The gigantic fan. I mean look right here on the desk right now. I’Ve got two of them so today i want to talk about what is my perfect desk setup and what are the accessories that i use to turn this macbook pro 13 into the ultimate creation device, or even the ultimate productivity device. So what are they let’s find out kind of a slam what’s up everyone i’m, the everday dead. If i can figure it out, you can figure it out and also welcome to the new studio space. It should look a lot like the last one, but it you know lets me actually move around and not stub. My toe on c stands all the time. So let’s talk about the accessories that i personally use to turn this into my basically perfect computer. Now i do i had to tear apart my entire desk to show you this, so this is actually the stuff that i use on a daily basis for all of these videos and to manage all of my daily work tasks. Number one we can’t have a macbook pro accessory video without the macbook pro 13., so here’s my macbook pro 13.. This is the 16 gigabyte unified memory and the one terabyte storage option. So there you go one macbook pro 13 and it is so much faster and so much more efficient than my macbook pro 16. it’s incredible, but so let’s build from the bottom up. I think so.

Let’S start off with the desk the desk that i actually use when i’m working is one of these that you see right now, so this is from a company called veridesk, and this is their, i believe, it’s their reclaimed wood top. I use the exact same table back over there, it’s just a little bit bigger. I have a windows computer set up for video gaming in there, so i do have the little bit bigger version and yeah. I really like this desk it’s got a little control here on the side that lets you raise and lower it. You can set certain custom presets, and this thing is solid, like this is heavy. The biggest trouble that i had resetting this whole studio was moving. This thing around because it is a i love this desk. It is a it’s, not cheap, but it’s definitely been worth it because you can build a lot of stuff off of it. It’S got really good cable management, i mean i don’t, have good cable manage, but theoretically i could use this to have better cable bin and on top of that, you’ve seen this several times before. So we won’t belabor. The point too much i like having a big mouse pad. I don’t like using mice on top of just a regular desk because it like i don’t, like the sound and i don’t like putting stress on the desk itself. So i use this is the galloway leather and you don’t have to get this specific mouse pad, but you can get gigantic mouse pads anymore, and so this is basically like a whole desk long mouse pad that just you get to set everything on it.

It works really well, i like how comfy it feels and when you’re using a mouse it just lets you smoothly, do it without damaging your desk ooh. My mouse is gross. I should probably should have cleaned some of this stuff before we start to talk that’s, how you know it’s the stuff that i use is because it’s all gross, because it sits on my desk all day, long yeah. You could get this in neoprene. You could get this in leather all sorts of things. I would recommend a big old dust pad and if i remember correctly the last time we made a video where i recommended this people said that these were out of stock on the galloway leather amazon site. So hopefully they will be back in stock now because they are incredible. I love this thing. I should buy another one. The next time i see one is in stock. Once we have a space, we can set everything down the big problem with the m1 macbook pro 13 and really all of the macbook pro 13s, especially the budget ones are they’ve only got two thunderbolt 3 ports, and you probably will need more than that. You’Re trying to use it in a desk setup, so i use the cal digit ts3 plus this has been my dock for what about a year a little over a year now it’s powered. So it will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and you’ll need to take up one of the thunderbolt 3 ports to get all of this functionality, and it provides enough power to the macbook pro 13.

You don’t need to use the included cable or the included charger for the macbook, so you can see on the back here. You plug it into dc power. You can get ethernet display port 10 gigabit per second usbc that’s, your usbc power delivery, the one you plug into the computer itself. You get four usba on the back, then on the front you get another usba, another usbc headphone and sd card i’m telling you. This is also expensive, but i use this. I cannot exist without this thing anymore. I use a lot of sd card, so i have to import all of my footage, but even if i didn’t use sd anymore, i would still use this because it lets me plug in all of my accessories all through one. I love thunderbolt 3.. I love that’s. My biggest problem with ryzen laptops is you don’t necessarily get thunderbolt 3. Yet i’ve heard usbc 4 will include a lot of the same technology as thunderbolt 3, but you don’t have it yet. So i love this dock. I would buy this dock again if this broke on me. Okay, so we also have to set the computer on the desk. I guess what helps you could just use it right like this um. You could even have it open plugged into an external monitor and that could be a dual screen setup, but i just like using one monitor, we’ll, see my monitor here in just a second and then i really like these.

This is called a book arc. I’M. Pretty sure you can buy these from lots of companies, but all you do is you just set your computer right in there it’s so easy? I actually put my macbook behind the monitor and then i never have to worry about it and it just stays nice and even – and i don’t have to worry about it. Taking up too much space in the desk, i’ve got lots of vertical space on the desk, but i don’t have as much horizontal space. So it takes up a lot of room when you just set it down like this, where it does not take up nearly as much room when you do that, just get it out of the way. Okay. So how do i interact with a computer if it’s set up in a stand, and i can’t actually touch it, so i use the apple magic keyboard. This is my favorite keyboard ever made. This is my favorite keyboard of all time. I have the space gray version with the number pad you can get a smaller version, that’s cheaper, but i love this thing. It’S totally wireless connects via bluetooth, you charge it with a lightning cable and the battery lasts forever. I don’t actually remember the last time i charged this thing, which probably means it’s gon na die. This is also gross, which probably means this is gon na die sometime today. It’S always the your technology always dies at the least opportune moment uh, but it you can see here.

It’S got a little bit of a wedge shape to it and it’s, so small, your hands and wrists are able to maintain a very neutral position when you’re typing. It feels very comfortable to keys they’re just clicky enough they’re, not like super mechanical, but they’re. Also, not very mushy, this is just it feels great. You can get into an incredibly smooth typing groove with this keyboard. I love it there’s. A reason. You’Ve probably heard me say several times that i love all this gear, because you know one of the benefits of having a youtube channel like mine, where i talk about tech all the time and it has enough of a revenue, is i could buy anything that i Wanted so the stuff that i have here i use because i absolutely love it and it’s my preferred stuff. I love this keyboard, but then i also for the mouse i used to use the apple, magic mouse and it’s fine, but it’s only fine it’s, not amazing. I use the logitech mx master 3, which is the best mouse ever so i would say that this key combination, this keyboard and mouse combination, is the best that money can buy. It’S phenomenal. This again connects via bluetooth. You’Ve got a vertical scroll wheel here, but you’ve also got a horizontal scroll wheel here on the side, which is my favorite part, as somebody that does a lot of scrubbing through video clips. This horizontal scroll is so good.

Yes, i know that in most video editing software you can set up ways to scroll horizontally, but i just like being able to do it with a dedicated wheel, makes it so easy. You’Ve got customizable buttons here, there’s, even you probably can’t, see it here, but there’s a customizable button right here. This charges via usbc and unlike the magic mouse you can charge it and use it at the same time because it has an actual useful charging port. Not here on the bottom and what’s cool about this, is you can pair this to up to three devices at once? So i’ve actually got this paired to my macbook pro 13, this one, but i also have this paired to my windows laptop and i have that set for number two it’s super comfortable. This is the most comfortable mouse. You will ever use. It’S got nice heft to it, the mx master 3 and the magic keyboard is the perfect keyboard mouse combination. You saw me say that i’ve only got the one terabyte drive. Obviously, sometimes i will need more than that and in those situations i have two kinds of drives so one i have. These are samsung solid state drives and then i use these regular spinning drives from lacie. So these are what i consider to be just cheap storage. You can buy a lot of these. This is four terabytes right here. You can buy for like a hundred bucks, and i keep all of my files backed up on three of these, so i have triple redundancy in case.

One dies you never ever wan na have something that’s important to you saved on one drive, whether it’s, your internal drive, an external drive. I like to have three copies that lets me sleep at night, but if i’m doing work or i’m transferring footage from a camera to another computer or from computer to computer, i do like using solid state drives because they are faster. This is the older samsung t5. This is a two terabyte version, and this just holds obviously holds twice the storage that my computer over there holds, but it reads relatively quickly. The t5s can sometimes be hard to get a hold of because all of the black magic cameras can write to these, but they can’t write to the t7s which we’ll talk about in a second, so people generally snap these up as quick as possible. So i keep one of each on hand. The t7 is this one. You can see it’s a little bigger but it’s a little thinner, it’s more of like a credit card shape. This is my preferred method. This is a one terabyte version. This reads faster: it writes faster if you want a little more security in your files. You can also this thing right. Here is a fingerprint scanner, so you can set it up with samsung software to only unlock for you, which is, i think, pretty neat. I never use that, but i really like these two styles of solid state drives solid state drives, have gotten cheap enough that i default to them as much as i can.

Unless i need three versions of something, then i go with this. Oh and you’ll also need cables, so i have usb c cables. I think those are. I don’t have any more cables here, but you always got to have some kind of usbc cable and then actually seeing this cable hold on here’s. Something else that i want to mention um quickly, if you’re going to have all this stuff you’re going to have lots of cables right, cable management is very important, and so this is not really an accessory for the macbook but it’s an accessory for literally everything. I use in the studio these are velcro gear straps, you can pull this off and then you can cable manage all of your cables, and this is surprisingly wide. So you can get like even thick cables. You can manage and make sure that they are not. Just all over the place, this has changed my life. If there’s only one thing in this video that you should go, look at like right now, it’s these things. These will i’m i’m telling you these will change your life in how you manage all. I mean there’s cables everywhere, i’m. Looking around my studio right now, there’s cables everywhere you don’t want you, do not want cables, just hanging out or they’ll control. You you won’t control them gear, straps, a couple more things for the inside studio and then we’ll talk about the accessories that i use when i’m out and about because i have had to travel for work recently.

We talked about needing to import sd cards and i’m. Not sure that i ever really talk about the ones that i use, i use these sony tough m cards so there’s the sony, tough m and g. The g are the expensive ones because they’re the v90. These are the cheaper v60 version. Now all that means is how fast that they can read and write. I shoot everything in 4k, 30 frames per second at 10 bit, so i need a faster card, but i don’t need the fastest card. These m cards. You can get them for reasonably priced they’re. Uh s2 and they’re a single like piece: there’s, not two pieces. Normally, if you check out a regular sd card, they’re two pieces glued together, i’ve had problems with that in the past. So i just use these they’re all one single piece: they’re tough, they’re, waterproof, they’re, durable, like you it’s, you would have to be trying to break this to break this. So i very that’s all that i use these sony. Tough cards is the only sd cards. I use if you’ve seen me live streaming recently. I still use the elgato cam link. This is the original one it’s usba hdmi. This does not do 4k, but who? Why would you stream in 4k? I use this thing it’s great. I know there are cheaper options out there now, so you don’t necessarily have to get this one. But i really like a usba hdmi, like converter, not converter, but like importer, just something to let you stream, because with zoom meetings and all of the meetings that you spend time in, or at least i spend my every single waking moment in it seems like you Got to have one of these because it just lets you use a better quality camera than your webcam that lets you have better audio and better video quality, instead of just using like your laptop’s built in microphone, so it’s, not just about the camera it’s about the Audio you can get this makes it so much easier and then for security.

For my accounts on the computer. I do find that account. Security is becoming a very hot button issue. For me, i use the google titan. This is just a little fob that you plug into your computer and then it will let you unlock your google accounts and then, if it is not plugged in there are versions to set up wirelessly. I just always keep it plugged in. So i can always access my google accounts, because i am terrified anymore of something happening to them, so that is oh, we got one more thing. Well, i haven’t even talked about the monitor. Yet, okay let’s not break it. Here we go. This is the lg 34gn. This is an ultra wide gaming monitor so it’s, not specifically designed for like video, editing and stuff like that. It has a pretty fast refresh rate, but i just really like having an ultra wide monitor. This one is super color. Accurate, i’ve also calibrated it myself. So everything looks incredible on here. This saves me so much time. I do not like dual monitor setups. I like having everything just on one screen that i can see whenever i need to see it, and this provides so much viewing space it’s incredible plus it has display port. I have my speakers plugged into it. Everything plugs right into this monitor and that dock, and it just takes one cable into the macbook. I love this monitor, it’s, really heavy, and you can see right here in the back.

It also has some cable management here. So as you plug stuff in you can loop it through here. So all your cables in the back don’t get crazy, but it’s heavy and so let’s set it down. Let’S also talk about speakers because i talked about plugging them into the the monitor. So these are what i use. These are the e3.5 i’ve heard these called the monitors for people. Don’T know that don’t know what good is. I am not an audiophile. These sound phenomenal to me. These are good enough for me to jam out to some music play. Some video games do my video editing. I really like these. These were not very expensive there’s, a pair of them. I just left the other one out there, because you don’t really just imagine that there’s two in my hand here, if you’re, not an audiophile you’ll, probably think the same, because they do sound fantastic, so that’s. Everything that i use to set up my desk here for the macbook pro 13., but, like i said i have been traveling for work a little bit going into the office traveling around the local area, and there are a few different things that i use when i’m Traveling i don’t like just using the macbook by itself. I do like having a couple of key things to take with me and they’re all right here. Thankfully so i do use this is the netgear. I forget what this thing’s even called.

This is a hot spot. So i have t mobile for my cell phone, but t mobile doesn’t have service everywhere that i need to go so i have one of these for at t just that i have redundancy. So if i need an internet connection, i can either use my att hotspot or i use my cell phone’s t mobile if at t is not working, use my cell phone it’s really fast. This is really powerful, it’s just great to bring along with me, it’s, not cheap, but again much like this other stuff, it’s it’s stuff that i need to work. So the cost is not that big of a deal for me personally, because if it’s got ta work, it’s got ta work for bags. The way that i carry my macbook pro 13 around. I use this. I know it’s gon na sound you’re like gary. You spent all this money on this other stuff. Why are you cheaping out on the bag? Well, here’s, why i use this bag it’s of a reasonable quality, it’s, nice and matte black and it’s, unassuming so what i don’t like is bringing around a bag that screams this guy has a bunch of expensive stuff. In here i don’t like that. I like having a bag where they look at and they’re like there’s, no way there’s anything valuable in that thing. Look at it it’s falling apart. It has enough space to put the macbook in here.

You’Ve got some more space in here for all the rest of the accessories. Unassuming bags i’m telling you i’m telling you don’t walk around with expensive bags, especially if they’re bags that are known to be expensive. Just just a warning for the last couple of things. We’Re going to talk about when i’m doing quick day trips, i don’t like bringing along the logitech mx master 3. it’s a little too big. I use the logitech m350 pebble. This thing you can do this either bluetooth or through a wireless connection. It has a little dongle with it, but this thing is super small it’s got a good enough click that it just it’s better. I don’t like having i don’t like doing the dance here on like a computer where i’m trying to type and then using the trackpad. At the same time i like being able to spread out even when i have a laptop that’s. Why i have this, then, when it comes to a dongle, because you will probably need some way to get more ports in the computer and you won’t want to bring that dock around everywhere. So i’ve been using this editor keys dongle. The editor keys did send me this, so i did not buy this. This is the only thing in this entire video that i did not buy, but i’ve really been liking. It you get sd card micro, sd card, usb c headphone, three usba and a 4k hdmi port, which is pretty important and what i like – and this is, i know – it’s silly.

I know it’s silly, but one of the reasons i’ve been bringing it around. Is it this lights up? I like, when this little thing lights up check it out. I just like that it lights up, see it’s it’s, the small things right and then for power. I don’t like using these standard macbook charger it’s. Just all it does is charge. The macbook and sometimes i’ve got other stuff that needs to charge. So i use this ravpower 65 watt little charger. You can see. It’S got two usba two power delivery, usbc 65 watts. So it should power everything that you need unless you have a gigantic macbook pro 16, that needs 90 ish watts of power. This is great, and then i carry around an external battery, even though the macbook pro 13 has phenomenal battery life. My iphone 12 mini does not have the best battery life, so i still bring along an external battery. This is also wow. We normally i’d try to not double up on the brands if i can help it, but this is a double rathpower day. I personally, i just use them because i like uh, how they look this one also has the little digital display. This is zero percent, because we were just traveling the other day, but it also gives you power. Delivery. Usb c gives you usba lets. You know how much you’ve got and it’s what a 10 000 milliamp there’s a 15 000 milliamp hour battery, so it gives you plenty of power when you’re out traveling, so that’s gary’s entire setup, whether i’m sitting at my desk or i’m out traveling for work.

This is every single accessory that i personally use to make all this content or to even work while i’m out. But what are some of the things that you like? Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favorite accessories for the macbook pro. I found a lot of this stuff from you all, leaving me comments, which is phenomenal because i love buying these little gadgets.