It is Andrew here from Apple Insider, and this week Apple made a bunch of news. They released new Macbook Pros, they released a new home pod and they released an updated version of the Mac Mini and, with this update, come a few surprise changes and with everything that Apple did. This new Mac is honestly one of the best deals in Apples lineup, especially when youre considering just the desktops. Let me tell you why, so to start the updated Mac Mini. This is a prior generation. The new Mac Mini has a new lower starting point. Apple actually dropped the price on the updated model going from 6.99 to only 5.99 to start and through the education store. It drops down even further to 4.99, so students teachers can get a desktop and two Mac Mini for only 500 bucks. That is an incredible deal. So besides that Apple introduced two different versions: theres an M2 version as well as an M2 pro version, and that makes all the difference Im going to ignore the Mac Pro because its on the super high end of the lineup and were talking about the Mac Mini. But lets compare the new Mac Mini against the existing 24 inch iMac and the Mac Studio, starting off with that 24 inch, iMac thats sitting right behind me and honestly, its looking quite a bit long in the tooth that Mac back there has an eight core CPU, An M1 and a seven core GPU, the new M2 Mac Mini for only 600 bucks, starts off with an 8 core CPU and a 10 core GPU automatically giving you plenty more Graphics, power and a more compact body.

But when you consider that its 1300 bucks for an M1 with an a core CPU and 7 core GPU, you could spend the same 1300 on the updated Mac Mini and get an M2 Pro on top of the M2 Pro its a 10 core CPU and a 16, core GPU plus comes with 16 gigs of memory versus 8 gigs of memory and a 512 gig SSD versus a 256 gig SSD, its a huge difference, the Mac massive performance difference between the Mac Mini and a 24 inch iMac is staggering. There are new benchmarks that have come out today that are showing that the M2 pro at least the 12 core version is more powerful than an M1 Max processor, so that can get more than an M1 Max in a Mac. Mini is Bonkers now sure the 24 inch iMac does have a retina display its a four and a half K display uh thats 24 inches in size. There are lots of different displays on the market, so you can press it out wherever you want, go big or go smaller higher resolution. Anything like that and you can definitely get a good deal, plus its a lot cheaper and easier to upgrade your display down the line versus picking up that machine just for the display and then really hampering your performance, because you wanted that all in one theres. Also, a big difference between the Mac Mini and the Mac Studio. Now I will say the Mac Studio can definitely have much more power behind it.

I mean you can go all the way up to an M1 Ultra. You can get just tons more stuff in there. More powerful machine, but if were looking at the base models, or at least the M2 Pro base model of the Mac Mini its a big deal, you can get a Mac meeting with that M2 pro at thirteen hundred dollars or spend 16 for the 12 core. That will literally be more powerful than the M1 Max in the entry level Mac Studio, Plus the new Mac Mini, can support an 8K extra display or a 4K at 240. Hertz think that that M1 Max or M1 Ultra inside the Mac Studio cannot do. I think this makes the Mac Mini a great bargain for anyone out there. If you already have a display pick up the new Mac Mini its a great desktop machine, I mean so affordable and freaking amazing performance Im in love with this thing and if youre in the market for a desktop, you should for sure consider it. I put some links and deals for it down below in the description, but let me know what you think: are you excited about the new Mac Mini? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter Eddie Andrew underscore OSU, otherwise Ill catch.