. What You might ask is in a brand new, updated version of the PS5 that I definitely spent a lot of money to have overnighted to California Were about to find out. All. I know is that, due to some Japanese regulatory filings very exciting, I know this PS5 is supposedly a third of a kilo or about little over half a pound lighter than the existing PS5 digital. Theres. Also, some talk that it might have a different wifi card. The screw is different.. This PS5 is currently on sale in Japan and I believe Australia, but my assumption is, is that this is the first revision of the PS5 that will probably be sold everywhere. Pretty shortly. Is: is tape No its not tape. Man, Its green, its green, its literally green. Im, color blind. Man. No, I think youre just blind. Thats 100. True statement. Ask my wife. record scratch. Man Yeah, I Man laughs. I didnt have to tell her that one.. I love you honey. Man, So not only are you down over 1000 but youre sleeping on the couch tonight., Its subtle, but the existing model is the 1015B, whereas the new model is the 1100B.. Why is it lighter? Is it less quality? Did they take out some stuff? It actually does feel a little lighter.. I dont think boy scream., Try it Heres one Im, not gon na tell which one that is. Thats the Japanese one see. So. First of all, we have the original digital edition, which comes in at 3828 grams and 3542 Man, Wow.

300 grams lighter. Man Riveting content., Look Man Its lighter good, job. Heres. The question: why is it lighter? It at least means that Im not crazy for making this video. Man Well. Well lets not go that far.. You cant see right now. I have a whole array of testing equipment.. I dont need the Man, The dudes a lunatic.. I want to know whats new in the PS5 Thanks.. This is the original stand.. This is the thing I do know is updated. Okay., Thats kind of hard.. I probably would want to use a screwdriver.. You know what Im actually totally not kidding.. That is way easier to do with my fingers. Now that we have some new and improved slightly easier stand, only fire these up and see, if theres, any actual physical difference that we cannotice with the hardware.. How riveting is this content? How excited are you to have already subscribed to the channel and ringling the ding, a ling bell for high quality technical analysis that you certainly cant get anywhere else on the internet Look mom said we had Digital Foundry at home.. We got digital Foundry at home.. Welcome to the PS5 head to head On my left side is the original launch model of the PS5 digital. The 10 series, if you will., Whereas on my right side, is the brand new 11 series. Digital. Lets start out by taking a listen and a little probe with my sound meter of how loud the original PS5 is.

PS5 fans, blowing air 43.5 decibels. Okay. PS5 fans blowing air 42.1., Very small difference., Its very subtle though.. And I can tell you very confidently that, if youre more than a few feet away from either of these, this one might technically be a little bit quieter. Its, not something youre going to notice.. So this is a Seek thermal camera.. Now I have more fun goodies. Like a infrared thermometer, but Im Im going to actually use this, because this will give us a good sense for what it looks like in terms of the actual temperature of the models.. Coming straight through the back., We have 51 52 degrees. Okay.. So now lets take a look at the new one and see where were at here. 55 56., So this ones actually somewhat warmer, three or four degree difference isnt huge. But that actually is something especially you can say that the fan sound different.. My hunch is that the difference between these two PS5s and the weight is that this has a different cooling assembly.. The new one is running pretty consistently three to five degrees warmer than the old one Celsius, yeah yeah yeah. So and Fahrenheit thats, probably like eight nine degrees, warmer. Thats, something that you would notice if youre having throttling issues with an existing PS5. That doesnt have like great air flow or something. The difference of five degrees Celsius. That might not seem exciting, but that is actually enough to cause some difference in either your performance or in just the longevity of the console ff its sitting.

There. Because the exterior temperature is always significantly cooler than what the actual chip on the inside is running. Right, now., Man And right know were on open air.. This is not in the cabinet.. No. This is about the best case scenario of Austin being baked by PS5s.. The next thing I want to try is how much power each of these are taking. Traditionally, when there are slim models, when there are upgrades to PlayStations or Xboxs a lot of times, they will tweak the chips and the actual power draw on the inside.. I dont think theres a new chip in this, mostly just because this model is coming out less than a year after the PS5, but our handy dandy, power meter, doesnt lie., The old school original PS5 is sitting pretty consistently at about 225 watts.. So that is the control. 228 230., Oh wow.. So the thing with the PS5 that you need to consider is that, unlike the Xbox is, there is a variable boost frequency right, So the PS5 will run the CPU GPU as high as they can, but theres some variability there., If were talking 3 4 5 Watts. To me, that seems more margin of error of certain PS5s or just going to boost slightly higher or alternatively, certain silicon inside the PS5s may require slightly higher voltage to hit those same frequencies.. To this point, weve established that the new PS5 runs slightly quieter, but somewhat significantly hotter. And is ballpark the same as far as power goes.

. So lets start out by taking them apart. In equal distances of. Oh look is that Jimmy from PS Ready To help me take apart, PlayStations Wow. Its almost like, we could have planned that to be a smoother transition., All right. Heres, the deal. Lets take it apart bit by bit. Ive got the scale. Were gon na keep going Until we get to the bottom of this and find out why theyre lighter. What the wifi cards are., All that kind of stuff. Sounds good., So the screw was different.. The screw was absolutely different.. So … You got the new one though.. I have the new one. You got the old one. Wait. Let me try. It. Ive been talking about it for awhile.. You made like eight videos on this laughs.. It is easier to do. Okay. Thats, a big difference. Okay.. I got mine. Ive got mine.. Well, look at the fan. Blades though.: Are there …? Actually, you know what lets take a closer look.. If we take it, apart. Lets open up the SSD and see if theres anything different, here., Hey, wait, wait, wait., Thats, different., Thats, different shape. Man. In The Background Its lighter. Austin, It is lighter.. Can we can we get a an enhance on this bell? Dings Just do it. plate comes off, Austin laughs, See. I will make fun of me when I did it. Jimmy. Did it too. Good thing, this isnt mine.? You know the sad thing is.

I have an entire video on how to disassembly a PS5, but that was like last year and Ive totally forgotten how I did it. I didnt watch it., Wait, wait, wait! Wait.! I dont have power tools.. I got to take this personally.. I was trying to get ahead a little bit, so I can look like. I know what Im doing when you get done with your part.. All the fans are different. Austin, So theyre sort of similar, but this one has much more curved blades.. You see it has this bottom bit, which actually is attached all the way. Around. Theres just an empty gap on the inside of this one.. So this one is a Delta Electronics fan, as is that so its the same manufacturer, which Delta makes a lot of fans for tons of different things., Okay, so new fan on the scale 257 grams. Okay., So weve got the old one. Exactly the same., Exactly the Same., The search continues for our 300 grams. Oh. Doesnt open. Oh Jimmy, you smart, smart man.. We definitely just missed a screw. Yeah. We missed a screw. On count of Three. One two three.. Oh, you got something Theres something.. This is copper, colored. Yes.. This is bigger.. What is that So a couple things I noticed, you see how the copper heat sink on the original one is much wider.. Look how much extra space there is on this., So theres. Clearly something missing from this side.

. I also see look. You have a black and a white wire for your wifi.. I have a white and a blue., Oh so you do have a new wife thing.. You know what this heating thing, though, for a console that is coming off of two generations of consoles that have major heating problems. And one of the big issues. Reportedly, with building this thing was heat.. I dont love that the newer model has a smaller heat sink. And look how much extra space theres a full finger of space, which is being completely wasted, which is not there.. Also, you can see the PCB right, Its very clearly a light green versus darker green.. Here, can you read me the serial number on that wifi? Let me do this just because its gon na be really hard to stay on camera. Im, just gon na take photos of both of these and then well just put it in that cut. This. I am almost positive unless its the Bluetooth., But if this is the wifi, this looks identical., Oh wait., No theres, something else, different. Look at this.. I have a blue and a white that comes down right. You have a white and a black, and you also have another white and black., So you have four., So I would assume one of these is for Bluetooth., And one of these one of these are for wifi. This new PS5.. This is a I dont think theres any doubt here.

. This is a cost: reduced, lighter weight, less material. Like the reason its lighter is because they literally removed cooling., Because they just reported that theyre, finally, not taking a loss on these things., So yeah its its. What we guessed in the videos where we talked about it. Theyre, just using cheaper stuff. – Oh my God, Ive got like half the heat sink Yeah. Thats like really different. Thats, not even close, Wait! Wait! Wait. Set these down set these down.. This directly explains why the new one is so much hotter. Yeah Holy crap. Youve got like a big chunk of this.. Ive got a little chunk. This now., You making me feel like I need to compensate with my PS5. Look at how different that is., Thats, crazy, dude. Wow. And the different colors like these are clearly just entirely different models of heat, sink. Absolutely.. What we know its not as efficient because it runs hotter., The fence – has a little bit better, but that makes sense, because this is, I bet, I believe, a slightly better fan.. That does not compensate for the lack of I mean Im going to guess when we weigh these 300 grams difference in heat sink. Yeah.. I dont want to like make any bold claims here, but that doesnt seem good., No no. Theres, no scenario where this is good.. Technically, if Sony is able to get usable good performance out of this smaller lighter heat sink, they save money and it should be okay.

. But we know that, even with a very brief test, this one runs hotter, which makes sense because Im sure the chip inside is the exact same.. Look youve got all this extra copper here.. They, I guess, for the launch models over engineered the cool Which they shouldve done., Because Sony again has had major problems with heat in their consoles.. I would guess whats happened. Is that Sony now theyve got almost a year of PS5 data. Theyve spent more time testing everything have determined that, while, yes, this is going to run a little bit hotter, thats, probably fine, that it wont negatively impacts things that much.. I dunno man that that doesnt seem wise, considering that the PS5, like you said, changes its wattage based on whats, going on in the console. So potentially long term, especially as you imagine, this kit started to get caked in dust and whatnot. You got less fans less mass.. You could actually lose performance. Man, But I wonder, though, with everything being so expensive to produce right now that this actually helps their bottom line. Compensate …, No a 100 does because they just announced that theyre making a profit on these things now, instead of taking a loss. 1640 ‘. Okay. So that is the original big chunkus heat sink. Lets see where were at on this one. So Ill flip it up the same way you did. Ill rest. It gently on the scale. 1368. Yeah. Thats it.

. They literally took out a very sizeable amount of copper and aluminum heat fans.. Unlike the fans., You know which PS5 you have based on the model number. The fans are a total crapshoot. You might have one fan or might have the other, and the only way to tell is to take off the side plates, which is annoying.. But now you have an easy way to know if your is PS5 going to run hotter.. The only thing that we cant really determine is the difference in the wifi.. There certainly is a difference right Because I I only had two antennas and you had four., So something has been simplified or changed., But unless we actually sit down and do like side by side, wifi, tests., The PS3 specifically. was a console that when it came out Every different time they updated it, it got worse and worse and worse and worse.. The very first update weve, seen less than a year into the PS5. I dont think theres any argument that this is a worse console, at least for thermals and for the cooling. Maybe theyve changed the wifi stuff., Maybe, as we dig deeper into this, well find other weird quirks and features., But as far as Im concerned, I would rather have a launch PS5, Especially if youre putting an SSD in your console, dude like even if you have that Heat sink that SSD is going to get hot., And if this one has worse cooling, youre going to have trouble with that SSD.

And there you have it friends.. The PS5 is exposed. Weve, now determined the true root of all evil., Which is about 300 grams of copper aluminum., Huge thanks. Jimmy. Thank you very much for joining..