9 let’s get into the video before we do be sure to like and subscribe let’s get into this video. So let’s talk about the surface pro screen wise. It has a 12.4 inch screen i’m, not exactly sure the specifications of this screen, but it’s a pretty nice screen. Another great feature is that it has facial recognition, just like the ipad pro, which is a 12.9 inch liquid writing display. The ipad pro has almost a 4k display, just not quite it’s. An amazing display. Both are amazing. We can see that the ipad pro is a much smaller device because of its smaller bezels. The surface pro has larger bezels, but the processor is very different. The surface pro runs windows, so it has an intel core i5 processor. You can also configure an intel core. I3 processor, but i wouldn’t recommend that, because it probably wouldn’t have as much speed but the ipad pro uses a custom apple, silicon a12x chip. It has 8 cores of cpu and eight in seven cores of gpu if you’re new, the m1 or a12z ipad pro you’ll have eight cores for both the cpu and the gpu. Okay let’s talk about keyboard wise. This is a very big issue that a lot of people are having in the surface pro versus ipad pro ad. They said i love that click of the keyboard, so the surface pro keyboard does click in you can see the magnetically attaches, but, unlike the ipad pro, it only covers the back here, it’s a little bit up, which is sometimes helpful for typing, but you can also Put in a different type and position i’m, pretty sure the surface pro all surface pro configurations have a kickstand, something that the surface pro’s offered ever since its birth and i’m pretty sure the type cover let’s see if we can bring the type cover backwards like this And surface pro just falls off.

You can’t do that with this, so let’s reattach it to the surface pro. Another thing is that the surface pro has a surface pen. The one disadvantage to the surface pen is that it has a battery inside. So you can see that you’ll have to replace that battery the person who’s using the surface pro doesn’t really use it the pen that much because it’s not really an essential um accessory, but if you’re buying like a combo pack from costco or amazon, you might have This included so you’re like might as well just buy it for the less price and use it once in a while um, so that’s our surface pen, now let’s look at our ipad pro. Our ipad pro is an amazing device, except it has two keyboard configurations. You can get the smart keyboard folio or the all new matching keyboard. Magic keyboard has a cantilever design and comes in two colors. The smart keyboard folio, though, is much lighter and it’s much easier to attach. Although the magic keyboard is very good, and i do recommend getting that, if you’re going to use your ipad pro as your main computer, it does cost a hefty 350 for the 12.9 inch ipad pro. Also, the new ipad pro 12.9 inch from 2020 is the same size as this ipad pro. So you don’t need to buy a new magic keyboard for that. But the problem is that, if you’re new with the 2021 ipad pro, i don’t think anybody was able to buy that at the time of this release from the video um.

But you can get the magic keyboard again. I’M. Pretty sure you have to because the new ipad pro is 6.4 millimeters thick, which is kind of disappointing, because you have to pay 350 again let’s. Look at the back. The whole enclosure of the ipad pro is beautiful, let’s actually detach both the surface pro and the ipad pro. This is what the ipad pro looks like. We made a great video of ipad pro creating ultimate desk setup, so you can be sure to check that out. Let’S, look at the surface port. The surface pro is basically a computer as you just boot it up, because it runs windows. Although many argue that you should get the surface pro rather than ipad pro in a quick decision, they are mistaken. The surface pro has a lot of different features from the ipad, including apps. So the surface pro can run all of your favorite desktop apps like photoshop, except the ipad pro can, but it runs much more. It has a touchscreen based interface. The surface pro can use touch screen, but it’s not optimized for that. So, although some may say the surface, pro is a tablet: it’s really not it’s, just a two in one pc that you have to buy the keyboard separately. The keyboard also has a track pad and it’s in this nice. I think it’s a long material. Please correct me in the live chat if that’s correct it has a track pad and backlit keys.

Another thing that the magic keyboard is missing is function keys, so that is very different. The connector is very different from the smart connector on the ipad pro. It has let’s see how many pins it has. It has six pins and these two little magnetic attachy things. A little bit of a number on the back um, it also says microsoft on the back here and the keyboard, the keys. You can really feel on here, it’s more like a cloth, because this is like um actual keys. So this only covers the bottom of the surface, but like you’d, see on a smart keyboard for ipad pro first generation second generation, seventh, ipad, eighth generation and ipad air third generation. But the new smart key portfolio covers the full ipad and front and back protection. So the ipad pro definitely wins in that category, but as far as productivity, the surface pro winds for the function, keys and the track pad on surface pro is built for this, because it has those little connectors that connect right here to here. Ipad pro also has a smart connector but it’s just three pins it’s, a really great connector and it’s really quick to attach. So we can just see those three pins there just like that. Six pins three pins, six pins, three pins let’s, actually see if the surface pro can kind of fit on the ipad pro i’m guessing, not because it has more pins, so it’s for us os ipad os is very different of us than surface, which is microsoft.

Windows. 10., we have different apps let’s talk about ports. The ipad pro has one usbc port, which is great for connecting all of your things. The surface pro has a usbc port and a usb a port, as well as the microsoft fast charge port. The one thing that i don’t like about the microsoft fast charge board, is that you have to get a separate accessory that you can bring everywhere, instead of just bringing a usb c accessory that you get for the ipad pro. So the surface pro is definitely a loser in some ways there that you have to use a separate cord to charge, but it’s also a winner that has more ports in this single port. On the ipad pro let’s talk about speakers. The speakers on the service pro are kind of hidden they’re in here, even though it has a fanless design. The ipad pro has four speakers, one here, one here and then two on the top one there and one there as far as music is definitely the ipad pro wins here, because ipad os interface but windows 10 has more apps and it has more power. So you have to decide what you want to easily use or hard to use, because it’s going to be you’re going to get windows errors like new screen errors, just like you would on any other windows device, but on ipad pro you won’t get those errors. Almost. Never i’ve never ran into any of those errors, battery life, so the battery life, i mean you can run multiple different tests.

This surface pro usually lasts it’s, usually plugged in here so um you can’t really tell, but the iphone pro usually lasts like 10 hours, which is what it said when we bought the ipad pro. So as far as cameras, i would definitely say the ipad pro wins here: um, because it has a true depth. Camera system it’s interesting because microsoft tried to copy the true depth camera system, or maybe they did it first right here and has almost all the same cameras it’s pretty weird and it’s interesting, because that infrared, i think, it’s a dot projector. Actually you can see it. Instead of on the ipad pro where it’s invisible, you can always see it when you are on the consuming or photo pencil apple pencil versus surface pen, we talked about how the surface pen has a battery apple pencil, just magnetically charges, so ipad pro’s winner there. So we are at the end of our competition. It’S been a short one, but both are winners here, if you’re a student who needs to take notes really fast and get all those apps like me, ipad pro is definitely a winner for you. If you’re someone who wants a laptop but also wants a touchscreen interface and the surface pro is for you, you can tell us in the live, chat and like this video to let us know if we should keep making more comparison. Videos. Thank you guys.