I mainly work from my surface studio, which has a beautiful 28 inch, 5k touchscreen display, but sharing my 5k display with people attending my training on mobile devices. Wasnt working very well theres, just too many pixels to deal with. So i decided that i needed a small display to work alongside of my surface studio that i could share from so on. My main surface studio display id, have my teams call and chat window and on the other, display id? Have the thing that i was showing people so i went and got a small mobile display that plugs directly into my computer and powers itself from usbc. This asus display is a 13 inch high definition screen and it was great, but i dont know about you, but to me everything these days is a touch screen. My 13 inch asus display was not a touch screen and i found that incredibly limiting. If i was sharing a page with my audience and i wanted to zoom in or get a little detail or pan across, i go to reach out and touch the content and it just wouldnt respond. So id be stuck trying to pan and zoom out with my mouse, and it was just too hard, so i went looking for some usbc portable displays that had touch input at around the same time. One of my suppliers here in australia approached us with a new brand that they picked up called espresso. I hadnt heard of this brand before so.

When did a little research, and i was super impressed by what i found espresso have two beautifully thin. Usb c touchscreen displays a 13 and a 15 inch option. I was lucky enough to catch up with one of the founders of this company on a conference call and they agreed to loan me a device to make this video. The device landed on my desk from amazon well leave an affiliate link to that product in the description below the box, looks beautiful, nice and compact, just like the display, and you can immediately see that theyve put a lot of thought and effort into the design. Its very thin 5.5 millimeters, the chin, is a little bit reminiscent of an imac, and you can see a strong apple influence on this brand and with the minimalist packaging in the box. Youll find all of the cables that you need from any current model surface. I can simply plug the usbc cable into the usbc port on the surface and then directly into the usbc port in the middle here on the display, there are three ports. The first is for usbc power input. This actually allows you to pass pd charging through the display not really needed for the surface studio, but it could be handy for a surface laptop go book or pro you could put your usb c pd charger into this first port then run the second port to Your device and you could charge your surface while youre, using the display, not essential since the surface has its own proprietary charger too, but for anyone who only wants to carry one charger, this would be really handy since theres, only one usbc port on the surfaces.

The third port is a mini hdmi. In my case, the single usb c cable sends the monitor signal as well as power and the touchscreen interface through. If you dont have a usb c port, then you have to use the mini hdmi to hdmi port to connect your device. However, if youre using this port – and you want to use the touchscreen as well, you need the usbc to usb a cable connect that into one of the usb a ports to drive the touchscreen. This espresso display immediately changed the game for me since i now had two touchscreens on my desk, its a very natural and direct way to work with content on your computer, especially for panning, zooming and scrolling. But what really sets the espresso apart are the accessories on offer. There is a very surface like flip case and the almost studio like mount go and then, on top of that there is a visa. Mount option called the mount pro. So you can mount this on a display arm. Basically this one cleverly magnets to the back of the display, so you can just grab the display and throw it into your bag when you need to. I have to send this unit back after this. Video and espresso did not pay us to make this but ill be ordering my own 15 inch model. Alongside of the flip case, which doubles as a screen protector when its in transit ill also grab the mount go option for using on my desk, i really like the idea of having it slightly elevated so that i dont have to look down so far.

One of the key reasons that i got a usbc display in the first place is that i dont necessarily want a second monitor on my desk. All of the time they take up a lot of space. They can be distracting and theyre, often not great ergonomically, but they are hugely useful for multitasking, especially in this age of the video conference. So if you find yourself working from a small workspace, then having a small portable display like this espresso is a brilliant idea and in this age of the video conference, do you really need to be in the office or at home? All of the time i found myself late last year on the side of a mountain in remote victoria running a training session for one of my customers under the shade of a gum tree, i had my surface lte and usbc display on a camping table. While i delivered a training session with my akubra hat on so australian, the point is, if youre a mobile worker, then this is a second display that slots right into your laptop bag, ready to use it. Whenever you have the space, and with that flip case, you can protect your screen and use it as a stand when its in use so thats. The espresso usb c portable touch screen display check it out using the links below its an absolutely brilliant companion for a mobile device. Like my surface, pro weve had hundreds of thousands of views on our videos about how to connect displays over the last year.

Well, leave some links to those below, but over the next couple of months, well release a new series going into every single display scenario that we can imagine right here on the channel, so make sure that you hit subscribe and ring that notification bell so that you Know about it as soon as the videos drop this brand and on the minimum of the minimum. Remember yeah thats going in the bloopers.