Do you have a board, like the redax zero that youre just wanting to implement into a custom project, but you dont have the hardware to create your own pcb prototypes? Well, pcbway. Has you covered pcbua will allow you to create custom pcb prototypes, flexible pcbs, pcb assemblies, cnc, 3d, printing and much more. All you got to do is configure it with the different settings, for example, with pcb prototypes enter the dimensions that you want, enter the quantity configure. The additional settings and you can be quoted a price and shipped right to your door. This website truly looks like a geeks favorite place to hide like lets say you have some special 3d cad files that you would just love to print, but you cant afford a 3d printer just throw it at pcb, wait and have them do it for you very Affordably now back to the video, so lets start out with the redax zero specs. So, first of all, the redax zero is packing a quad core 64 bit a53 cpu, which is a 12 nanometer cpu. As for the gpu, we have the mali g31 mp2 gpu and, according to some, that gpu is even better than the raspberry pi 4, which is an interesting claim. As for the ram, we have lpddr4 memory and this can go all the way from 512 megabytes up to four gigs of ram, which i have four gigs of ram on my model right here, then we also do have an emmc module, but this emc module is Solid soldered on onto this board, meaning that you cant pull this off.

It is connected to this board and then, as for display output, we have micro hdmi, just like the raspberry pi 4 has, but on this board we only have one. You can get this board either with wi fi, 4 and bluetooth, 4 or wi fi 5 and bluetooth 5.. So there are different variants of this board and we have a usb 2.0 type c otg port and we have a usb 3.0 type c host and there are 40 gpi gpi pin hosts, meaning there arent the pins in it. But there are the holes for the gpio pins and we also do have an sd card reader right here on the board, which can be used to run operating systems, and my model right here has a has four gigs of ram and a 16 gigabyte emmc module. Soldered onto it, however, you can pick this board up in many different configurations, like i mentioned before, and you can purchase this from different side, which i will leave it down below, but yeah. So overall, this board is packing a lot in it. For being such a small form factor basically the same size as the raspberry pi zero 2w, but it has much more power considering that that board only has 512 megabytes of ram and the redax zero, you can get all the way to four gigs of ram. A four core cpu and maybe even a more powerful gpu than the raspberry pi 4.

, and so that is really awesome. As for the supported operating systems on the redax zero, we have the pre installed: android 9. That comes on the emmc, which is kind of a strange version of android 9.. There is no google play installed and i will showcase it a little bit later and you can also run ubuntu 2020.04 debian buster, and there are some other third party operating systems such as manjaro and twister, os, which i will also be showing twister os in a Little bit honestly for not being a raspberry pi, though this board has quite a bit of support, because i know its a common thing to hear that other boards other than the raspberry pi pies dont, have much software support. But this sport seems to really have quite a few operating systems that you can run. You can just go through their website and see all of these third party and official operating systems that can run on this board. As for connecting to this board youre going to need some type of usbc dongle, if you want to connect usb devices to this sport, such as a mouse and keyboard or a usb drive, i tried the b link expand in that. I reviewed in this video right here, but sadly, it doesnt seem to work with the redax zero just like it did not work with the raspberry pi 4.. Thankfully i have this other usbc dongle right here. That seems to work just fine.

I just plug it into that usbc otg port and i can get mouse and keyboard access is just fine. As for power, input im using the official raspberry pi type c cable right here, but this board does need so much power. So, basically, anything probably should do the job just fine. So enough talking and lets jump straight into the pre included android interface that came on my emmc module. There are other android variants on their websites like there is a lineage os third party build, but i havent tested that one. Yet i am just going with the one that came on the board and then after that, well take a look at twister os to get a feel for how linux looks and performs on the redax zero. So here we are on the android experience on the redax. Zero and chances are if you buy the redax zero. This is whats going to come. Pre installed on the emmc drive of your redact to zero. So, as you can see it looks, it looks a little bit strange and if we go over to see which version of android this is we can go over to settings if i can find it. So when you go to settings it starts to look like an android tv, which definitely is a little bit strange honestly. So this seems like a mix of android tv and normal android its a little bit strange, but we are on android 9 right here, as you can see, and we have the 4.

9.113 kernel. So that is what version of android were using and you and im using a mouse and keyboard so its not the most optimized for this experience, but overall it will do the job. So first of all lets head into geekbench 5 and see what type of score we get when we run geekbench. So i just rang geek cringe 5 on the redax 0 and as you can see, these are my scores. So we got 127 for single core and a 428 for multi core score, so this obviously isnt a performance monster, but its okay. It did take quite a while to run this geek match 5 thing, and i will say that i am not using cooling and my redax 0 doesnt feel extremely hot, which is pretty awesome, so that is our geekbench scores right here. So i want to go back and take a look at ida 64 to see what it says about our system, so well open up ida 64 and our screen resolution is 1920., but here we are guys, so we have the droid logic logic manufacturer. This is something that i thought was really interesting interesting. You know. I said that i have four gigs of ram well ida, 64 and system c, both only report that i have two gigs of ram, but when i boot into linux, i do have the full fledged four gigs of ram that im supposed to have. So i dont know if android just isnt using two gigs in my ram or if both these apps are just reporting incorrectly.

It is simply a strange thing but thats all. I can really say. I mean its a little bit strange and i did try asking on the discord server, but i didnt get so much help as of now yeah, so that is basically it for here. If we go to thermals right here, i do not have any cooling and im just running at 42, so this board, i mean – i guess you could put heatsink on here if you really do want to, but it isnt gon na affect it too much like this Thing doesnt seem to be overheating that much so overall, it seems like a pretty cool little board. Oh an ad thats one thing about this sport. There isnt are on this version of android there isnt like close and open buttons on the bottom right here, which makes it a little hard to navigate, but overall lets jump straight into some game testing to see how real racing 3 performs on this board. So here i am in real racing three and, as you can see, it seems to be running all right on this board. I mean its not the best performance in the graphics like it seems a little bit stuttery honestly, but i dont play this game that much so im not sure how the normal thing is supposed to be. But overall i would say that this is playable, but i mean a controller or something like that would be much better than trying to do it like.

I am with a mouse and keyboard, so thats real racing, three, so heres, another game that i got working on. The redax zero – and this is hill kind of kill, climb racing, definitely not a heavy game at all. As you can see, it runs totally fine, incredibly playable on this board, but i just want to show you guys that for basic android games, the redax zero is just gon na. Do just fine and youre gon na be able to play most simple android games and thats about it. For what games im gon na be testing, i did try to run asphalt 9, but because of the limitation of not having google play on this board, it wont work like it like i get in there and it says that you cant run this without google play Store as youre going to see right here, its not going to run with google play services thats. Why? I i had to substitute and install aptoide by myself, which is kind of its just a collection of different apk files which works okay, but you are gon na miss out on those google apps, such as youtube right. If i try to open it, its gon na say its not going to work because its just not going to work since there arent those google services which are needed to run on youtube. So the next best thing that we can do is going to go over to firefox, which i installed through aptoide.

There is a pre included web browser on here, but firefox just seems to be a little bit better in my opinion. So here we can go to big bug, bunny and test out some youtube. Video playback inside of the browser so well be running this at 720p, normal speed and then well go stats for nerds as well, and well. Try to make it big right here, like that all right, so right here were running this at 720p 30 frames, as you can see right here, and you know, this board is doing an amazing job were not skipping any frames. This is much better performance than you get in the raspberry pi in most operating systems, which i mean its not a surprise. These, like ive, heard that these boards seems tend to run android pretty well and to watch 720p video on this board. Youre gon na be just fine as for 1080p, i havent tested it, but it probably would be okay, but if youre fine with watching 720p, this board is going to be a blast with watching 720p video youre not going to have any issues whatsoever. So if, as for web browsing, this board should do just fine as well so like we could search for basically anything and this keyboard right. Here i actually installed myself. There was a different uglier keyword before and i just installed the g board from aptoide and it seems to work all right. So here like we could go, buy a raspberry pi and you know it loads up all right.

We can scroll and everything like that and its its not the greatest experience its, not the worst experience. It seems to be pretty snappy and everything like that, so i wouldnt say that theres too much to worry about honestly with this board. So i mean this is basically the android experience its not the greatest, but it will work, and i would be interested in testing out that lineage os that is available for the board as well. Overall and i did like it – go ahead and install the nova 7 launcher, because you know the interface is kind of ugly just to give it a little bit of a better experience. So you can definitely go ahead and change from the default experience and there are more apps in here that i didnt go through, but thats about it. For the android side of things now lets head over to twitter, os, which i will be booting from on a sd card on the redax zero and get a feel for how linux performs on this board. So here we are on twister os armbian on the redax zero, and this is still on beta 4 and it is based on armbian, which is based on ubuntu 20.04, and you actually just download this from their website and flash it to an sd card. Using a software like a ballet etcher plug it into your redax zero and it will automatically boot to the sd card as far as im concerned, it boots to the sd card first, before going to the emmc module, so you dont really have to do any additional Setup you just download it and flash it, and you should be good to use twister os on your redax zero.

So, first of all the experience here is going to be pretty much just like you are going to get on the raspberry pi 4 like this. Is the windows 10 theme and it seems to be a pretty nice theme? I mean im not going to go through everything, but we do have the theme twister right here. It doesnt have that nice graphical user interface that it does have on the raspberry pi 4. At least not yet, but there is still stuff in here, so there are 13 themes that you can choose from, and that is quite a lot. So i really had to switch the themes in and im not going to do that in this video. But there is a lot that you can do with twitter west. You have a lot of beautiful pre installed applications, but first lets take a look at the terminal and see what neo fetch that sony effects right here. So we are running arm being a focal 21.08 and this is twister os, armbian, okay, so here we go so we have. We are running the 5.12 kernel and this is xfc, of course, and our redax zero is at one point, five gigahertz and we have four gigs of ram like i said right here, this twister os shows my full four games of ram, unlike android did and if We type in a stock right here. You can see right here that our cpu temp ng boot temps are just very low 45.

I mean, i guess its average, so thats really good. I do not have any cooling on here. Everything seems to be running nice and cool, but of course it would never hurt to throw heatsink on here. Of course, and, like i said, we are running ubuntu 20.0.4 lts, so that is really awesome. But for this video i thought we just tested some web browsing and just see how the overall ui feels if you were going to use this as your own desktop so like we clicked file manager right here, the terminal so in the file manager. We have all our files right here and we all oh – we actually have a retropie on here, interesting, so yeah. We do have retropie right here that you could use to play. Emulation and stuff like that and the pre included web browser on here is vivaldi, which honestly vivaldi seems a little bit slow for my taste, i mean it just doesnt seem to be the best experience i yeah so thats why i went ahead and i personally installed Chromium – and you may ask how do i do this since its not in ubuntu repositories, so i actually installed the good old pi apps, so yes, pi apps, it does work on this board too. It does not only work on the raspberry pi. I mean there may be some compatibility issues when you are using this, but overall for me it seemed to work just fine and i was actually able to install chromium through here im, pretty sure that i installed the hood there.

So there we have the chromium web browser and well go ahead and try some youtube video playback in here real fast and lets see how that goes. So you know how i said that pipes was working well, it doesnt seem to be launching right now, but im pretty sure that i did use it before and its really strange that its not launching right now. Maybe if i did a quick reboot, it would work too, but here we are guys we have big buck money open right here. This is going to be at 720p and this is the 24 frames. Video and, as you can see, were dropping 41 41 out of 234 and were not even in full screen, so this is definitely worth worse. Youtube performance than we got in the android experience, which is kind of obvious android, does is supposed to work a little bit better im pretty sure. So you mean i mean. Can you watch youtube? Videos on here sure like right here lets see? Is it stuttery? It does take a little bit to load between them. I mean that could also be due to my internet, not being the greatest, but i mean it. Just doesnt seem to be the most best performance that youre going to get like the raspberry pi might even be a little bit ahead of that and when im in chromium right now, as you can see, my mouse seems to be kind of flickery and it doesnt Do that when im outside of chromium, which is a little bit of strange but yeah? So as for web browsing, i mean it works okay, its gon na be all right.

But overall i do feel that the ui and everything feels a little bit worse than the raspberry pi 4, and you may be asking. Why do you keep on saying the raspberry pi 4? Well, because this board is probably more likely to compare to the raspberry pi? 4 than even the raspberry pi zero, so i mean thats what ive heard from some people but overall seems like a pretty cool board and yeah. So yeah guys here we are, we come to the end and you may ask, would you recommend buying the redax zero and i would say, if youre looking for a very tiny single board computer that does pack some impressive power, then the redax zero is going to Be a good board and this isnt too expensive, either youll be able to pick these up for a very affordable price and you dont have to buy four gigs of ram if youre not going to use it like buy as much as youre going to need, and Overall, its going to be a very nice experience, i mean, as desktop usage, goes its probably not the best when using linux, but you can run android on this or even use this in some type of diy project that youre going to be working on or something Like that, this should be really nice for that. So i will be interested in testing this out, maybe as a home server or if you want a deep dive comparison against another single board computer, even such as the raspberry pi 4.

Let me know in the comments below any questions. Also, let me know and subscribe to the channel would be really awesome.