the other one and just goes thanks, mate and works again streaming last winch, oh its a GoPro 10.. Oh man! This is the real guy. The real deal Ive even put it in a special case with an extra microphone I wanted. One of these is because car videos and documenting that stuff being able to mount this inside the car and it just its genius well recently on garbage time. I just did a dumb thing where, like I did a fuel economy challenge against my five liter V8 Falcon and the actual driving was captured by this and um. I didnt think I was gon na get any footage out of it thats how unreliable this was. I got started like five in the morning and I couldnt get started because this wouldnt turn on Ive got spare batteries load them up nut wouldnt turn on at all and Im freaking out, because Ive planned this in like into my week and then magically it actually Did turn on and then, while actually filming and doing the thing the screen on the back was just glitching and freaking out and Im going. Oh, my gosh its its booked, its gone its destroying all this footage. So during the drive Im like turning it on and off and like starting it stopping it its just glitching and freaking out, but then sure enough at the very end of all of it, I pull out that stupid SD card put in the computer theres my footage That sucked, you know, imagine trying to be fun while driving and like making a video all the while thinking that this is pointless.

Its pointless Im, not gon na get this footage like. While I was driving half time Im thinking. Okay, how can I edit this without this footage and its still be a good video that was a crappy day? Actually, that was three hours of driving the whole time thinking this is for nothing. Hey lets, see a magic trick, wow, oh the things you can do. Oh and what stings is I I thought Im buying decent stuff. I I thought I was buying name brand proper stuff. Like I thought I was watch out guys here. Im coming there, you go yep, keep it there. You go. Oh I didnt cheap out. I bought the decent stuff and thats what stings the worst so cool. Well, thats it thanks so much for watching shoot, thanks to my patrons, especially these stinky names right here, because mate ones all month. I do extra videos – and you know now that you know like theres garbage time in the drum thing and dankness, but theres no new, uploads there but mate like Im. Not you want one dollar extra tank pod thing. I hate it Im. Sorry, Im gon na bore, you know crappy after show. I I want to show you my drum room, its a custom built room just for my drum stream, like it really is. Like my grand project, I played the drums, you know, so I do my own gig. Six times a week, thats called my dream: Ive thrown a lot at this, and so, like you know, dont abuse.

You ducks look at this idiot stealing the show like a nicer thing than you comes out and now you got ta be all like, but I need attention too, even though I recoil it any touch or love. That comes my way because Im an evil monster thats.