It’S your live y’all! I am back. I am back with another review video, but first i need you to like subscribe hit the bell, so you can get all the videos that you need for us and y’all. The review we’re about to get into is the real housewives of atlanta reunion season. 13 of part, one let’s get into this reunion: Music, Music, all right so tonight. I am not sparing none of these because i’m going in and letting have on these, because this reunion was a goddamn mess, boring um child the didn’t get started till latoya came out. That was at the end of the episode, but let’s get into the fashion. Let’S jump right in juice, the door uh was the worst dress. In my opinion. In my taste, she had that little puff on the side that she was giving me there like. It was a pillow and you on the airplane. You got. Ta lay your hair for a little bit, so she was giving me those vibes and i just didn’t like how everything was bitching was crinkling up there. She was giving me very two fairy vibe, her hair slicked back was okay um. The thing on the back was a little bit too much for me, but hey she chose it, so she has to wear it. Um kenya, more um. I did like king his outfit um. I didn’t like her hair, i feel like she was well put together.

She did lose a lot of weight, so kenya, you did look good because in the beginning of the season you was giving me miss muppet vibe, so kenya has came up a lot and looking good um cynthia dressed. I didn’t, like i feel like it, was giving me very um black bird um vibe, like big bird, but black bird um. I just think the little feathers. I guess it was burlesque. So i’m not gon na, go too much in and let having cynthia um. But cynthia um she looked cute but she’s after the whole, damn time and then even cynthia. I don’t know why she’s there or on the show, i feel like cynthia and candy girl every moon wants a woman. Y’All know candy singing that deep register um. I don’t know why um cynthia and parsley candy was on the reunion because they mean go in and let have they really didn’t have any drama with the ladies i feel like this is what the reunion is for is dress issues um. I feel like a little more candy just gave up her opinion more than other. Ladies, but cynthia just sat there, it looks beautiful, okay, but the cheekbones and all um, but um your hair looks cute that’s. What i liked about it, let’s go to porsche porsha. Had the best dress to me there she looks good from head to toe. I think her hair looked fabulous. Um, usually i’m, not here for portugal, show hair because she’s giving me cracker um she’s, giving me pack of doodle vibes, giving me bird in the zoo, vibe like porsha, pulled it off this one young, and she gave me a little um little shoulder with a little Shoulder out giving me a little skin a little boobs pushed up.

Portia looked good for the most part, her she was giving face and she had the most lip gloss. I have ever seen on a woman uh. I thought departure did you eat fried chicken before you came baby um but portia. You look good. Besides the little shade i was throwing, it is what it is: portia and um a candy girl candy stuck to the theme of the um dungeon burlesque um in the dungeon vibes, and i feel like candy pulled it off. But i feel like the little swoop on the end, was down too much. Candy girl and i couldn’t see your ass. When i was watching the reunion, i had a sweat and looked back. I was trying to see your eyes. I wanted to see each other candy and i couldn’t see your girl was too much down, but maybe you should tuck your head up and we could have seen your eyes. You get the big dag award before sticking to the theme, the candy wasn’t, my favorite look hell, no hell no um, but it is what it is. She did what you had to do, um and just move it on um. Is that all the dresses, oh marlo mama had nothing on, but you know she’s. She has had to go steal from memphis and marcus and wherever she steals that um or use her um big, papa’s um credit card to go, get that outfit but um. You know what she’s stuck to the famous dungeon so i’m allowed some lengthy on these outfits.

Um latoya um she don’t look too bad. She didn’t look too good. I feel like she’s, just in the middle, she went with a safe outfit. You know her shoulders out giving us a little see through scene um. It just looked very cheap to me. Um, like you went to tags. You know i’m gon na leave, candy alone we’re gon na move along let’s get into the actual reunion episode of part. One. All right so let’s start with the porsche versus kenya. I feel like that’s, where i remember that first popped off between the ladies um porsche brought up about how kenya has not been supportive of her um civil rights of going through this brianna taylor thing and her speaking up on black lives matter. Um. Kenya said that she doesn’t believe 100, that porsha is um, true authentic, because portia didn’t invite her to the psa, and my only thing with this is kenya, um you’ve been very negative and speaking on um portia, and not believing that she is really authentic about this. So why would you want the to invite you there kenya mo or why would you want her to invite you where you is being very negative about the thing that she is doing she’s doing a good thing, she’s fighting for rights for rihanna taylor to get her? The officers um brought justice uh her killers brought to justice, so i feel like kenya mohor, you know you ain’t gon na get an invite because you’re very negative and portia.

I was on porsche side on this one um. It is what it is um support. She got her together, um nice nasty. She didn’t throw too much shade, but i just feel like um, porsha and kenya’s relationship. I feel like it’s, never going to be good. I feel like they don’t see each other. They have never gotten along. I just feel like it’s an underlying issue with them: they’re just not meant to be friends and it’s. Okay, if some people in the world is not meant to be friends, and we got ta, move on and accept that – and i just feel like these: if they wasn’t on the show, they would have nothing to do with each other. They only have to interact because they’re on this show now let’s get into um. First, i just want to say: candy girl, i feel like candy, is jumping into kenya’s battles a little bit too much for me. I know she can have her opinion because she’s around these situations, but candy girl, i need you to stay in your own lane but baby. Maybe this is your ploy to try to get your peach next season because candy, i just want to be real on this and there’s a little bit of cynthia too cynthia can’t be with him. I feel like you guys, have been on the show for over a decade 10 years, um, porsha and kenya has been on the show long too, but i just feel like you and cynthia’s um story lines are running out, baby panties have had every business have had A clothing line, sex line, um tours cd, getting back with escape kids, going to college baby, daddy drama, wife, drama, mama, joyce, drama, todd, um drama, um, opportunist drama, we’ve had every drama on the show candy and i feel like it’s your time to go girl.

I ain’t trying to put somebody out they job or check the producers. I feel like it’s, 10 candy needs to go by next season or the season after that, but i wouldn’t give candy another five seasons on the show because he is tired of candy. Now we love candy and we know we love escape. Every man wants to run with him hug and just go hang and i feel like candy just need to kick it out the house, but it is what it is let’s move on. Lord, i just want to hang and go ahead. Let’S get on to kenya versus juice, the door juicy door is on some okay it’s, not like i’m, just a fan and picking favorites. Okay, i go in and let have on everybody and candy is my favorite housewife, but y’all just think i went on the offer on that whole um, lord, please don’t! Let the candy click come get me the clan, the candy golden click gun. For me. I just speak real, true facts: um um juice, the door versus um um. Kenya i feel like dusador is on some. I feel like she’s, trying to pick kenya um. So what happened? Um juicidora um did bring up that um kenya retweeted a tweet or like to tweet that um. That fan did say that was cringey, how the conversation between her son and um, the old daddy, the words of juicidor and the boy um. Now i do agree with what kenya was saying, but kenya that’s what i have to call you out.

Kenya, i feel like anything to do with children if they tweet it and say it, your ass should not be um liking it or retweeting it. Kenya. I need your ass to stop doing that, because you would not want anybody to come from brooklyn, which i feel like candy was trying to get through your thick ass score. Um, i just feel like kids is off limits. I don’t give a care what you say: what you try to say: dress it up, as i just feel like kenya, you were just gon na be wrong. In that moment, you just needed to apologize and move the hell along, but kenya did give her apology and juice store. I didn’t want to take it and juice the door with these thoriatric tears. That was fake. As hell. You know she juiced. The door is um. Acting and she knows how to cry on cue, so juice the door i would just. You was just giving me trying to act and maybe just though you’re not the best actor to me, baby um i’m, not trying to take anything your accomplishments, but you’re. Just not a good actor to me um, it is what it is. You can shave me in the comment section i don’t give a um. It is what it is um, but juice. Fedora um was crying and king was not having it and i wasn’t having any, though um. Also we did have juicy door.

Husband, ralph come up and talk about what he was doing in tampa and i feel like we didn’t get no real um. We didn’t get no truth or some real tea from that um i feel like they try to dress it up, as he was alone and just kicking it by himself and running through the beach he passed four beaches. To get there mind you um, i was with candy all those face: marks i’m, like ralph, save it. Your ass went there for some cooch or you went there for some during the lane because ralph you ain’t telling the 100 truth, and i don’t believe you who the hell goes to a beautiful tampa beach by they self to run and passes for other beaches. Ralph get the out of here. He was doing something that was fun in the dungeon and we, it is what it is um. Nothing happened for that, so i don’t know why the he was there because we didn’t get no from that all right, so let’s get into latoya coming to the reunion you know she was sick, said that she had a kidney infection cough. She had everything. I just think she had the nervous and the butterflies in the stomach this her first reunion um, so latoya is mad because some things um has transpired behind the scenes and one of um latoya’s entourage a barber. Whatever came in her room, trying to record her, get rid of item c pill, um they’re trying to be funny, i feel like it was disrespectful to for them to barge into her room to do that.

Um and latoya said it off. She came out and called juicer sonora um spongebob. You know what you they might they keep saying that um latoya is declassing the show and i do get them to a certain extent um. But do we remember porsha fighting three times on the show that ain’t? That d, glass and when kenya dragged her gone with the wind fabulous ass on the show that wasn’t the class in the show so for latoya to come on and for everybody to be in the uh war, she is bringing the show down. We don’t do that here in the words and going um. I just feel like it’s. Some i feel like she is here to shade a like. The people are paid to do on the show, and if it was up to me, latoya would be a peach holder and um juice. Adora cinthian candy would be gone. Okay, um latoya deserved one of those peaches because that gave it to you. She gives you enroll on cut and she’s come so who comes for her okay and i’m all here for the shade when she called that big sponge bob i was done and when she said juice on noah, and she said lord, you know what latoya’s alright with Me i just feel like she gets right to the point. She is not fake, she’s gon na say how she feels and latoya. I was here up for all that um and what else happened that’s when union trying to think if it i, if i can’t, think it it must not been relative.

Um y’all. I am sorry for all the shade that i’ve thrown candy. I just want to give you an apology, because i’ve candy, you must have been doing the goddamn thing i have talked about you during this whole, damn review so maybe candy. I apologize you, the you stay with housewives, because, if you’re the only real celebrity on their candy acquire, this is kept candy, the only one with a grammy. So really the mother need to be bound down with the candy candy’s. The only celebrity on their real, celebrity um from out of the housewives, you know i’m, not gon na it. Please like and subscribe y’all. Let me get the over here, i’m being too shady um. Is your horse live horse issue live and i’ll see y’all in the next video it’s.