This was very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer, no managed change hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular. I just want to share with you my opinion of this device after using it for a couple of weeks, so you can make an informed buying decision so lets get on with the review. As I mentioned earlier, this is the 2022 version of the Fire hd8 tablet from Amazon its available in a variety of capacities and colors. This one happens to be the rose pink color, its also available in a denim blue and also black as well. Nice, bright, vibrant packaging here, Amazon branding down the bottom says fire hd8 on both sides. Then, if we turn this over, it lists off some of the main use case scenarios and specifications, including the fact this has got an 8 inch HD display 1280 by 800 resolution front and rear cameras on here as well. Hands free with Alexa Support, also a hexa core processor. Now that hexa core processor gives a much more responsive experience over last years device and up to 30 Improvement in speed, theres, also a Micro SD card slot and that expands the storage capacity by up to one terabytes. The 64 gigabytes built in storage also supports Dolby, Atmos sound and its got two gigabytes of RAM. Now I mentioned about the storage capacity, so you can expand it up to one terabyte. This one here is the 64 gigabyte version of the tablet, its also available in a lower capacity.

32 gigabytes. So lets get this unboxed. When you get this sort of brand new its going to have a little seal that youre going to open at the top and then once thats open, you can pull this out to reveal the Box contents Inside the Box. We, of course, get the tablet itself and then we also get this section at the bottom of the box, which we can open, and this reveals some paperwork and also a charging plug and a cable now depending upon which country youre in you will get a country Specific USB charging plug this is a three pin UK one but, as I said, if youre in another country, your plug May well look different to this. We also get a charging cable. This is full size, USB and then USBC the full size USB goes into the charging plug, and this end here goes into your Fire hd8 tablet, and then we get some important information and also a quick start guide to get us up and running with the Fire. Hga tablet: this is wrapped in this nice paper. If we turn this over, we can take this out of the paper wrap to reveal the tablet in its rose color, very, very nice color, this its a plastic back, but very, very high grade material. You can see on the back here. We have got the rear facing camera and across the top here, weve got all of the various buttons weve got.

The power on off. Weve got the volume up and down a little pinhole mic, the USBC charging socket and a three and a half mil audio jack on this side. Here weve got the slot for the memory card. If you want to increase that storage capacity, this sides completely clear and then round on this side here, weve got a couple of speakers really nicely positioned and then, if we turn this over, you get to see the display. This 1280 by 800 resolution display, which is a very, very good quality, display really nice Punchy colors very, very clear and easy to read now with a device like this. You can, of course, do lots of different things with it. Lets take a closer look, so this is the main home screen. This is where youre going to gain access to all of your content. So youve got here a little section where we continue where we were last sort of interacting with the device. We can also discover new things and if we scroll weve got the apps that are installed on our tablet now these ones here were all pre and installed the Instagram and YouTube app. I installed that to test the device and it works very well. In fact, if I just go into the YouTube app you can see here, these are some of my other videos, for example, and when youre watching these, the speakers are absolutely fantastic. Theres. Also a couple of other sections on this home screen, so weve got a For.

You tab – and this is where its going to go into recent apps continue or we can choose a selection of Publications to read top subscription apps that theyre recommending top picks for your Kindle top reading with prime top free apps. So these are all suggestions that you can install onto your Fire hd8 tablet. If we go into the library screen, this is where were going to gain access to our installed apps and content. So weve got some games, some audio books, and we can perhaps go into one of the magazines that Ive got on here and we can flick through and actually read the magazine, very, very cool. And it remembers where you last left off as well. And, of course, if you prefer to read in portrait mode, you can flip the device around and read in portrait mode as well. And then, when you finish reading, you can tap, go back to your home screen and do something else. Maybe watch a video or play a game. This is a great tablet device. It works extremely well. Its very responsive – and I think at the price point that this is sold out, is an absolute bargain. It offers Up Entertainment access to your emails, access to your social media, youve got reading on here as well. We can access Amazon, Prime and watch some movies or TV series, for example its a really great package, a really competitive price point. I love the fact that weve got upgraded storage in this upgraded performance and I can highly recommend that you check this out so thats.

It thats my review of the fire hg8 2022 version from Amazon. If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, please do check out the links down in the video description hit like on the video.