These are tough to beat, even if you’re, a windows user it’s hard to ignore what apple has done with m1 macbooks right now. So when these came out and because windows laptops in the past they’re not traditionally like good performance for the money, i had my reservations. So there are two main variations that you can pick up the surface laptop for in they have intel versions as well as amd versions, and the amd ones are like the base model. They start at 999 dollars, but, unlike surface devices in the past, the base model is very usable. This has 8 gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage and traditionally, like the base model, surface product is usually just really under configured to the point where, as a reviewer you’re like, why do they even make these things? It almost feels like they put them out there. Just to like upsell, the better configured stuff but the surface laptop four nicely configured and it has an amd 4680u processor, so that’s, six core cpu, seven vega, gpu cores it’s, not like the latest and greatest ryzen 5000 series stuff. But it is very capable, both in cpu and in graphical performance, but if you want to step up and upgrade it to the intel version, this is a 300 upgrade it’s, a pretty significant bump up in price. You do get more storage, it’s, 512 gigs of storage, but the biggest difference between the amd version and the intel version when it comes to the surface.

Laptop four is in graphical capabilities, so these intel versions are running the intel, xe, graphics, chips for an integrated device that is low wattage, as these devices are it’s great and it’s going to depend on the game that you’re playing but realistically from the stuff. I was testing you’re looking at a 25 to maybe 30 improvement in frame rate over the amd version. So, if that matters to you, if you’re playing games, if you’re doing stuff that’s graphically intense for work, any kind of you know gpu based workflow. The intel based laptop is gon na perform better. Now. The real question, though, is how do these compare with apple’s m1 macbooks so when it comes to performance, they’re, comparable right when it comes to this kind of price point and this kind of performance, category there’s no product that really takes the league unless you’re taking a Specialized benchmark or a specialized application, and comparing it like that, but that i don’t think that’s a fair comparison so when it comes to performance, they’re similar, but the real advantage that apple’s m1 macbooks have had over almost every other product on the market. Right now is battery life, so apple claims 20 hours of battery life on the m1 macbook pro. So this is a abnormally long battery life right and i’ve run the test. You can hit it. You can actually hit 20 hours of battery life. If you set the screen brightness to halfway, you do all the tests that that apple has claimed that they do.

You can hit 20 hours, i’ve done it. Realistically speaking, though, you can get 13 hours of battery life of real use. Okay, when it comes to these devices, the amd version, microsoft is claiming 19 hours of battery life. The intel version, microsoft is claiming 17 and a half hours of battery life, and these are incredibly long battery lifes compared to the surface laptop 3.. The previous generation of service laptop had a claimed battery life of 11 and a half hours. Just the quick math is that these have a 65 improvements in battery life claimed. So i had to test this out, like are you for? Are you for real? How did you jump up 65 in battery life without changing the architecture of this system? So i ran the test and this is what we got on the intel device. I got 10 hours of battery life a little bit more on that and then on the amd device. I got 11 hours of battery life now. These are not the 19 hour claim that microsoft claimed and part of me doesn’t really care all that much because 11 hours of battery life on a 13 inch device is fantastic, it’s better than most thin line devices out there and it’s significantly better than the surface Laptop three from last year i got seven hours last year, so 11 hours and 10 hours is very good, but i i wanted to know how did they hit that 19 hour number? So i looked on the website and it says they rented 150 nits, which is really dim, but you know what i’ll play along 150 nits and no matter what i did.

I could never get it to 19 hours. Even if i ran my loop at like the lowest energy consumption possible, doing like literally idling couldn’t hit 19 hours, so part of me doesn’t care, because 11 hours is really good, but i cannot hit 19 hours on this device. No matter what i did i’m just putting it out there, but at 11 hours you can easily last a day, maybe even two, without bringing your charger with you. It has an excellent battery life now from what i can see they didn’t achieve this extended battery life through just software. Tweaks it’s got some hardware customization, like the cpu on the amd unit, it’s running a customized amd chip, it’s got uh. It’S got some tweaks just in physical hardware to be able to maximize the energy efficiency of the system, but in general i am i’m shocked like i’ve tested a lot of laptops on this channel and i’ve seen a lot of companies claim these stupid numbers, and i Always run the same test for consistency and reliability and i’ve never seen a surface device go this long. So congratulations to microsoft for delivering something that is it’s, it’s, very impressive and i would say it actually competes with the biggest strength, the greatest strength of m1 macbooks. So yeah that’s a good thing to see. Now, if you choose to pick up a surface device, you get all the surface ness with it all the good and all the bad right.

So you get in terms of the good you get a nice design with a really premium finish to it. You get an excellent keyboard, a truly excellent trackpad, possibly best in class. You get the alcantara finish on some of the units. You get a 3×2 aspect ratio screen with decent brightness and colors to it. We also get these thick bezels that run around the whole display panel. Personally, i don’t love them. Obviously, thinner bezels would be nicer, but i don’t think it’s too big of a deal when it comes to actual usage. You also get surface connect which you either like or dislike, it’s a very uh, controversial thing i mean more usb c ports would be better. For me personally, but some people like surface connect, we also have very quiet fans. These systems are always quiet and the surface pro 4 is, as you would expect, but there’s also the topic of color. So this year there is a new ice blue color, which i’d actually like it’s a slightly lighter colored blue than last year’s, cobalt blue, but you can only get it as microsoft. Tradition would dictate in certain configurations. You can only get it with the intel chips. You can’t get an amd version with the blue color, which i think is a shame right. I think if you like colors, you have to now choose an intel chip, which is very microsoft, but i don’t like seeing, but you also have decent repairability so on the bottom.

There’S no visible screws, but you remove the rubber feet and you can take off the keyboard panel and in there you can replace your ssd. So the ability just to repair or replace that drive is really nice in comparison to m1 products, but there’s. Not much else. You can do in there and, if you’re wondering the speaker system is above average, but they’re still not as good as apple’s macbook products. So my overall take on this, like how do i view this product? I think these are really good, like i didn’t expect them to have the battery life and the performance that they would have, but they deliver now when it comes to choosing between the two like if you’re someone that can go with either mac os or windows, i Would say that these are like they’re, the first product that’s come out this year. That’S made me go hmm. I would recommend these like if you’re looking for a thin light, laptop, usually it’s been like. You know that 999 macbook is pretty good it’s hard to beat, but these because the battery life is so good and because the performance is on point i like them. I think that these are very easy to recommend for the person that has this kind of budget right. If you want that premium thin and light laptop experience, and you want good performance, you want good battery life. These deliver, i will say, the amd one’s, the one like that’s, the one i would choose because graphics when it comes to this type of graphics like it’s it’s, not like gaming, good, graphics, right, it’s, just acceptably good, i would go for the amd.

I just wish it came in the better colors, but there you have it surface laptop four. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs. If you liked it subs you loved it see you guys.