Then I might have the iPad stand for you today well be reviewing the hoverboard Duo by 12 South now this was more of a want than a need. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and I wanted something to hold my iPad while I was cooking or eating, so I got this product so far. Ive enjoyed this purchase, but this product comes at a price of 110 dollars. Now you might be thinking that its hard to justify the price for an iPad stand and you might be right but well go over this product, see whats inside and why you might want to grab one so lets start the unboxing Music foreign Music. This up lets check out our first item, the iPad clip. This is completely made out of plastic, but it does feel sturdy and well built. The back over here is made out of rubber, in addition to the hooks over here which protects your iPad from being damaged when its placed on the clip and at the back. We have a hex pattern right here, which you attach to the arm. Next up we have the Shelf clamp. Now this is completely made out of metal. The top and bottom parts of this are rubberized to protect the surface of whatever it is youre attaching this to at the top. We have the quick switch Tab and beside that we have the thumb screw to install our Shelf. Clamp, so lets see how fast we can install the Shelf clamp to our table.

So the installation was very easy. It only took a few seconds and it feels very secure, and finally, we have our Destin so well. Look at a few of the materials that this is made out of, so the arm is completely made out of metal. We have a mounting washer right here to attach your iPad clip at the back of that. We have another thumb, switch to control the rotation of the iPad, clip theres three tightening points, one at the top one at the back and one at the base which you can use to adjust the height and position of your iPad, using the provided, hex wrench. Now the base is made out of metal, which makes it heavy and gives it that heft. But this is a good thing, because it feels a lot more stable at the bottom. We have full rubberized grips and at the top, its made out of plastic. If you look closely youll see a Groove running down the base, this is for your apple pencil and beside that we have the 12 South logo now lets install our iPad, clip pretty easy installation. So before we put our iPad on lets see how easy it is to switch the arm from the desktop to the Shelf. Clamp using the quick switch tab again. Another very easy installation in both the desktop and the Shelf, clamp allow you to rotate the arm 360 degrees. Now I did want to mention that theres grips right here to help you pull apart the Clips in order to put your iPad in.

So this is what the iPad looks like on the stand. Ive used this to draw watch my shows and do FaceTime calls Ive been very happy with my purchase, but Ill switch it over to my phone. Just so, you can see the stand a little bit better and to show you another feature, so I put my phone on the stand now. A cool feature is if your phone is running low on charge, but you still want to use the stand. They did make vents at the top and at the bottom, so you can still access the charging port just like so now. The only other cool feature to mention is with the desktop stand now, just like our iPad stand is magnetized to attach to our apple pencil. The base is also magnetized to keep our apple pencil in place now. I think this is pretty cool, because it prevents your pen from rolling around this isnt something the company had to do when making the stand. If anything, its more of a bonus feature and a great design choice so for the final part of this review, is this worth it so lets do a quick review. I got this at the Apple Store for a hundred and ten dollars. Now you can definitely get an iPad stand for about twenty dollars, even on the low end at ten dollars, heres one from Best Buy at twenty dollars, but remember youre, getting two products with the hoverboard Duo.

One is the desktop stand and the other is the Shelf. Clamp so lets start by looking at the Shelf clamp of similar build something thats all metal. So with a quick Google search, we have one from archon thats forty dollars. We have another shelf clamp here for thirty dollars, so it seems like the average price for a shelf. Clap ranges between 30 to 40 dollars on the high end. Now lets look at the average price for an iPad stand and remember with the hoverboard Duo. The three main features that stood out to me was that it was made out of metal, which makes it heavy and stable its magnetized, and it has a place for you to put your apple pencil. So it seems like the average price for an iPad stand on the low end, is twenty dollars and on the high end, is about 70 75 dollars. So do I think the hoverboard barduo is worth purchasing with all the other competitors out there. Personally, I think its worth getting the positives that I see in this is that the arm is completely adjustable its pretty much constructed out of metal in the places that it needs to be and aesthetically. It looks good. You can switch between the desktop and shelf clamp and you have a base thats, not only magnetized theres a spot for you to put your apple pencil. I can also see myself using this a lot more with Future YouTube videos, and there you have it a review of the hoverboard Duo by 12.

South now tell me even with its premium pricing.