6 kilos and has 16 hours of video playback life Its 2021 and the future is here in our brand new ZenBook Duo14 Im sure you agree. Those are impressive specs, but you might be wondering whats. The point of having a second display in a laptop though Well, let me show you Im sure weve all been there: lots of open, apps browser, tabs overlapping, app windows, resizing apps, again and again, trying to fit everything together, All tabbing back and forth. This can get pretty annoying and hold you back and make you feel almost claustrophobic on ultra portable laptops, With our 14 inch ZenBook Duo, you have 50 more screen space with you anywhere without having to carry or set up an extra monitor. More and more customers are realizing the benefits of having that extra screen space, Especially when working and studying from home In 2020 in most countries worldwide, around 1 in every 5 ZenBooks we sold was a ZenBook Duo with a second display. The brand new 2021 models like this one are even better with the ScreenPadPlus, the second display being tilted to a nice angle, plus a couple of upgrades and improvements Windows recognizes ScreenPadPlus as a second monitor, so you can drag and drop any app over or merge. Both displays into one large one For video editing, for example, toolbars, previews and materials, are always competing for screen space. With the ZenBook Duo. You can edit videos by placing the timeline on the ScreenPadPlus.

So now you can have the whole main display to view and work on the actual video in full resolution When editing pictures or other assets, you can place reference material filters and source files on the ScreenPadPlus as well to avoid having to switch between folders when editing Photos, This is even more convenient and fun when using a stylus, Even something as simple as showing multiple files and folders local and in the cloud is a common multitasking scenario. We notice our customers are using frequently When modeling and editing 3D files again reference assets, images and material and textures can be placed on the ScreenPadPlus, Which frees up the main display to see your model in full size without any distractions. When writing or editing articles or presentations usually need space for files, photos, graphs or videos that you plan to use as a reference or plan to embed in the article or presentation itself On a ZenBook Duo, you can keep those references visible on the ScreenPadPlus, so you Can quickly cross check anytime without going crazy on the alt tab, When working and studying from home chat and call apps often block part of the screen. But you want to have other files open to read and watch and have a separate chat window. Maybe, With a single display having this all shown at once means content is squeezed together and often hard to still read On a ZenBook Duo. You can multitask at full speed and still view the entire video call And thats, not all we fine tuned, our screen expert companion, app to make the most of the second display.

We completely revamped the UI of the ScreenPadPlus control center, which is now much more snappy intuitive and convenient to use. The screen expert bar on the left now has a set of handy quick access shortcuts and can be minimized to a small button. You can drag to anywhere on the ScreenPadPlus. You can dock the screen expert bar to the left, bottom or right side of the ScreenPadPlus, so it doesnt overlap or interfere with other apps. You want on the ScreenPadPlus And you can even hide the control bar and button completely. We also added a light mode and a dark mode. So if you choose dark mode on your browser or in Windows, you can now match the UI of your ScreenPadPlus to the overall look on your system. We also made it easier and more convenient to flick windows from the main screen to the ScreenPadPlus and back You simply touch a window and then flick it down or up to move from one display to the other. We even added an option to let you turn the entire ScreenPadPlus into a massive touchpad with a simple three finger tap. This is really useful for anyone with a stylus as well Such as our ASUS pen, which is compatible with all 2021 ZenBook Duo models. You can think of it as a built in digital drawing bar. Essentially, Our new and improved task group feature lets you capture and restore how you arrange multiple app windows on the main display and ScreenPadPlus.

Creating and switching between your own group of apps is now quicker and more intuitive, so you can create one profile and one group of apps for lets say a video call another for your lunch break and another for doing emails. Remember those examples I showed for different scenarios earlier of how much better everything looks with ScreenPadPlus. You can create a profile for each of those, basically capture which app sits where and you can then switch between all of them with the press of a single shortcut button back and forth. Basically, a super alt tab shortcut that doesnt just switch between individual apps but different groups of apps. You can now also access Link to MyASUS straight from the ScreenPadPlus, so you can make or receive phone calls via your paired phone from the comfort of your laptop And finally, my personal favorite, based on feedback and close cooperation with some of our power users and creators. We added a new app to ScreenPadPlus control panel Using the ScreenPadPlus. You can now create your own fully customizable virtual deck of sliders buttons and dials that can be programmed to perform almost any function In apps, such as Photoshop Light Room, classic Adobe, Premiere and After Effects. Each of those apps comes with its own unique deck that launches together with the Adobe suite you run, You can customize the deck for each of these apps to any layout. You want and can assign pretty much any function to a button, dial or slider And were working out the details on how to open up our control panel to third party developers, so they can add support as well.

I cant wait to see support added for open source broadcasting and streaming apps, for example, With all these new tools and upgrades. The goal is to let our users unleash their full creativity And whats new under the hood in our 2021 ZenBook Duo14. Thanks to the ScreenPadPlus tilting up, we can get a much better viewing angle and touch angle and a nice cooling boost. And, yes, both displays are touch, enabled and support. Styluss, like our ASUS pen, By combining both Ergolift and AAS plus, were able to reduce the visual gap between both displays. The 2021 ZenBook Duo14 is naturally based on Intels latest and most powerful 11th gen CPUs With AIPT, which boosts performance by over 40 compared to standard 11th gen laptop The 2021 ZenBook Duo14 inch is also Intel, evo certified, which is Intels latest standard for next gen. Ultra portables, It comes with 32 GB of high speed 4266MHz memory and a fast 1TB SSD for storage, which you can upgrade later on And besides, powerful Intel, Iris Xe, graphics, theres an option for an NVIDIA MX450 GPU as well, which is twice as fast as the Mx 250: in the 2020 model Connectivity wise, you get 2 type C ports with Thunderbolt 4 and the full size USB type A You also get a full size, HDMI port, so you dont have to bring or borrow a dongle or adapter to connect to TVs. Projectors monitors USB flash drives, and so on.

It also comes with 3.5mm audio combo jack and a microSD reader to top things off And based on popular demand. We tweak the keyboard layout of the 2021 ZenBook Duo14 inch, which now matches that of the pro duo. 15 inch with a spacious right shift key. It also comes with high speed WiFi 6, with ASUS WiFi Master Premium for ultra fast internet connections. Despite all these upgrades, we actually managed to make the ZenBook Duo14 inch around 15, slimmer and 50g lighter. It comes in at 16.9mm and only 1.6 kilos, which is very similar to high performance laptops with a single display. Only Every 2021 ZenBook Duo14 will come with its own foldable laptop stand that you can attach to the bottom of the chassis and then fold it up for even better viewing and typing angles. With the latest Microsoft pen protocol MPP 2.0, you can also hold the ASUS pen at almost any angle and write more. Naturally, It also has a lower response time and higher pressure sensitivity for very realistic brush strokes, Thats, a bundle option as well ASUS pen And it works on the main display and on the ScreenPadPlus and theres a nice sleeve bundle option as well, which has a little Pouch up here we can slide in the ASUS pen, just like this Theres also an option for a backpack bundle. You see right over here that comes with ZenBook14 2021 versions. I think youre beginning to see a trend here of why more and more people chose one of our ZenBook Duo laptops This isnt just a gimmick.

The ScreenPadPlus.