Is the new surface duo two? The first version of this thing i was such a huge fan of, and the updates theyve made in this version too, are so exciting, theres, also something new in the lineup, and this is something that looks really incredible. Im so excited to show it to you guys its the surface laptop studio come on lets, go check it out so heres everything new that was announced. This is the surface laptop studio. Weve got the surface duo 2.. This is the new pro 8. This is the go 3 and the upgraded pro x. This is also something thats really exciting. This is their ocean plastic mouse. So this is using recycled plastic from the ocean. It hasnt actually been unboxed, yet so maybe im getting some nods that i can unbox it. This is something else that they announced. This is the microsoft surface, adaptive kit, so this is allowing for all of these devices and any other devices that you might have at home to become more accessible Music to these surface. Duos im so excited about this. I feel like all of the things that we felt were not quite there in the first version they addressed all of that, including the cameras. Weve got the wide ultra wide and telephoto and theres even one on the inside. If you guys remember, you had to do kind of like this little weird kind of maneuver to like flip this over to try to get a shot.

But now theyve got cameras not only on the back, but one on the front as well. One of the things that i really like is, oh, my goodness, its happening. This is a new notification spine. So one of the things that was difficult before is you didnt know what was actually happening inside, but now i can tell im getting a phone call. Music, hello, extended warranty like if i want an extended warranty like im gon na go to the dealership and im gon na, get it myself anyway. The notifications are so cool. So if i click this, i can actually see the time and i can see the little phone call notification right there. I also feel like its so subtle that no ones actually gon na know that im looking at my phone and checking the time can you tell i can tell you, can tell yeah youre looking at your phone, okay shoot, but they dont know what im looking at Theyve also made these screens a little bit closer, so it does feel like its more of a seamless experience when youre switching from side to side. I, like the new camera as well, so we have the ultra wide, the one x, the 2x and its cool, because this all shows up here on the left side, so im able to go in and edit they have an all new editing feature here: aspect ratio, Different adjustments like exposure brightness, we can pop a filter on there.

Look at that thats art im selling that as an nft Music check this out. This turns into like a little controller. I love minecraft dungeons so much this game is so fun Music. So this is the surface laptop studio, and this is something that im really excited about, because this really is kind of like an all new way of not only consuming content but creating content and working. So this goes into three different modes: weve got our laptop weve got our stage and then we have our studio. This is also running windows, 11, so youll notice that the user interface is now centered and theres. Now even the new slim pen, with haptic feedback and the first time that i tried this – it was wild. I was drawing, but it was actually like. I was drawing on some sort of paper so like the pen, its its crazy, its hard to explain its like giving a little vibration, so you can tell that youre drawing. Are you saying it feels like a friction yeah? It feels like im drawing on paper. You can also use the new pen on the surface 202, which is exciting Music, so this is the new pro 8 and theyve got a nice little secret spot here for the new slim pen. This also has faster connections with thunderbolt 4 ports. This actually has up to 27 faster cpu, so this is one of their most powerful pros ever so theres only one and jen – and i are both making a video, so we decided to unbox the ocean plastic mouse together.

Okay, jen pull the tab, nice whoa its! So neat, this is really cool thats one of my favorite colors, yeah, whoa, wow, whats, really cool is that all these will have a unique design since they are made from recycled plastic. This is awesome. I really like it. I like the size too. I feel like this is a good travel mouse as well. Well, this was just a quick first look at some of the things that microsoft announced im so excited im such a huge fan of all of the surface products and man of my hype about this surface 202.. I cant wait to actually get my hands on one of these and really get a chance to test it out. If you guys, havent already be sure to subscribe, hit the bell to be notified.