Now, in my opinion, this is definitely an ultrabook for what we have here, but its going to come in a lot smaller than some of the other ones, because the screen on this is only 10.1 inches. But we do have a resolution of 2560 by 1600 and its 100 srgb. This is known as the one netbook for by one netbook. Now this is really a two in one we do have a touch screen built in and, as you can see, this thing is ultra small. I mean its super portable. We dont have any full size, usb ports, but we do have two usbc 4.0 ports and one usbc 3.0 port, so it does support thunderbolt 4 and we will be testing out any gpu with this unit. This is the platinum edition which comes with the tiger lake i7 and inside of the box were also going to get our user manual and our 45 watt quick charger for the built in 10, 000 milliamp hour battery now theyre claiming up to eight hours of video Playback on this unit im sure it could reach that in low power mode, which would be perfectly fine for video playback, but uh. One reason i really like this is the portability behind. I mean its a fully functional laptop and it actually has some decent power to it for its size. Like i mentioned, this is a two in one, so we can fold this screen on over and use it like a windows tablet.

If you want to right now, i have windows 10 pro installed on this, but it can be upgraded to windows 11. If you really feel the need to do it, weve got a fully functional, trackpad, backlit keyboard, and this screen is absolutely beautiful. 100 srgb, 10.1 inches. It is an ips running at 60 hertz and you might notice a little bit of flickering going on thats, just my camera trying to keep up keep in mind. You wont see this with your naked eye now over here. On the right hand, side we have our power button, slash fingerprint reader, usb type c, this ones usb 3.1, and we also have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack moving over to the left hand side. We have two usbc 4.0 ports and these do support thunderbolt 4, plus a micro sd card slot. And just to give you a look here, we do have a white led backlight keyboard, its only a single zone in non rgb, but it does light up pretty bright and it gets the job done. But before we really get started here, i do want to mention that this video is sponsored by simply nook and their all new platinum, snuck laptop. The all new platinum snuck is a premium mobile workstation powered by an intel. I7 11800h. We have 8 course 16 threads with a boost up to 4.6 gigahertz in your choice of either an nvidia rtx 3060 or an rtx 3070 gpu weve also got a 15.

6 inch. Ips 1080p fhd 240hz display onboard wi, fi 6 and a 2.5 gigabyte ethernet port. Now, as for storage and memory, this can be upgraded all the way to 64 gigabytes of ram and up to 16 terabytes of nvme m.2 storage, its got a fully backlit rgb optical mechanical keyboard and a glass cover track pad. If youre looking for a powerful mobile workstation, then this could definitely be for you keep in mind theyre, offering two models. The pro model comes with the rtx 3060 and six gigabytes of gddr6 vram, and the elite model is powered by the nvidia rtx 3070, with eight gigabytes of gddrv ram. So, no matter what model you choose when the work is done and its time to game youre not going to have any trouble running your favorite aaa games on these workstations. So if youre interested in learning more about simply nux platinum, snuck books, be it the elite or the pro, i will leave links in the description and when it comes to the specs of the one netbook 4 for the cpu, we have the tiger like i7. 1160 g7 four course: eight threads base clock of 1.2 gigahertz with the max turbo up to 4.4 for the gpu we have the built in iris, xe, graphics. This is the 96 execution unit version up to 1.1 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4x soldered to the board. This is non user upgradable. We also have a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd wi fi 6 bluetooth 5.

1, and this is running windows 10 right out of the box, but, like i mentioned, this can be upgraded to windows 11.. So if youre, a regular viewer of the channel, you know im, a big fan of these intel tiger, like cpus ive, actually tested a very similar little handheld with the 1160 g7. I think its a great performer for what we have here and when it comes to a form factor like this im, a huge fan. I love these ultra portable netbooks and i really wish they wouldnt have called it a netbook, because this has more than enough power for basically anything you want to throw at it and with the addition of thunderbolt 4. If we want to get some really good gaming performance out of it, all we need to do is connect it to an egpu and by the end of this, video were going to set this up and do some real gaming on it. But i want to test it like. It sits right here with that 1160 g7. The trackpad on this is super smooth. It is a fully functional trackpad, so we do have left click right click and we also have the gestures built in. If you wanted to use something like this for your everyday laptop via web browsing email checking, you could even get some photo editing and 4k video playback. I know we only got a 2k screen here, but this little chip will handle 4k video playback and we can do 4k over display out of usb type c.

So if you wanted to connect this to a bigger screen, a 4k monitor or something like that, youll have no trouble doing 4k and im not sure how well its coming across on camera. But this little screen is absolutely beautiful. With that 100 srgb and a 2k resolution, its super crisp and bright, we have some really deep blacks, but unfortunately, it doesnt support, hdr and really the only way. I know it is. I cant play hdr video, just doesnt, give me the option and for such a small little unit, it does put out some decent sound. We have stereo speakers built in, but theres not much bass at all. It is a bit tinny because we have small speakers in this tiny laptop and, of course, the screen supports touch. We have 10 points of touch on this thing and they do have an optional stylus with 2048 pressure levels. So if you did want to get some drawing out of the way on this, it should work out just fine, unfortunately, im not an artist, and i have a hard time drawing just even a stick figure. The first thing i wanted to get out of the way was a little bit of pc gaming on the built in screen. Here we have back for blood were at 1280 by 800. I am at low settings, but, as you can see here were actually getting an average of around 61 fps. We do get some dips here and there kind of expected this, but i wasnt expecting the performance im seeing right here.

Im actually really impressed by this and by the way im using a bluetooth, xbox controller connected to this little laptop. Now i want to test out some more stuff, but what im going to do is just plug this into my game capture. That way we get a better look at the screen were just going to capture over hdmi okay. So here we are, as you can see, we have that i7, 1160, g7, 16 gigabytes of memory and the built in iris, xe graphics. I did run a quick little benchmark on the built in m.2 and, as you can see here, i mean its definitely quick, its not the fastest that ive seen, but when it comes down to it, youre not going to have any trouble transferring files over to this M.2, we got really good speeds here for a super small form factor pc. One thing i always like to check is the tdp on the cpu and once were in performance mode. This will actually run at 20. Watts so well just run a stress test and i know its a bit hard to see, but this max is out at 20 watts and i check the bios thats as high as we can go with this. But i do think this is perfect, given the form factor i mean wed, be dealing with a lot more heat. If we could take this up to 35, i think 20 is going to be the max there and it does work out pretty well for what it is.

Next thing i always like to do is run some benchmarks and first up we have geekbench 5 coming in with a single core of 1367 multi 3133 moving over to some gpu benchmarks with 3d mark night raid total score 14 228 fire strike 4154 and finally, time Spy with a 1523. for a small laptop like this, i think the scores are looking pretty decent, but lets go ahead and test out a couple: more games of the built in iris, xe, graphics, heres, gta, 5, normal settings 1280 by 800 and im getting an average Of around 58 fps youll see it jump up much higher, but on average, by the end of this run, we were at 58., not too shabby, though i mean for what we have here. This is actually pretty decent next on the list, forza horizon 5 1280 by 800 were at the lowest settings and i actually got an average over 60 fps. We got an average of 62 out of this one, but theres a lot of settings that you can change in this game and right now i dont have any dynamic resolution scaling going on. If i was to turn that on everything basically turns to blocks. But we get an average of 82 while that dynamic resolution scale is on, i wanted to leave it off to make it look halfway decent at this 720p resolution and the final game i wanted to test on, the built in igpu was doom, eternal low settings.

720P. We got an average of 41 fps and i kind of expected not to get great performance out of this one. Doom eternal is just one of those games that really tears up these eye gpus. So when it comes to the built in iris, xe graphics, there are some games that will be playable. On this i mean some light. Stuff is going to be perfectly fine, but if you really want to get down to gaming on a small laptop like this youre going to need an egpu and thats exactly what i have right here. This is a bit overkill for this mini laptop, its actually a 2080 ti from gigabyte, but uh. We just plug it right in its going to connect over thunderbolt 3.. Now the laptop itself has thunderbolt 4 built in, but this dock is thunderbolt 3.. So now that we have that 2080 ti connected lets get a bit closer. If i open up the task manager here, youll see that we still have that 1160 g7 intel tiger lake cpu and at the very bottom, the rtx 2080 ti so now were actually ready to game im. Gon na start up forza horizon 5, one more time and uh well see how much of an improvement this adds. So here it is 1080p ultra settings were getting an average of around 92 fps with forza horizon 5 on this little laptop with the egpu connected, but keep in mind i mean this is definitely overkill for this 1160 g7 were definitely bottlenecking.

This 2080 ti even over thunderbolt 3. So i would go with something like a 1660 or even a 1650 would pair up really well with this cpu, and i got one more here: doom eternal 1080p ultra settings and if i had this connected to a better cpu, wed, probably get better performance. But this is more than playable were getting an average of 103 fps out of this. I also ran time spy again just to give you an idea of how much we upped the performance. Originally, we had a 1523 with the igpu with the rtx 2080 attached 8835. Overall, im a big fan of this little ultrabook, i kind of wish they would change the name from netbook, because when it comes down to it, even without an external gpu attached, this is a great little performer i mean for its size. This thing is definitely putting out now, if you just needed it as your everyday laptop, you could throw it in. Basically, any bag check your email watch. Some videos do some homework on it. Some light video editing and photo editing and when its time to game you can bring it home, connect an egpu and play your favorite aaa games, no problem at all, so thats gon na wrap it up for this video. I really appreciate you watching keep in mind that the version we took a look at in this video was the platinum version with the i7, but they also make an i5 version.

If youre interested in learning more about either of these models, i will leave a link in the description.