So lets find out just how youre actually mean to game. On this thing., The Y740s is a 15 inch laptop and takes design cues from the regular Y740 that Ive previously reviewed. This is kind of like a slimmed down version of it, though there are some other differences.. The Y740s has an all metal, build the keyboard area. On this unit was all silver, its just the lighting making it look. Purple.. The lid has the same clean finish with Legion branding on the edge and even the bottom was very clean too, with basically just air vents down the back and speakers on the sides towards the front. On the left. Theres not one but two Type C: Thunderbolt 3 ports.. The right just has an SD card slot and a 3.5mm audio combo jack. Then in traditional Lenovo style. The rest of the IO is on the back, which just includes two Type: A USB ports, along with some air exhaust vents., So theres no GPU inside, not counting the Intel graphics that are part of the CPU meaning that Y740S requires less cooling capacity to run. And this is why they were able to slim it down compared to the traditional Y740., Despite being a thinner and lighter laptop theyre sticking with Intel H, series processors rather than doing what most other machines of this form factor, do and use lower powered. U series chips.! So where does the GPU power come from An external GPU, of course, and theyre calling this one? The BoostStation.

Lenovo will be offering this solid, aluminium eGPU enclosure for 250 USD.. The front just has some Legion branding and power button. The left has some air holes for the GPU inside to pull in cool air, and the back has the IO, which includes power, Type, C, Thunderbolt, port, three, USB Type, A ports, ethernet port plus, whatever outputs the graphics card youre using offers., They said youll either be Able to buy just the unit alone or with a graphics card included, so video outputs could vary based on that.. Like other eGPU designs, you pull out the back, handle to open it. Up. Theres a fan on the front to help pull air in otherwise inside weve. Just got the up to 500 watt power supply, as well as a 3.5 or 2.5 drive bay too. So you can install extra storage and access it just by connecting the laptop with a single Thunderbolt, cable. Theres, just a 2060 installed in this demo. But you can install any two slot card up to 320mm in length from either AMD or Nvidia.. The BoostStation is also capable of providing 100 watts of power delivery over the Type C connection. So if you have a laptop that charges over Type C, then you really can just connect one cable and get access to power, ethernet, additional storage and, of course, beefy GPU power. Lenovo, said the Y740s was basically them testing the external graphics enclosure market and they are Fully aware of the overheads involved with such a solution.

, I think theyre likely catering to a small niche within the gaming laptop market. However, there are definitely a group of people that prefer having a single portable machine that they can just hook up to at home. For more power, rather than having either a thicker gaming laptop or a laptop plus desktop PC, combination. Lenovo acknowledged that an external GPU setup like this will greatly depend on the power of the CPU. Something Ive found in my own testing too, and this is why they opted to go for the more powerful i7 9750H option compared to a U series processor.. It will be interesting to see if theyve also boosted the power limit above the typical 45 watts. On the gaming side of things that was all Lenovo had to show at CES 2020, no AMD gaming laptops. It seems, I guess we probably wont see refreshes of other popular models until Intel 10th gen H, series CPUs are out later in the year.. They did, however, have a creator version of the Y740, though, however, they pretty much said its just a normal Y740, except that it comes with Nvidia Studio drivers, preinstalled and that it has a more colour, accurate display for content creation. So a nice bonus if thats, specifically what youre working on but theres, not many other differences otherwise.. I also had some time with the new X1 Fold, unlike the Dell Concept laptops in my other video. This will be an actual product available in August at around 3000 USD.

, Basically its a single screen like a tablet, but you can fold it over. So it takes up less space.. Its also got an optional keyboard that you can use with it, thereby offering a few different ways for interacting.. Lenovo acknowledge theyre, not first to market with a product like this, as they wanted to get it right. If its going to carry the X1 branding anyway, it looks quite interesting something different than a traditional laptop in any case Thats. All I looked at from Lenovo at CES 2020. Let me know if the Y740s is something youd consider using.