But you also want a laptop that still doesnt look at whats, designed in the 90s doesnt force you to carry a power break all the time and still delivers a ton of performance thanks to its dedicated GPU. Well then, the Lenovo ThinkPad set 16 might be the answer for you. Thanks to the sleek and not too plain design and Powerful core components. This one might even be interesting for Content creators or power users that need a lot of portable processing power and with the AMD rx6500m, even gaming, isnt completely off the table of the all new. All AMD ThinkPad is a proper Contender against the likes of the recent MacBook Pros, Dells XPS, lineup or even lenovos, very own X1 extreme. We will tell you in our review Music. Our review unit comes with amds ryzen 7 Pro 6850h. The before mentioned RX 6500m. 32 gigabytes of RAM a one terabyte SSD and a 16 inch 16×10 full HD panel. This Hardware is wrapped in a very nice aluminum chassis that feels exceptionally premium. I also like the newly established design language for the set lineup, since I always felt like the think pads look a bit plain to be honest, but the silver outer chassis with the signature, camera bump and the black keyboard deck. Just look really tasty. The chassis also fits the Pod, with only minimal give when pushing really hard on the keyboard deck, but during regular use. The ThinkPad will for sure not disappoint when it comes to build quality.

In addition, it is also one of the most compact lightest and thinnest notebooks in comparison to the competition. Instar contrast, the port situation left us a little wanting, while the only USBC trend is quite common in Finland premium notebooks. It also presents a unique opportunity for companies to set themselves apart, but not so for the Z16, while the three USBC ports are usb4 enabled and therefore, in theory, offer the same features that as Thunderbolt 4 support with Thunderbolt Hardware is all but guaranteed thats it or Thunderbolt 4 Cal digit docking station worked absolutely fine, while my Sonya 10g fundable adapter wasnt working, so your mileage will vary. The Z16 can score some points with the full size SD card reader that offers average copyright, but Stellar read speeds and the included 4G module just be careful to put it into your configuration when ordering the set 16., since you cannot upgrade it later in wireless communication, The ThinkPad offers no reason to complain and offers very fast and stable transfers for your next Zoom meeting, Lenovo equipped the AMD ThinkPad with a 1080p camera. It looks clearer than most and should be alright for your everyday webcam needs. That said, the microphone sounds absolutely horrible and thats. Just no excuse for that. In such authors or communication focused lesson, foreign 16 inch device upgrade options are more reminiscent of smaller Ultra books. The RAM and Wi Fi card are soldered to the motherboard and theres. Only one m.

2 slot for device in this class we at least expect changeable RAM and ideally a second m.2 slot when it comes to the keyboard and trackpad Lenovo also made some bigger changes compared to the traditional ThinkPad layout. If you are like me and do not have much experience with older ThinkPad keyboards chances, are you really enjoy typing on the set 16.? It offers plenty of travel compared to the competition, with a clear and crisp pressure point that just feels right. If you are, however, a true ThinkPad traditionalist, you might have a bit of an adjustment period with less travel than youre used to square keycaps. Instead of the usual. U shaped keys and also some more or less significant layout changes like the smaller arrow keys and the swapped function and control positions. All in all, the layout looks clean and for me personally, the ThinkPad did a fine job during regular use and typing out the scripts for this video. The trackpad, however, leaves no room for discussion. It is simply one of the best you can currently find in a Windows, notebook and the haptic feedback, and overall quality of use comes real, close to Apples offerings. If you use the trackpoint a lot, you might miss the dedicated click buttons above the trackpad, but the haptic equivalents should also do that job. After some getting used to in typical business laptop fashion, Lenovo offers several display options. Our review unit comes with a very solid if a little boring full HD panel that offers solid, specs and very high brightness.

It covers almost 100 percent of the srgb color space, making it even suitable for photo editing or design work within that color range and video grading for web usage. Just like this video youre watching right now, color reproduction from the factory is pretty good, as is shown by the low Delta e values from our measurements. If you want to use this for somewhat color critical work, you might want to do your own manual calibration, since this would improve color deviation even further, if you own a set 16 but do not have access to calibration equipment. You can head over to our website and download our ICC profile. While our River unit comes with the ryzen pro 6850h and the rx6500m, you can also choose between the six core 6650h or the ryzen 9 6950h, with or without the dedicated GPU and with either 16 or 32 gigabytes of solar DDR 6400 memory. In our case, the 45 Watts 8 core ryzen of a solid performance numbers, even though it falls behind the latest 12th gen Intel offerings and also has to give up a couple of points against Apples, M1, Pro or M1 Max. While the Intel CPUs have the edge and single core and shorter multicore loads over time, performance numbers level out quite close to each other, if you will notice the performance, differences during Everyday Use will be very dependent on your workflows and what you plan to do with Your laptop one key advantage of amds offerings much like Apples latest tpus, is the almost unchanged performance of battery most Intel equipped.

Machines have to throttle away from the wall system. Performance feels more than adequate. Even when you push the system in video editing or when processing. Some images in Photoshop or capture one, for example, our PC Mark benchmarks, reflect our subjective impression, placing the team red ThinkPad in the middle of the pack, while the pcie SSD in a set 16 is a very fast Drive. The competition offers faster drives across the board. Even if that would hardly be a problem during day to day use, our benchmarks will raise some drops and read speeds after constant load, but again these hardly reflect regular use in the GPU Department. The rx6500m delivers good performance for such a slim and office focused device and is able to beat out the RTX, 3050 or 3050 TI in its competitors in synthetic benchmarks. Planner Paints the usual pictures when we are talking about AMD versus Nvidia, while using the rx6500m is considerably faster than CPU, rendering only Cuda rendering enables the AMD card to keep up with something like an RTX 3050 as soon as the Nvidia cards can Flex their RT Muscles they absolutely demolish team Reds entry level GPU, the Z16 might look all business. The GPU is a quite capable casual gaming performer, enabling you to run almost all modern games in high settings at something close to 60 FPS. It might not give you the Competitive Edge in fast Tudors, but for the occasional Story game after a long day at the office.

The slim notebook will not disappoint when you push either the CPU or GPU, the Z16 gets audible, but never in a way. That is inappropriate for the performance it delivers in idle or low load scenarios. It can even rival Apples MacBook Pro 16, even though the M1 is a bit quieter enough for load compared to Intel equipped. Notebooks like the XPS, 15 or 17. The AMD Lenovo leaves a much better impression. We took some noise samples for you so that you can get an idea for yourself for our exact, measured numbers. Please head over to our written review. The quiet offense result in higher than usual surface temperatures, while it was never uncomfortable using the Z16 under load, especially the area above. The keyboard can be used as a hand warmer during the colder winter days. During our stress test, running both Ida, 64 and furmark. Our ring the unit failed to remain stable at first, but after a firmware, update performance as well as stability was Rock Solid for the ThinkPad. While the set 16 cannot compete directly with the speakers found in Apples, MacBook Pros, they still sound better than the majority of laptop speakers out there. They offer a very clear, Sound Stage, get reasonably loud and even deliver some lower frequencies, and should please most users for YouTube Netflix or some casual Tunes, while working in terms of battery life. The slim Lenovo has to make do with a 72 watt hour battery, which is the lowest capacity compared to the competition.

That said, it can easily beat Intel equipped devices like Dallas XPS lineup, with almost 10 hours in our Wi Fi standard test. The set 16 will be a great companion during your workday, even though Apple still holds the crown in this regard, thanks to its efficient CPU architecture and large capacity batteries. Alright folks lets wrap this up. The Z16 is actually a great laptop, and while we had some initial problems with our unit, they have been completely fixed with a firmware, update and left us with a very good looking and well performing notebook. Lenovo managed to walk to thin line by pleasing both ThinkPad enthusiasts, as well as more casual power users by making the Z16 quite interesting for Content creators or lifestyle users. While I would love to see the OLED model, the full HD screen offers no reason to complain and probably also aids with the Z16 Stellar battery life performance numbers both in the CPU, as well as in the GPU Department, can also keep up with the competition and Make the slim AMD notebook suitable for a huge variety of use cases? This would be it for today guys thanks a ton for watching, please dont forget to like the video and subscribe. If you havent already, my name is Alex. You have been absolutely amazing and I cant wait to see you all in the next one.