It also supports HDR, 400 and freesync, and this thing is super thin, as you can see its not much thicker than the Galaxy S21 here. Its also super light easy to throw in a bag and its got dual stereo speakers built in plus weve got a matte finish here, so we dont get all of that reflection like some of these portable monitors on the market right now. One important thing to note here with this monitor is its not a touch display, so youre not going to get any touch functionality out of it. You can always opt to get one of those, but personally I kind of like them without it, because they do come in much cheaper and the viewing angles are going to be much better. But inside of the Box we do get a detachable stand. A USB charging brick a USB type c cable for video and from whatever device supports video out of USB type c and weve also got an HDMI cable, full size on one end mini on the other. Now, when it comes to ports on this monitor, weve got that mini HDMI in weve also got USB type c, video in in USB type c power in plus a 3.5 millimeter audio jack over on the side. Another thing I really like about the x panel 4 here is the USB type c. Ports are actually located on the rear of the device. Now weve still got HDMI coming in from the side and a 3.

5 millimeter audio jack, but when youre using this monitor over a USB type c, video signal were not going to see any cable sticking out of the side of this thing and Ive actually been looking For a monitor like this for a little while, just because its a super clean look when you have everything plugged in but uh one thing Id love to see here is HDMI on the rear. Unfortunately, we just dont have it here so getting any kind of device connected to the x panel 4 is super easy with the steam deck weve only got a single USB type c port on the unit, so were going to plug right into here and keep in Mind this is going to send video signal out and power to the monitor, so we are going to be using a little bit of the steam decks battery, but another great feature that the x panel 4 offers is 35 watt pass through charging. So you could actually set this up with an external battery and keep the steam deck topped up and the monitor going for much longer and theres nothing else. We need to do here with the steam deck its automatically going to detect that external Monitor and with newer firmware on the steam deck it will default to the resolution of that monitor. So weve now got the steam deck UI running at 1080p. We can use the built in controls on the steam deck, but personally I like using an external Bluetooth, controller and weve got dual stereo speakers here with the monitor itself, but we can always default to the built in speakers on the steam deck.

If you want to, I mean its really up to you Ill tell you that the steam deck speakers are a bit louder than the ones on this monitor here. So that might be something you want to do, but all you really need to do is head over to settings audio and you can choose that audio output and with this external display and newer firmware weve got the option to change the resolution. We can just go to the default default it to 1080 and while were playing a game, we can actually get that resolution to go up to 1080, but keep in mind you know with the newer AAA stuff. You might just want to keep it at 720 and since we now have a 16×9 aspect, ratio display 720 is going to be the sweet spot here instead of 800p. So right now, the way I have everything set up the steam decks internal battery is actually taking care of the power for the monitor over that USB type c connection. But we do have 35 watt pass through charging and a battery that Ive been using since the steam deck was released. Was this one here Ill leave a link to it Its a 65 watt, 10 000 milliamp hour battery and it does get the job done? Itll add an hour and a half to two hours of gameplay to your steam deck, which is definitely welcome and all we need to do is go ahead and plug this into the other USB type c port.

On the rear of the Monitor and keep in mind, you could always use a wall charger, but to keep everything. Portable Ive got this battery here, just kind of stays with me when Im traveling with the steam DAC and now were actually sending power to the monitor. From the battery and in turn were passing through 35 watts of juice to the steam decks battery charging it up at the same time, and since those USB type c, ports are on the rear of the monitor. You can actually clean this up to make it look really nice, while its sitting there on the desk – and this was really one of my big gripes about other portable monitors on the market. All of those ports are just sticking right out of the side, so you can never get something that looks. This clean youve always got a wire coming right out of the side, but overall this does work out really well for the steam deck, and I mean the monitor itself does look a lot better than the built in steam. Deck screen. 1080P IPS weve got HDR 400 and it also supports freesync over USB type c and HDMI, and right now I dont think freesync is implemented with the steam Deck Over USB type c. It would be really nice to get this in the future, but just keep in mind that this little monitor does support it. So if youve got another device that supports freesync, it will work and yeah I mean weve got a really good color range here.

With this monitor, I think these colors really pop on this thing and being an IPS display. Weve got great viewing angle and of course, another big use case scenario for something like this would be desktop mode with the steam DAC. Just give you a much larger area to work with, so, if youre doing any kind of work, be it a photo editing, video, editing or even coding, youve got a much larger display, so you can basically see everything you need so yeah. I mean the x panel 4 is great for the steam deck, and one thing Ive been using this a lot with is just kind of multiplayer setting it up on the counter. Got this larger display so me and the kids can kind of just get around it and play up to four players with Ninja Turtles or any other game that does support it. The next thing I personally use these portable monitors for quite a bit is Samsung Dex. Now Motorola also has their ready, for which is really good. I think Huawei has their own thing. I dont know if weve got it over here in the states or not Ive never been able to test it. Lenovo also has a desktop mode that theyre rolling out to their higher end phones now, and you can always connect a Bluetooth, mouse and keyboard or you could use their built in kind of trackpad. As long as you can get the orientation correct, yeah, it does work and weve got multi tap gestures here on this trackpad, so we can go through and if you want to scroll through a web page or anything like that, youll be good to go and with More screen real estate here on the go.

It really does help out because theres a lot of work that I do with my Android device itself and having decks set up with a larger display, really helps out and, of course, in Samsung Dex. We can still run our favorite Android games and emulators, but this time well be on a big screen, so Ive been enjoying the x panel 4 and a bunch of different devices. I do love the design here, really thin form factor. The fact that we have those USB type Cs on the rear of the unit is a big Plus, in my opinion, and this thing is coming in at 140 dollars. I think you can get it on Amazon or their website Ill leave some links in the description, but as long as your device supports HDMI out a video signal over HDMI or video over USB type c, be it alt mode from Android. This portable monitor will work with that device, but thats going to wrap it up for this. One really appreciate you watching. I kind of wanted to show this off. This is the one Ive been using for the past couple weeks and yeah. I mean its worked out. Really well, if youre interested in learning more Ill leave some links in the description.