Whatever you got so this is a foldable bluetooth keyboard that can fold up and even fit in your pockets. Now i did a review of one of these before and i loved it a lot. I used it for around three years until it broke and died, but i picked up another one which i think should be exactly the same as that one, but yeah it’s like three years later. So i wanted to do another unboxing and review for you guys to see if this could be the foldable bluetooth keyboard for you, so let’s open it up and check it out. So here it comes in a brown box, the original one i had actually had a real legit box with, like you, know the product on it and all, but this one i don’t know just came in a brown box again i ordered this from shoppie and just To get it out, i got it for around 800 pesos, so it’s quite affordable for a bluetooth, keyboard and yeah. So here it is brown box, let’s, open it up, Music and inside oh whoa yeah. I just dropped it. Okay inside we’ve got this manual all in chinese, but there’s an english side, there’s an english side, so really good and then we’ve got the charging cable, really simple: it’s, a micro, usb cable, so it’s, not type c, unfortunately, but that’s. Okay and next we’ve got the actual keyboard itself, so here it is, and let’s just take it out boom there.

It is so, as you can see, it’s got this nice kind of faux leather finish. So it feels really nice it’s soft there’s, the hinge and you can see it’s really really thin so for comparison here is the size of my phone and the size of the keyboard. So, as you can see, they’re almost the same size, the keyboard is just a little shorter, but a little bit wider in terms of thickness they’re about exactly the same phone and the keyboard. Maybe the keyboard is a bit more thick, but yeah practically the same thickness. So it could also fit in your pocket if you needed it too so now, let’s take a look, how it is when you open it up all right. I got that upside down, but the first thing that i noticed is that it’s got magnets so include it boom. It has a nice satisfying click and it’s not going to open on its own, so it’s got a magnet there really nice, and this is how it looks inside the keys are spaced out really well and it’s got one button up here which will turn it on And will pair so why don’t we test it out and i’ll show you how it works with my tablet. Okay, so here is my tablet. This is a tab. S6 light from samsung just adjust this a bit and let’s open up some notes. We’Re going to pair this up by holding the bluetooth button here and now, it’s blinking to let me know, it’s in pairing mode, so let’s pair, that up go into bluetooth and here just says: bluetooth, 3.

0 keyboard click that and it says it is connected. So one cool thing with this bluetooth keyboard is that so right now it’s not paired while it’s closed and it’s not using any power, but as soon as you open it up bam. It pairs right away and it turns on so it’s only it has its battery on right now and we can type away so let’s see let’s type, something hi. This is unbox everything there we go so uh, it’s really easy for me to type the keyboard feels. Well, spaced, the keys feel big enough um. It feels like actually like, like a laptop like a maybe like a 13 inch laptop. This is the size that a keyboard would be so for me, it’s, pretty good, because that’s the size of my laptop and, if you’re talking about the hinge. This is the way that it is split down the middle. So a few keys are, you know, sacrificed in size such as the y. The y is kind of thin. The t is kind of longer. You know just to make up for that hinge in the middle, but if you ask me uh it doesn’t really affect and, of course the space bar is split again because of that hinge. But in terms of typing performance, i think that it is really good. So, as you can see, i can type really fast, no problem and again just want to show the key is it’s got everything so it’s a full keyboard.

You know, you’ve got the function and up here, you’ve got your numbers and also your uh function keys. And if you hold the function button you know you can get things like skipping song fast, forwarding your song things like that media, media, playback controls and then yeah. So you can lock your device all that let’s try to lock. It let’s see what happens so i’m gon na click function and lock boom, so it locks and if you just press any button it turns on again. So, as you can see, it works really. Well. Everything all the keys work really well, and it feels really good to type on for me so again when you close it shuts off by itself, and you can fit this in your pocket, carry it around just like that, so that was the foldable bluetooth keyboard. I believe it’s called the pocket keyboard, something like that. I’M really really happy with it. It’S really good if you’ve got a tablet or need a bluetooth keyboard, for maybe your phone really portable to bring around, and i think that is the best thing about it is that it feels much like a normal bluetooth. Keyboard feels great to type on, even though it’s got this really portable and slim form factor and i’m just really really happy with this keyboard hey.